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Top 10 AI Essay Generator Tools for Academic Writing in 2023


AI is transforming industries across sectors. Generative technologies and natural language processing have given birth to immensely powerful and capable AI models. OpenAI’s GPT, Google’s BERT, BARD & PaLM, Meta’s LLaMA, TII’s Falcon, etc., are some of the most amazing pieces of technology today, capable of understanding natural human language as well as generating text that rivals anything an average human can produce. 

Natural language processing models have turned the writing and academic industries upside down. Millions of people worldwide, from students and professionals to small businesses and MNCs, are scrambling to reap the amazing benefits of an automated content-generating system that knows all and can be taught to generate anything with amazing accuracy and quality. And that’s precisely why there are so many powerful AI essay writer tools online, just like’s AI essay writer

This article looks at the top 10 online AI essay-writing tools of 2023.

Ten of the Best AI Essay Writing Websites and Applications


Don’t mind us if we beat our own trumped for some time, but we do have every reason to do so. is one of the best free essay writing tools online. It is truly free and does not require any sign-up or registration. Click on the tool, enter the topic or prompt, and click on the right interface to generate a stellar essay. 

Easy to use, very fast, and completely accurate, the writing tools also come with an essay outline, template, topic and thesis statement generator, grammar and spelling checker, summarizer & paraphraser, and much more. 

2. Jasper 

Recognized as the best overall automated writing assistant available commercially, Jasper is a market leader in this sector. The tool takes topics and prompts as seed words and can then generate sentences, paragraphs, and even 1500-word articles in seconds. 

3. Rytr

Rytr is a close competitor to Jasper. Powered by Open AI’s all-powerful GPT-3 model, Rytr is a favorite among content writers, SEO specialists, and copywriters. Rytr can generate content in 30+ languages, in over 20 styles and tones, and is trained on numerous practical use cases. 


This is yet another powerful tool that’s designed for freelance writers, marketers, copywriters, and even business owners. You can use to produce stellar website content, landing pages, social media posts, online blogs, and more. The tool also allows you to conjure a unique brand voice and inject it into every piece of content you generate. 

5. Anyword

Anyword makes essay writing extremely easy. It can do everything for you, from generating titles to generating paragraphs and the entire content. The Anyword content generator can even generate outlines for your essay and blog. The tool allows users to add different kinds of information through a chatbot-like feature, such as the tone and style, the information to add, etc. 

6. Simplified 

Simplified is another major player in the market. It can generate content on any topic using 50+ templates. You can produce both short-form and long-form content. Craft content for landing pages, product descriptions, on-page blogs, etc., as well as repurpose and modify existing content with Simplified’s rewriting tool. 

7.’s Ai Essay Typer

This is yet another completely free AI essay writing tool on the Web. MyAssignmentHelp is an academic writing service that has also developed its native tool and trained it on major open-source corpora. Besides essays, you can generate content for blogs, landing pages, social media content, etc. 

8. Article Forge

Article Forge used neural deep learning, one of the most powerful and advanced AI techniques, to understand and generate any content in natural human language. You can enter keywords and sub-keywords and then fine-tune content parameters to get impeccable essays in seconds. Article Forge has been trained on numerous major corpora, can generate SEO content, produce different kinds of content besides essays, and is one of the fastest content generators. The only downside is that the user plans are a bit pricey. 

9. Writer

The non-GPT option in this list,’s AI writing tools, comes with many options. The writer uses its own proprietary Palmyra LLM trained on non-copyrighted data sets. Users also have the freedom to fine-tune several model parameters, including the code and neural network weights. In addition to being a content generator, Writer’s AI tool can also act as an editor, style guide, and writing assistant. 

10. QuillBot

The last but certainly not the least entrant in our top 10 list is the all-powerful and infamous QuillBot AI writing assistant. QuillBot is a content generator, paraphraser, summarizer, translator, and citation generator all rolled into one. It offers both free and paid services. Use it to diversify your content through quick and effective AI paraphrasing.

Well, that’s about it for this write-up. I hope it was an interesting read for everyone. Pick from the above top 10 tools to generate stellar essays. But if you don’t feel like trusting Ais, connect with the custom essay writers at, the USA’s leading essay and assignment help service. 

All the best!

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