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Turn Any Coffee Table Into Your Office With A Portable Monitor

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Image quality and clarity are critical when using digital devices. No matter where you work, you must be able to enjoy those benefits. Portable monitors add and improve visibility when you need it most. This short guide introduces RICOH’s portable monitor series, explaining each model’s key features and advantages. 

Unmatched Portability

Lighter and thinner than traditional versions, portable monitors let you pick up and go anywhere. RICOH’s 150 series proves this point abundantly. Both the 150 and 150BW models weigh under two pounds: 1.23 pounds and 1.58 pounds, respectively. That’s less than a carton of milk. At their thinnest points, the 150 series monitors measure 4.8 millimeters. At these specs, RICOH’s 150 monitors easily fit into a laptop bag, travel backpack, or carry-on luggage.

Both the 150 and 150BW editions have two USB Type-C ports powering, charging, and connecting to a wide range of devices. The 150BW edition comes with an integrated high-capacity battery with up to three hours of power on a single charge. 

15.6-Inch OLED Touch Display

RICOH 150 portable monitors feature 15.6-inch OLED touch displays. Using 10-point multi-touch, they enable you to swipe, pinch, zoom, drag, double-tap, and more by simultaneously using up to 10 fingers on the screen. RICOH’s optional Stylus Pen Type 1 uses Active Electrostatic technology and over 4,000 levels of pressure sensitivity to produce precise inputs. With the Stylus Pen, you can effortlessly write or draw on both the 150 and 150BW models. 

OLED technology is key to image quality and clarity in RICOH’s portable monitors. An acronym for “organic light-emitting diode,” OLED works by applying electrical current to a thin layer of organic molecules to produce light. Notable benefits include vibrant colors, more intense black colors, higher contrasts, and reduced power consumption. 

Cast Anytime, Anywhere

Portable monitors are an essential upgrade for any professional, but they’re a real boon for remote workers. The 150BW supports wireless inputs and outputs. It can cast from up to two different devices and each connected device can cast images and video to a maximum of five monitors simultaneously.

Miracast technology makes multicasting possible. Launched by the Wi-Fi alliance in 2012, this protocol allows devices to transmit visual output to display receivers such as RICOH’s 150 monitors. Miracast uses peer-to-peer Wi-Fi Direct transmission and Virtual Wi-Fi to deliver high-definition video up to 1080p and 5.1 surround sound. 

Other Office Tech Essentials

RICOH’s 150 series portable monitors empower professionals to work from anywhere. For corporate offices, RICOH offers an extensive range of imaging products. The RICOH C125 P laser color printer offers USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connectivity, enabling you to incorporate it into any network architecture. With printing speeds of up to 26 ppm plus a locked print feature to hold print jobs until released, you can enjoy fast and secure printing. 

With RICOH’s lineup of powerful portable projectors, you can hold conferences, presentations, and meetings almost anywhere. The PJ WUL5A50 compact laser small room projector measures 13 inches wide and delivers up to 5,200 lumens with crisp and vivid images. 

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