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Thomas Bangalter’s Net Worth, Music Career And Awards

Thomas Bangalter is popularly recognized as a French musician, record producer, singer, songwriter, DJ, and composer.

Thomas Bangalter’s net worth has drawn the attention of many because of how rich he is and also because he is a public figure. He has many followers who have so much interest in his lifestyle. Hence, everybody wants to know Thomas Bangalter’s net worth.

A Brief Biography of Thomas Bangalter

Thomas Bangalter is a French musician who was born on January 3, 1975. He is popularly known to be a former member of Daft Punk. He grew up in Paris, France, with his parents. When he was 6 years old, he began to learn how to play the piano, and his parents strongly supported his musical talents as they pushed him to continue learning and improving his musical skills. This could be due to the fact that his father also had a musical background because his father, Daniel Vangarde, was a songwriter and producer.

When Thomas Bangalter was in 8th grade in his high school, he met Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, who shared the same interest with him in music and films from the 60’s and 70’s. Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manue later started electronic music as DaftPunk, a highly recognized group in electronic music in the 1990s and early 2000s. He released so many hits and influenced many other artists until he left the band in 2021.

He had many successful records in his musical career. He released music as a solo artist and had different collaborations with many other musical artists across different genres. He also has a record label known as Roulé. He also expanded his interest beyond music as he got into film production, where he has credits as a cinematographer and a film director.

Thomas Banaglter is among the top 20 richest DJ’s in the world, and you know what that means? It means that he is very rich. This is why so many people are interested in his net worth. However, we cannot discuss his net worth without talking about his career, which is primarily what has earned him his wealth.

Thomas Bangalter’s Music Career

Thomas Bangalter began his musical career as far back as when he was in secondary school, when he met Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo around the 1960s and 1970s. These duos had a passion for music and recorded demos with other students until they eventually collaborated with a boy named Laurent Brancowitz. These three boys formed an indie rock band called Darlin.

Their musical career was greeted with different forms of criticism and negative comments; however, this did not stop them. In the early 90s, after Thomas Babgalter and Homem-Christo had visited a nightclub, they conceived an idea to start an electronic dance music group, which gave birth to the name Daft Punk.

These two started attending different raves until they met Stuart Macmillan, a record label owner. They presented their demo tape, ‘The New Wave’, which contained their first single to him. The song was later remixed to a song called ‘Alive’

Thomas Bangalter and Homem-Christo had their early success in 1995 when they recorded ‘Da Funk’. This was when they found a manager and signed with Virgin Records. They traveled widely and visited different countries. In 1996, Thomas Bangalter joined another group known as Da Mongoloids for a short while.

Thomas Babgalter and Homem-Christo (Daft Punk) released their first album titled ‘Homework’ in 1997. In that same year, he started to focus on founding his record label, known as Roulé, and released music as a solo artist. He released several solo singles, such as “Outrun” and “Turbo”.

Daft Punk released several other albums and was also involved in a number of films, like “Enter the Void,” “Tron: Legacy,” and “First Point”. It was later announced through a video in 2021 that, under Thomas Bangalter, the band “Daft Punk” would no longer exist as a band. After Thomas Bangalter left the band, he performed a solo in 2021 at a French ballet.

Thomas Bangalter’s Awards and Achievements

Thomas Bangalter has earned so many awards for his musical talents and several of his albums. Some of the awards earned include:

Grammy Awards

  • In 2009, he earned a Grammy Award for Best Dance and Electronic Recording.
  • In 2014, he received the Album of the Year’s Grammy Award for “Random Access Memories.”
  • In 2014, again One of his records, “Get Lucky,” was also awarded a Grammy Award for Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo and Group Performance.

Cesar’s Awards

  • He received the best original music award for ‘Irreversible’
    MTV Europe Music Awards
  • Best video of the year award for ‘stress”
  • NRJ Music Awards as best French DJ

Thomas Bangalter’s Annual Net Worth (2017-2023)

Here is a compiled list of Thomas Bangalter’s net worth from 2023 to 2017

Thomas Bangalter’s Net Worth In 2022-2023: $90 million
Thomas Bangalter’s Net Worth In 2021: $78 million
Thomas Bangalter’s Net Worth In 2020 : $75million
Thomas Bangalter’s Net Worth In 2019 : $74 million
Thomas Bangalter’s Net Worth In 2018 : $72million
Thomas Bangalter’s Net Worth In 2017 : $70 million

From the yearly net worth list above, it can be said that Thomas Bangalter’s current net worth is $90 million. From the list above, we can see that there is no static or permanent net worth, which means there is every possibility that Thomas Bangalter’s net worth changes over time.

The Career Earnings of Thomas Bangalter from 2022–2017
The earnings of Thomas Bangalter from his annual album sales and live shows are as follows:

Thomas Bangalter’s Salary In 2022: $8 million
Thomas Bangalter’s Salary In 2021: $1 million
Thomas Bangalter’s Salary In 2020: $1.9million
Thomas Bangalter’s Salary In 2019: $3.2million
Thomas Bangalter’s Salary In 2018: $4.5million
Thomas Bangalter’s Salary In 2017: $2.8million

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