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What does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Bro? 12 Perfect Meanings

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What does it mean when a girl calls you bro? It does not necessarily mean that she is trying to bro zone you, just like the popular Nigerian music artist Adekunle Gold says in his song. The truth is that the word bro could mean different things if a girl calls you that. However, let us look at what the word really means

The word bro is considered to mean the short form of brother. Originally, this word was used to refer to male siblings.

However, the word has evolved to have such a variety of meanings that you will even see people referring to other people as “bro,” even when they have no familial relationship with those persons. Even girls refer to each other as bro.

This word has become a common slang among Gen Z people who were born between the mid-1990s and 2010s.

If you are still wondering what it means when a girl calls you bro, let’s look at one of the definitions the urban dictionary provides us with:

 “What a chick calls you when she’s not interested in you Usually, this happens when you’re just about to ask her out.”

In a nutshell, what this stands for is that she is trying to brotherzone you to prevent you from asking her out. While this may be true in some cases, it is not true in every case.

Why don’t we find out what else it could mean when a girl calls you bro?

What does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Bro?

What-does-it-Mean- When-a-Girl-Calls-You-Bro
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1. She is brotherzoning you

Women are very smart and intelligent people. A lady knows when a guy likes her and is trying to woo her because they are very sensitive to things.

A girl will immediately brotherzone you the moment she notices your intention of trying to ask her out, and she knows she is not ready to have any romantic involvement with you.

She will then resolve the strategy of referring to you as bro when a girl calls you bro in this kind of situation.

What she is telling you is that I am like a sister to you, and you should treat me the way you would treat someone who sees you as a sister.

I know what you are thinking right now; you are asking yourself how you will see someone whom you are not related to as a sister, right?

Well, it is possible that it is not every girl you like that you must date; some relationships are better off as friendships. Try to see her the same way you see your male friend, who is not related to you but whom you still call brother.

2. She is confused about her relationship with you

At times, when you ask people of opposite genders about their relationship status with each other, they sound very confused.

This is because so many people are into undefined relationships, that is why you will often hear people say things like, “You are more than a friend to me”

Other times, you will find them saying things like, “We talk to each other like we are dating but we are not dating.”

What does that even mean? People will say they are in a situational relationship, not a relationship.

When a girl calls you bro, maybe it is because she does not know where she stands in your life. She does not know of a better word to address you with, which is why she chooses to call you bro.

3. She likes you

Sometimes a girl who likes you but is trying to mask her feelings for you may choose bro as the perfect way to address you. Girls call guys whom they have feelings for bro.

The word bro here serves as a word of endearment, so it is something that can be used for a loved one. It is a way of saying you are dear to me.

4. She is angry at you

The word ‘bro’ does not carry as much affection as words such as “my love, Mine, Babe..” and other endearing words couples use.

If you have a girlfriend or a partner who has a pet name, she calls you but suddenly switches to calling you bro. If you have an argument or a fight with her, then she is mad at you.

Instead of calling you that special sweet name that she calls you, she prefers to call you bro because she is not happy with you.

You might want to find out what the problem is or what you did wrong. What it means when she calls you bro could mean that she is angry with you.

As a guy, you need to be able to read the room and be attentive to the mood and tone of your girlfriend so that you can know what is going on each time.

5. She wants you to feel comfortable around her

A girl may notice that a guy is not so comfortable around her. Maybe she wants to be more approachable and interactive with you so she can find a more friendly way to address you instead of calling you by your name.

She wants you to know that you are her friend so you can have a free conversation with her. When a girl calls you bro, it makes you feel more comfortable around her.

6. She uses that slang for everyone

Some individuals are fond of using some slangs very often in their day-to-day encounters.

When a girl calls you bro, it might not be that deep; she might not have any meaning attached to calling you bro. It might be the way and manner in which she addresses everyone around her.

As a guy, you have to take note of how a girl talks to other people around her because it will help you understand her better and not allow you to take things personally.

7. She sees you as someone she feels is from her tribe

People see people with whom they belong to the same tribe as someone with whom they have something in common.

A tribe is not only people from the same cultural background; it could also refer to people in the same group, same social circle or have a common interest with.

So when a girl calls you bro, it might mean that you are someone who has the same interest and beliefs as hers. So when you understand the kind of relationship you have with a girl, you won’t have much trouble understanding her.

8. She appreciate your role in her life

What-does-it-Mean- When-a-Girl-Calls-You-Bro
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The truth is that there are friends who have proven beyond measure that they can always be there for you.

These people are there for you every time you need them.

It amazes you how they can go to any length just to make you happy.

These people support you, cheer you on, and take everything that concerns you like it is their business, They are literally always giving you a shoulder to cry on.

If you are that guy who is like this without any romantic involvement, she may call you bro This is because even though you are just friends with her, you do things for her just like her own brother would without expecting favor in return.

She may then call you bro to let you know that she holds you in high esteem and does not take you for granted.

This is the reason why you will find people saying things like “ he is my brother from another mother” or “she is my sister from another mother” . This is to tell you that the kind of relationship between them has gone beyond just friendship to siblingship.

9. She is trying to clarify her intention

Sometimes you might find it hard to understand some girls because of the way they relate with you.

Some girls might be so free with you that they relate with you the same way they would relate with their boyfriends.

If you meet these kinds of girls, you might think that they like you and probably want a relationship with you.

Contrary to what you think she wants, maybe that is just the way she is wired.

If you take that to mean anything and she sees that you are taking her seriously, she might immediately draw the line to let you know her relationship with you is not that deep.

10. She is telling you that you are the one she can relate to easily

What it means when a girl calls you bro is that you are someone she can relate to easily. She sees you as someone she understands and can be herself around without being judged.

It means that she can easily tell you anything and even confide in you. She can be herself when she is around you and feels like the only person who knows her well is you.

If a girl calls you bro, it means that she considers you as someone she can easily relate with.

11. She is trying to play informal and playful

Bro is slang and it is often used in an informal conversation. Being referred to as a bro by a girl should not be much of a worry to you since it is slang.

When a girl calls you bro, it might not carry any meaning or intention in her mind. She calls you bro because she does not want to sound too serious with the conversation.

12. She has a crush on you

When a girl calls you bro, it might be because she has a crush on you. If she has a crush on you and is afraid of confessing her feelings for you.

You might even be surprised that a girl you do not have a close relationship with is calling you bro.

This is someone you barely know anything about. She may choose to call you bro because she is trying to establish a closer relationship with you and wants you to have a more free conversation with her. So, if a girl calls you bro, maybe she has a crush on you.


In conclusion, there are several meanings that can be attached to when a girl calls you bro. One can say the meaning of bro is relative.

How to find out what a girl means when she uses the word is not a hard thing to do if you understand what your relationship with the girl is.

Also, as a guy, you should be able to understand the tone of a conversation. This is very important, as the way a girl who likes you will speak to you will be different from the way someone who is just angry or being playful will sound.

Another important thing that I will advise guys is to always ask questions rather than assume things. If you are confused about the reason why someone talks to you in a certain way, ask questions and be sure about their intentions.

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