Top 5 Tech-Based Marketing Strategies For 2024


Many people underestimate the value of an effective marketing strategy.

Marketing isn’t just about getting your brand’s name out there; it is about crafting the narrative that you want for your business. That extends from the very top, all the way down through the business.

How you deal with customers and complaints, where and how you choose to advertise, price points and locations, and the list goes on – marketing is an all-encompassing energy that pumps through your company.

While many aspects of marketing stay unchanged, the tools used to achieve those elements change immensely over time. Tech-based marketing strategies are the most effective, and this article will help you find the best five to use in your business:

1. Help Customers Decide

With the right tech tools on your side, your marketing department can smash goals and exceed expectations. Email marketing and push notifications can help influence your customer’s purchasing behavior.

Sending out cart check-out reminders, recommending new products to the right people, and gaining insight into your customer’s satisfaction levels can be of significant value to your business.

2. Snippets of Content

Social media platforms are an essential part of any marketer’s arsenal.

Digital marketers have access to over four billion social media accounts across the world – which makes for a highly effective tool for marketing your business’s products or services.

Companies need to adapt to their audience’s wants and needs, meaning that content posted should be informative, but straight to the point. Create snippets of engaging content to share across your platforms and watch the sales roll in.

3. Conversational AI

Artificial intelligence is moving at a record pace and is taking over the marketing landscape in the best way.

AI technology, specifically generative or GenAI is revolutionizing the way we market our products.

This technology helps us to suggest and tailor to individual profiles, give personalized recommendations and product suggestions, and deliver the right content – at the right time.

4. Data Analysis

Data analysis should be a priority for every marketing department. The sad truth is that even though it has gained in popularity over the last few years, companies are still focusing on the wrong information.

Marketing teams need to learn how to best use the available data that is collected. Purchase behaviors, products, and communications between customers and your brand all need to be gleaned from the data your customers and potential customers willingly hand over.

5. Communication

Omni-channel marketing is critical for any business with an online presence.

Your customers and potential customers need to be able to reach out to you on whichever platform they want to.

Keep in mind that if your products or services are aimed at multigenerational consumers, then your communication channels should follow suit.

For example, most people under 25 years old hate making phone calls, people in their mid to late 30s prefer email, and older folks trust a company more when there is a phone number listed.

To End

Marketing methods are ever-evolving, and as overwhelming as the thought of keeping up may sound at first – with the right tools, it’ll be a piece of cake!

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