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6 Types of Industrial Gearbox

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Gearboxes are the enclosed system that allows you to transmit mechanical energy to an output device. They can help you modify the speed, torque and other attributes of a machine to convert the energy into a usable format for the machine. These gearboxes can easily be used in multiple industrial devices for various purposes. 

Simply put, these machines can easily slow down the rotational speed and increase the torque and speed as per the requirements. There are various types of industrial gearboxes. We have mentioned 6 major types of gearboxes in this article. You can buy gearboxes as per your requirements. 

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Types of Industrial Gearboxes and Their Uses 

1.Helical Gearbox 

Helical gearboxes are one of the best gearboxes, as they can be used for almost everything, including material handling equipment, conveyors, and heavy-duty machinery. These gears are less power-consuming, silent, smooth, and compact in comparison to others. Thus, they are the best options for machines and industries where higher supply power and noise reduction are essential. 

For instance, these gearboxes are preferably used in industrial machinery in the construction of plastics, cement, rubber, and other heavy industrial machines. Moreover, it is also used in crushers, coolers, extruders, etc. Among all the gearboxes, helical gearbox manufacturers have made it in such a way that it is fixed at an angle. When it comes in motion, all of its teeth come into the interaction in the same direction, which creates a consistent contact for a certain period. Hence, it reduces the noise and vibration levels of the gearboxes. 

2. M-Series Helical Gearbox 

Mini-Series Helical Gearbox refers to the mechanical transmission device that allows the machines to transmit the rotational motion and power between two shafts. This gearbox also comes under the helical gears that have teeth oriented at an angle to the axis of rotation. Its helical design allows the gearbox to transmit more smooth and efficient power. You can use this gear for low RPM and heavy loads. 

This M-Series helical gearbox is known for its durability, ability to bear high loads and efficiency. Hence, it is widely used in engineering and mechanical systems. Plus, these gearboxes are specially used for providing axial thrust. In fact, you can combine left and right-hand helical gears to develop double helical gears and reduce the thrust force.

3. Inline Helical Gearbox SP – Series 

An Inline Helical Gearbox can be referred to as a rotating machine part with teeth and cogs that transmit torque when meshed with another tooth. The gears are one of the essential parts of any machinery as they can change the rotational direction and produce higher torque. When these gears work together, they are known as SP series helical gearboxes. It helps the machines to set up the speed, torque, and direction of the main power source as per the requirement. 

Industries have a wide use of these SP-Series gearboxes, and there are very few specialized gearbox manufacturers across the Netherlands. Thus, you should carefully select your manufacturer and customize the gearbox based on your personal needs and requirements. They can be formed in a compact and easily installed design that allows you to use them in versatile forms in industrial plants.

4. Worm Reduction Gearbox 

Worm Reduction Gearbox refers to a system that can transmit mechanical power to reduce the speed and increase torque between two input and output shafts. This gearbox consists of a worm screw that generally meshes with worm gear, which has helical teeth. It can be used for heavy-duty operations, especially in machines where you have to reduce the speed between two non-intersecting crossed-axis shafts efficiently. 

These worm reduction gearboxes also have a self-locking feature that allows them to be widely used in various pieces of machinery, such as winches, conveyor systems, lift equipment and more. However, you should also make sure that the worm gears are less efficient than others present on the market, as they generate more heat because of the sliding contact between the worm screw and gear. Still, it is one of the most used gearboxes in the industries of fertilizers, chemicals, etc.

5. Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox 

A parallel shaft gearbox is a mechanical power transmission device. It helps in transmitting the rotational motion and power between two parallel shafts. In these gearboxes, you will find the helical gears between the input and output shafts. It is designed in a way that transmits high levels of power efficiency and minimizes noise and vibrations. 

Machinefabriek is one of the best providers or manufacturers of these gearboxes. You can widely use these gearboxes in industrial applications for heavy loads, higher torque, and reliable performance. Generally, you will find these gearboxes heavily used in conveyors, mixers, crushers, etc, where controlled and efficient power transmission is required. 

6. NMRV Worm Gearbox 

NMRV is a designation that denotes the specific series or type of gearbox. This Worm Gearbox utilizes the worm screw and worm gears to form the mechanical power transmission and allows you to reduce speed and increase torque between an input and output shaft. This NMRV Worm Gearbox also has a self-locking feature that can stop the output shaft from turning backwards when the power transmission is not required. Hence, it makes this gearbox ideal for machines where you don’t want to have reverse motion. 

In simple words, these types of industrial gearboxes can be used in machines where controlled and stable speed reduction and torque amplification are required. You can use this gearbox in machines where you have to control the motion precisely. There are various types of sizes, configurations and specifications available for the NMRV gearbox. It is typically known for its compact design and easy installation process.  


These are the 6 main industrial gearboxes available in the Netherlands. You can contact Machinefabriek Rotterdam for the purchase, overhaul and repair of gearboxes. You can select any of the gearboxes based on your industrial needs and requirements. We hope this guide helps you. 

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