What to Talk About With A Girl: 11 Things to Talk About

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Have you ever longed to talk to a particular girl but you went blank? So much that you didn’t know what to say to her when you finally got her attention? It’s actually normal, but if you really want to have her attention and keep it, you have to know what to talk about with a girl.

There are a lot of things to talk about with a girl; you just have to be attentive to her. You can talk about her likes and dislikes; you can talk about unforgettable experiences you have had in the past. You could talk about how her day went, the things you have in common with her, and so on.

To keep up a good conversation with a girl, you have to be a very good conversationalist. Every girl is different from each other, but having a great conversation is something they all appreciate. A girl can be a lot to handle if you don’t have the right tools. In this article, you will learn a lot about what to talk about with a girl. Let’s dive in.

What To Talk About With A Girl


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Even after knowing someone for a long time, it’s possible to be lost for words sometimes. What to talk to a girl about depends first on the kind of relationship you want to build with her. Build? You might ask, yes! No relationship is ready-made; you have to nurture it for it to withstand challenges and pass the test of time.

A girl wants to be spoken to gently with love and respect. This will, first of all, create the much-needed bridge you need to get to her. Let’s find out what to talk about with a girl as we move further.

1. Talk About The Things She Likes

Talking about the things she likes will help you know the things you have in common with her. Not only will you have a good conversation, but you will not be overly anxious about what to say. You will also get to know more about her, which will inform you on how to relate with her.

2. Talk About What You Both Have In Common

One of the amazing things to talk about with a girl is the similarities between the two of you. You like baggy shirts, and she does too? What a match! Talking about the things you both have in common will help establish a bond. This bond is established on understanding because she will feel understood by you. And also, she will feel safe; this takes away her worry of being judged by you.

Understanding takes you a step closer on the bridge that you created with the girl. When you talk to a girl, you don’t build walls; you build bridges.

3. Talk About Her Passion

Everyone is passionate about something, whether consciously or unconsciously. The same goes for the girl you’re trying to talk to. Find out her passions by asking her about them and listening to her while she talks. As she goes on talking about her passion, you will not only have used that conversation time effectively. You will take more steps closer to her on that bridge.

As she talks about them, you will find out what ticks her off and what cools her off. You will find out what inspires her and what infuriates her. All this information you are gathering will help you start off a conversation and hold it comfortably with the girl. If she is not sure what her passion is, help her find it. You can learn how to find your passion.

4. Talk About Your Own Turning Points In Life

To create and establish relationships, you have to share yourself. Sharing yourself means you open up as well. One of the best ways to share yourself is by sharing your own story with her. Stories about your own turning points in life can bring the girl closer to you. It has the ability to create a sense of security in that you are intentional about your life, at least to some extent.

Your own story draws her closer to you and helps her come to a conclusion about who you are. This is one of the reasons why opening up is good.

5. Talk About Her Goals In Life

Everyone has goals in life; some they have discovered and some they haven’t yet. The same goes for a girl; she has goals, whether she has discovered them or not. When you ask her about her goals and she answers, she is revealing a unique part of herself to you. This shouldn’t be taken for granted, as she will eventually know where your interest lies. Speaking about her goals helps her to better articulate herself and also discover more about herself.

On another note, if she hasn’t discovered what her life goals are, you can help her. You can help her discover her life goals by teaching her first. You can find out how to find your purpose.

6. Talk About Her Family

Family is an intricate part of every girl’s life, whether she has one or not. Girls like to talk about their family, especially when they have a good relationship. Talking about her family gives you a clue as to what her life is about. And unknowingly, you are already having a great conversation that you both will appreciate.

For most girls, family is very important, so be careful not to say the wrong things out of excitement.

7. Talk About Happy Childhood Memories

Talking about happy childhood memories helps you create a bond on a lighter note. These memories would definitely make you both laugh. It will also prompt her to share her own happy childhood memories without inhibitions. Before you know it, you both are getting along quite fine. This is a good way to foster relationships because happy hormones called endorphins are released into the body. This makes you both feel good about yourselves while having a good conversation.

8. Talk About Her Day

Every conversation these days starts with greetings first, then how are you comes naturally afterwards. This is a good culture that communicates care, but you must mean it. This is because not every answer you get will be ‘I’m fine’. What to talk to a girl about should entail how her day went. You will be surprised at the amount of detail she will give you about her day.

This topic gets her to talk more about herself and what her typical day looks like. When a girl sees that you are interested in how her day went, she will happily have a smooth conversation with you.

9. Talk About What Makes Her Happy

The first question you might ask is: How do I know what makes her happy? It is not as hard as you think. Just ask her what makes her happy. You might just be surprised at how easily she answers it. For instance, you find yourself in a situation that you can’t get away from.

A situation in which you are trying to help a girl overcome her fear of small spaces, for example, a stuck elevator. In that kind of situation, you wouldn’t want to die, so talking about the things that make her happy helps. It will help take her mind off how small and cramped the elevator is. And it helps regulate and normalize her breathing pattern. You can find out on how to overcome claustrophobia

10. Talk About What Keeps Her Going

Questions like, Why are you always happy? Why do you keep showing up? What gets you through the day? These questions might seem deep, but it’s worth it. Asking her these questions helps her recognize the admiration you feel for her. This will make her more accountable to you because she wants to do better in your eyes.

Talking about what keeps her going will help her think more, and this is good. It gives her the opportunity to think for herself instead of pushing her to walk in your thoughts for her. It will help her respect you more. It shows her you recognize her ability to think and don’t want to rob her of it.

11. Talk About The Things You Like About Her

You think this is vain? No, it’s not. Every girl wants to be flattered sometimes, but not once in awhile. Talking about the things you like about her will show her how attentive you are to her. Who doesn’t want attentive people around them? Girls want to be appreciated, so highlighting what you like about her tells her how much you really appreciate her.

Everyone goes where they are appreciated, and so do girls. The more you appreciate her, the more she takes steps closer to you on that bridge. These steps continue until the bridge has served it’s purpose and you both meet at a strong point.


If you want to know what to talk about with a girl, you have to be interested in her enough. Girls actually know when you are interested in them or not. Do you doubt this? Why do you think some girls are cold towards you when you meet them at first? That’s because they want to make it easier for you to leave them alone. Not only that, she wants to see if you will be persistent in trying to gain her full attention.

No girl wants uninterested people around her. If you are really interested in a girl, she will know, and she will respond as she deems fit.


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