10 Weird Things Not To Search On Google


The Internet remains limitless; it has brought about a wide spread of knowledge, and Google Search is at the forefront of this advancement. It can be used as a means to research, communicate, and even learn about new things. Despite its vast nature and the help it provides, there are certain things that are forbidden on the search engine. Not that those things can’t be searched,but because they are not for your good. In other words, there are Things Not to Search on Google, and you’ve got to know about  them to steer clear.

There are thousands of things that you shouldn’t search on Google, such as information regarding illegal activities, pornographic content, searching for techniques to commit cybercrime, searching for drug trafficking strategies, searching for hate speeches and content discord, searching ways to abuse and molest a child, searching harmful health tips, and lots more.

Moreover, it is important to know that not everything accessible on Google is consumable for all audiences. Most times, they aren’t safe to explore, as such information will stamp negativity on any individual. For better comprehension, we will explore 10 Things Not to Search on Google.

10 Things Not to Search on Google

Due to the advancement in technology and the curiosity to explore, individuals, mostly young adults, venture into searching topics on Google, which is harmful and frightening, without giving thought to the adverse effects of those searches. Here are the 10 Things Not to Search on Google.

1. Pornographic Contents

Pornographic content is considered sexually arousing. These are materials (such as videos, images, text, books, magazines, and other media) that describe sexual behavior for sexual stimulation. Frequent exposure to these contents causes negative physiological and psychological effects, especially on young people. It is important to be aware that accessing and disseminating pornographic content could be illegal in some countries, and those caught in the act will face the law governing such jurisdictions.

Relating it to the present, you don’t need to go searching for pornographic content because it usually pops up on your screen, and you must be ready to scroll past it without clicking on it.

If there is one thing not to search on Google, pornographic content should be prioritized.

2. Ways and Strategies to Abuse and Molest a Child

Vices never stop happening around us, and neither does the desire to expound knowledge on how to commit these vices smartly. Child Abuse and Child Molestation appear to happen less frequently around us these days, but behind the scenes, a lot is going on, and it is very important to take note and avoid articles online about how to molest children.

However, there are dangerous and crafty people that lack moral conscience and show no remorse when committing horrible acts like rape, especially when preying on a young boy or girl, and they broadcast such content through videos, images, or text.

Refuse the urge to search online for easy ways to take advantage of these young ones. The space called the internet is filled with a lot of good and bad content, and most of these sites are operated by a secret security service to enable them to know or measure the level of tendency towards a certain vice and also use these means to trace perpetrators.

This should be one of the Things not to search on Google. You must take note that going online to learn how to lure a child into an unsafe area to be molested or abused is wrong and should be condemned.

3. Drug Trafficking Strategies and Methods

Drug trafficking has become a self-proclaimed terrorist act in many nations around the world today. From the days of Pablo Escobar to our present day, this vice has stricken many countries and collapsed their young networks of citizens.

With the sparkling mirage of fortune it dangles before selfish and quick-to-get-rich sets of people, the possibility of this vice dropping in count is low.

While many use Google’s search engine to search for ways to ship a business from one place to another, some other people go online to search for crafty ways to smuggle drugs into and away from a country’s borders. You need to know that this is a no-go area when you put it on your search engine.  Moreover, Drug Agencies have stepped up their game against this vice, so no new idea gotten online will easily beat their intelligence.

4. Harmful Health Tips

Paramount to surviving is good health and the ability to maintain good health by following healthy living tips like keeping a good environment, eating sound and healthy food, and fighting against emotional sicknesses like depression. You should not allow yourself to be lured into searching for harmful substances and drugs for some euphoric excitement.

Don’t go online searching for ways to keep your depressive thoughts or feelings to yourself, and don’t search for poisonous drugs or poisons. The idea of searching for these alone can lead to a rise in the possibility of you committing suicide when things don’t go the way you want in life. You shouldn’t search for foods that will lead to obesity or diabetes, because when you consume these kinds of foods, you stand a chance of destroying your life untimely, and that will certainly affect your immediate family. Most times, these habits can be passed on to your offspring either through observation and learning or genetically.

5. Ways to Carry Out Human Rituals and Sacrifices

On the Google space are provisions of some ancestral practices and rituals, and they are there for historic purposes and some vital cultural preservations. You are in danger of attracting law enforcement agencies if you start viewing disturbing content online to learn how to conduct some of these barbaric practices.

Nowadays, some animal rituals are considered criminal offenses in some countries, and they won’t allow content about how some animals are being slaughtered online. and there are animal rights firms that take strict measures against offenders. In comparison to the value a human has, no ritual should be done with a human being; it’s inhumane, barbaric, and senseless to even want to learn how to handle these practices.

You need to know, at least for the sake of knowledge, that there still exist some societal cults that hunt humans for sacrifices like Cannibals. Google helps those visiting such sites mistakenly by placing an alert or warning like “This content is unsafe” to let you know that the content you are about to view is unsafe’ for human sanity or is barbaric and bad for their viewers. You shouldn’t view contents that present torture to humans or even animals as sacrifices or rituals.

6. Hate Speeches and Contents of Discord

It is no surprise that some hatred and strife between some families, communities, lineages, races, and some cultural preserves between some countries has lingered so long and is sure to linger further until some information’s avoided online.

Some past events that are preserved online are being misused, and you need to stay away from these contents because they lead to unnecessary hatred and discontent. Furthermore, some people have learned how to use words to trigger forgotten discord, and you need to stay away from searching for hate speeches that will only make you hate and dislike someone who has not directly done you any wrong.

7. Illegal Hacking and Internet Frauds

While other vices and crimes have been managed or fought against almost successfully in recent times, some evolve every day and deepen in their techniques to exploit their victims, and that is Internet fraud. The economy of families has collapsed and been destroyed after an attack by an illegal hacker.

However, Declining the urge to go on Google’s space to search for or learn about how to illegally hack into people’s lives and steal from them is hard, but it’s a must. You need to refuse to search for this information because knowing it can entice you to practice it once in a while.

Illegal hackers are afraid and are always hiding out for fear of being napped by security agencies. You can save yourself from the embarrassment of being arrested by authorities for stealing from people’s accounts.

8. Black Magical Practices

Most recently in America, the practice of satanism and dark magical practices were engrafted into their curricular studies, and this did spark speculation and criticism worldwide because young children are being led into practices that are considered harmful rather than deemed for their young minds. This practice might not be considered harmful by many, as some argue that there is freedom of religion. But you need to know that practices like this lead to other requirements that are life-implicating.

Black magic Practices will certainly lead to a higher form of witchcraft and sorcery, and these practices are anomalies in our society because of their implications. Many missing persons or victims who are found dead without a body part or so are victims of the ritualism of some of these dark practices, which require human sacrifice. So, despite the popularity of Google, make sure not to venture into searching for any of these Black magic Practices, especially with the intention to join a cult or engage with the practices.

9. How To Make A Nuclear Bomb or Dangerous Weapons For The Sole Purpose of Terrorism

It’s no news that Google’s internet service is an enormous library of widespread vascular knowledge and information and contains numerous collections of documentaries for the right hands to handle. This information and documentaries should not get into the wrong hands, especially the hands of terrorists and unqualified citizens. You should know that if you are not in any sort of military body, searching for this information is illegal and prohibited.

In Varsities, some of this information is taught, but to a biased and moderate limit, mainly because of the delicateness and danger it stands to pose if the wrong entities handle this situation for their private gain. When you search Google for how to make these dangerous weapons, you are exploiting the possibility of being a National threat, especially when you are not in the military.

You can see in some northern countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, some parts of Nigeria, and so on, a vast amount of their literate citizens are exposed to some of this information, and this has cost these countries a lot for years and might continue to be a threat until drastic measures are taken to enforce a public prohibition on its citizens and instruct them in Things not to search on Google.

10. Human trafficking and Prostitution

Human trafficking is a vice that has evolved to become more subtle. People, especially women, are stolen every day and shipped to either another state or outside the country by terrible individuals who took their time to learn these barbaric acts, some of which they could have learned on Google searches.

Note that it is not safe to say I am just learning it or searching for it for the sake of knowledge; human trafficking is illegal and regarded as terrible for the human race.

Thousands of young girls and teenagers are lured into prostitution and sell their bodies for money by inhumane individuals, which should be stopped. Most teenagers are so unlucky that they are forced into prostitution when they are shipped to any destination of their abductors’ choice, and used as sex slaves or pleasure dolls. You should not search on Google how to engage in either of these two as a victim or perpetrator. This is one thing not to search on Google.

Final Words

The value of Google’s search engine is too wide to provide answers to virtually every question, but as with many advancements in knowledge, there has been a lot of misuse of this space.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to enforce in the minds of my listeners that there are Things not to search on Google; not every piece of information is meant for you to consume; some you stay clear of, while some you maximize and learn.

Google is a good search engine to get any information as quickly as possible, which is an added advantage to you, but the things not to search on Google should also be adhered to and considered. To wrap it up, any site or blog that encourages this hilarious content should be investigated and discouraged.

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