What You Are Amazing Means in 15 Different Ways

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Amazing is a word used to describe someone who is incredible or someone so good that it surpasses all expectations. “You are amazing” is a simple phrase that resonates deep within a person. It can put a smile on someone’s face, someone who is in doubt about who they are.

Telling a person ‘you are amazing’ does much more than putting on a smile; it can change a person’s aura completely because it is such an honest statement that can leave one speechless and less questioning about their worth.

“You are amazing” is quite a compliment and can cause emotion to build up in a person, especially when it is coming from someone you are interested in.

You are a girl and if a guy tells you, “You are amazing,” regardless of who it is, your heart begins to flutter because it hits differently when it’s coming from a guy. You will soon find yourself wondering why a guy throws out a hearty “you are amazing” your way, and then you may start over-analyzing the whole situation.

Though it is almost impossible to know what is going on in one’s mind, we can, based on their body language and gestures, try to decode what’s going on in their minds.

In this article, we are going to explore and explain different ways one can interpret the phrase “you are amazing.”

What “you are amazing” Means in 15 Different Ways


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1. I am comfortable with you

Sometimes, “you are amazing” means, “I am comfortable with you.” When someone says you are amazing, it means the person feels secure around you and could be their real self without fear or pretense. This quality of yours endears you to the person because many people around you wear a facade and are good at pretending, whereas you are trustworthy and can be confided in.

2. They want something from you

Some people only hand out cool compliments when they want something from you. It can be to gas you up completely and sway you so they can have their way.

Guys shower lots of compliments on girls that they want to manipulate, especially if such girls are not used to compliments. They fall head over heels for the guy only to realize that he just wants to use them. Others pay compliments to get you to sign papers that would benefit them or do something in their favor.

Beware not to underestimate the power of compliments. It can get in your head and make you take questionable actions. Enjoy them and accept them but pay more attention to actions, not words. They might just be there to charm their way into your head.

3. I am attracted to you in a deep way

When a man says you are amazing, it is usually coming from a place of attraction. It could be a sign that he is attracted to you. However, it may not be about your body but about your personality, your aura, your values or the way you carry yourself. These qualities capture his attention and he wants to get closer to getting to know you better.

Attraction goes beyond the physical level; it also fosters an emotional and mental connection that can last a longer time than just an outward physical connection. Therefore, if a man uses “amazing” to describe you, he has a deep admiration for you.

4. I want to be friends

“You are amazing” is a beautiful compliment that can make anyone’s day, whether or not it’s coming from a sincere mind. Therefore, one can use the word amazing to try and be friends with you. Compliments are mostly used to make a good impression on someone, knowing that you may well remember the person who gave such a compliment.

When someone wants to be friends with you, they may use the word amazing to describe you, just to highlight your good books.

5. I acknowledge your unique qualities

When a person says you are amazing, it is usually about the qualities you possess that make you a unique person. This compliment is not said or thrown around casually. It means that you have been observed for some time and your behavior or actions make you stand out from the crowd.

It could be about anything. Your kindness to strangers and friends, your creativity, your intelligence or maybe your punctuality to school or work Whatever it may be, such qualities have endeared you to others and are worth complimenting.

6. I want to cheer you up

A simple word or compliment can brighten a person’s day, especially when the person feels a little blue. Hearing that someone finds you amazing, especially when you feel like nobody cares about you, can be uplifting, help to cheer you up and give you something to smile about.

7. You are respected

Respect is something that is not thrown around so easily. Respect is usually earned, so if someone says you are amazing in a certain context, it means you are respected. This respect can come from personal achievement, the way you approach things, your values, beliefs and principles. All these can make a person look up to you and see you in a certain light.

Respect may also come as a result of little gestures. A person may just appreciate the little bit of beauty in your personality and this makes you amazing.

8. I appreciate your efforts

You are amazing, which is also a way to show appreciation. It may be used as an acknowledgment of the constant support and encouragement you have been showing. It can be about lending a listening ear when one is needed, being a companion in reaching great milestones, having faith in their ability to reach a goal or even the little things, like lending a helping hand around the house. Your support has been amazing and they just want to let you know that your efforts are deeply appreciated.

9. You are about to be let down

People hand out beautiful compliments to others only to follow them up with a “but” and then a negative statement. In this case, just know that you are about to be let down.

For example, if you go for an interview and meet all the qualifications, the interviewer says, “I love your work; you are amazing at it, but we are no longer taking people in this field.” Or your boyfriend said something like, “You look amazing but I don’t think this dress suits the occasion.”  In each of these cases, you were let down after being complimented.

10. You intrigue and inspire me

The word “amazing” is also used when someone is inspired by you. Your actions, choices in life or reactions to circumstances leave someone in awe of you.

Someone who inspires or intrigues another person doesn’t have to be a “hero.” It could simply be your resilience, positivity and determination that make the person look up to you and exclaim heartily, “You are amazing.”

11. I am proud of you

When someone says you are amazing, you might have done something spectacular and the person is impressed and proud. Telling you how amazing you are is the person’s way of saying, “I am proud of all you have achieved,” and they want you to know you are worthy of all your successes and valued in everything you do.

12. I want to hook up with you

Guys are exceptionally good at handing out compliments in a sweet way that makes you swoon. Some men go down the lane, buttering you up with compliments, because they have a motive on the side—to hook up with you. They mostly won’t come outright to ask you out but won’t constantly use compliments to get in and eventually ask you out.

13. I have a limited choice of words

Most people have a limited vocabulary, so they use a particular set of words over and over again. You are amazing, you’re awesome, you are splendid, etc. are used repeatedly. Such people have a limited choice of words, so they use anyone that comes to mind at that moment. It may not specifically mean anything, but that’s just their way of telling you that you are loved or appreciated or amazing.

14. It is an honest compliment

People use compliments like “amazing” every day in conversations without thinking too much or overanalyzing the context so maybe you are reading too much into it.

A guy may say you are amazing just to express his love for you but not in a romantic context. For example, he may love your fashion sense, your music taste, your ability to make others feel comfortable and your cool personality.

15. It is a negative compliment

The word is usually used positively; however, it is a neutral word and can also be used in a negative context. For instance, someone who impresses you can be amazing, and someone who annoys you can be amazingly annoying. It all depends on the context in which the word is being used.

So, if someone says you’re amazing, it will depend on the context, so if they think you are an awesome person, you can be amazing. If they think you have done something questionable yet spectacular or can’t believe something you did or said, even though it is something negative, they can still call you amazing.


When a person calls you amazing, it may simply mean that they think highly of you. It can be a compliment that shows genuine love for your endearing qualities or personality. It may also be used to state how impressed they are with your achievements or accomplishments.

Being called amazing can be a positive sign that you are respected and valued as a person, romantically or platonically. It can also be used negatively to get a reaction, gaslight you, let you down or mask a selfish motive.

Therefore, it is important to note the context in which the word is used and pay attention to other insinuations in the person’s behavior to get a better understanding.

Overall, being told “you are amazing” as a genuine compliment can put a smile on anyone’s face. Feel free to tell someone you admire how amazing they are.

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