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University Of Hawaii Pacific Tuition: Tuition, Scholarships and Financial Aid

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If you dream of attending university in a beautiful and serene environment with cool breezes and ocean views, then you should dream of attending the University of Hawaii Pacific.

However,  before you can attend your dream school, there are certain things you must be familiar with about the University of Hawaii Pacific.

The University of Hawaii Pacific is nestled in the Pacific region of the Hawaiian Islands. It is a private university located in downtown Honolulu, founded in 1965. Hawaii Pacific University is ranked #73 in the 2024 edition of Best Colleges/Regional Universities West.

Honolulu is known for its tropical climate, azure waters, lush green landscape, unique, diverse population and cultures and an iconic spirit of communal relationships. Ultimately, Honolulu is not just the home of this beacon of higher education; it is also one of the safest cities in the United States.

Therefore, while you’re dreaming of the alluring beauty of the island you’ll have the opportunity to study on, also cast your minds towards important facts you need to know about the school, including understanding the intricate details of the university, like tuition costs, fees and financial aid options.

In this article, we’ll explore important information prospective students need to know as they embark on the journey to higher education and offer insight into how students can navigate the financial areas and other secrets of University of Hawaii Pacific tuition to turn their dreams into reality.

We expect you to keep up and find out!

Overall cost to attend the University of Hawaii Pacific

Based on statistics, the overall expected total cost to attend Hawaii Pacific University as a full-time student is within $50,000 per annum.

There are several costs to settle before receiving quality education at UH Pacific; therefore, students need to review the detailed breakdown of tuition and fees to understand the total cost of planning the finances for their education.

Breakdown of Tuition at University of Hawaii Pacific and Miscellaneous

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Tuition at the University of Hawaii Pacific encompasses several components, with each  contributing to the overall cost of attendance. Here’s a breakdown of tuition at UH Pacific:

  • Base Tuition

Base tuition is the overall school fee usually charged per credit hour or per semester for full-time enrollment. This tuition covers the cost of instruction materials and academic services provided by the university, including the salaries of faculty members, support services, classroom facilities, and other administrative expenses.

  • Program-Specific Fees

After paying for tuition, students may have to pay for other programs they need at the university because some academic programs at UH Pacific may have additional fees to cover the costs of supplies or maintenance of specialized equipment, materials, or resources required for coursework. Or to cover the costs of providing and maintaining technology resources and infrastructure on campus.

For example, students may need access to science labs, art studios, libraries and other programs and services, including computer labs, internet access, online learning platforms, and digital resources for academic and administrative purposes.

  • Non-academics services and programs

The school may charge a service fee from students to support and enhance the student experience. These fees may cover resources such as career development programs, counseling and wellness services, recreational programs, student government, and other campus events.

  • Health services

Students are also required to maintain health insurance while enrolled in the university by purchasing a university-sponsored health insurance plan, which is included as part of the overall cost of attendance.

Ultimately, the annual tuition to attend Hawaii Pacific University is estimated to be between $30,000. Unlike several other universities, at UH Pacific, the cost of tuition is the same for both in-state and out-of-state students.

Breakdown of other Expenses

  • Room and Board/ housing cost

Room and board may not technically be part of tuition fees; however, UH Pacific includes a fee for students who wish to live on campus or in university-affiliated housing in the overall cost of attendance. These expenses will cover their housing accommodations and meal plans for the duration of their residency. On campus room and board are provided by the school at a cost of $15,278 per academic year.

Consecutively, students who elect to live off campus elsewhere in Honolulu should budget at least this amount or more.

  • Books and Supplies

The estimated annual cost for books and educational supplies is $1,200 plus $500 for other fees charged by the school.

  • Other Miscellaneous Fees

After paying for all the important things, there may be other miscellaneous fees associated with enrollment, which may include application fees, registration fees, parking fees and late payment fees. Students should budget $3,000 for miscellaneous expenses throughout the year.

Tips to Afford Tuition

Of course, affording University of Hawaii Pacific tuition can be challenging, but there are certain practical tips students can use to manage costs and afford living expenses.

Since we are still on the subject of tuition at UH Pacific, consider it a bonus point that you get free tips on how you can afford tuition or boost your finances as a student.

1. Research for Scholarships

There are several private and community organizations, foundations, businesses and other entities that offer scholarships to students. Scholarships can cover tuition costs and may be based on academic achievement, leadership, community involvement, or other criteria. So, research and apply for scholarships you think you’re eligible for.

2. Apply for Financial Aid and Grants

UH Pacific also offers institutional aid and scholarships to eligible students. You can gain access by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for federal financial aid programs, such as grants, loans, and work-study opportunities.

3. Consider Work-Study Programs

There are several work-study opportunities that allow students to earn money to help cover school expenses while at the same time helping them gain useful work experience. These opportunities are available through UH Pacific’s Federal Work-Study Program or other campus employment options.

4. Explore Tuition Payment Plans

Some schools allow students to pay their tuition and fees in installments. Check if UH Pacific offers tuition payment plans that allow you to pay gradually during the duration of your studies.

5. Budget Wisely

As a student, you should learn to reduce unnecessary spending in order to save money where possible. Creating a budget to manage expenses and putting essentials like tuition, fees, housing, food, transportation, and textbooks as priorities will help you spend wisely.

Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities at the University of Hawaii Pacific

So many students may not be able to afford the tuition at the University of Hawaii Pacific due to several circumstances. Relatively, the school offers a variety of scholarship and grant opportunities to help students finance their education. Here are some of the scholarship and grant options available at UH Pacific:

1. UH Pacific Institutional and Departmental Scholarships

An institutional scholarship is a merit-based or need-based type of financial aid awarded by colleges and universities. These scholarships may cover partial or full tuition costs, thereby easing the costs of higher education for students.

UH Pacific offers several institutional scholarships based on academic achievement, excellence in extracurricular activities, leadership potential, and other fields to freshmen, transfer students and current students.

Departmental scholarships are offered by departments at UH Pacific to students majoring in specific fields or disciplines.

2. International Student Scholarships

International students have scholarships based on academic achievement or other criteria. These scholarships are specifically intended to help offset the costs of tuition and living expenses.

3. Hawaii State Grants and Community Foundation Scholarships

Hawaii offers state-funded grant programs, such as the Hawaii B Plus Scholarship Program or the Hawaii State Incentive Grant Program, to Hawaii residents attending university in Hawaii.

The Hawaii Community Foundation also offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities to Hawaii residents pursuing their studies in the state.

Therefore, UH Pacific students who are residents of Hawaii can apply for scholarships administered by the state and community, which provide financial assistance to students based on merit and need.

4. The Federal Pell Grant

The Federal Pell Grant Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and provides need-based grants to undergraduates with low income to cover the costs of tuition, fees, and other educational expenses. These grants are not loans; hence, they do not need to be paid back.

UH Pacific students who may qualify for the Federal Pell Grant should visit the website for more information.

5. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is a grant for undergraduate students with exceptional financial need, i.e., low-income students who need a lot of financial aid to help pay for college.

Awards can range from $100 to $4,000 a year, depending on the extent of need. The program gives priority to students who receive Federal Pell Grants.

6. Private Scholarships

Private scholarships are offered by foundations, community organizations, businesses, and others. These scholarships may be awarded based on academic achievement, excellence in a field of study, community involvement, etc.

UHP students are advised to seek and apply for these scholarships.

7. Athletic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships are offered by the university’s athletic department or a sports organization. These scholarships are awarded based on athletic performance, ability, and potential. Students eligible for these scholarships are sports athletes in basketball, baseball, football, field and track, etc.

Finally, there are lots of other scholarship and grant opportunities offered by UH Pacific to support students from diverse backgrounds and financial circumstances. Students should be open to exploring and applying for these opportunities to offset education costs.




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