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31 Things Not To Do On New Year’s Day No One Ever Told You


New Year’s Day is a day everyone looks forward to. Both young people and adults are always ready for what the day will bring. The preparation for this day is always overwhelming.

In this article, we will be exploring things not to do on New Year’s Day so you can make this day memorable. The things include: do not start the year with grudges; do not neglect family. Another thing not to do on New Year’s Day is neglect to set a plan for the year.

Everyone is gradually getting ready for New Year’s Day. Will you like to be different? Get Set for this day and make it memorable by keeping to the rules that I’m about to show you.

31 Things Not To Do On New Year’s Day

It is often said that whatever you do on the first day of the year determines what the rest of the year will be like.

Here, we have made a list of things not to do on New Year’s Day. Follow through and have an awesome year.

1. Holding grudges

If there is anyone or people you are holding grudges against, kindly forgive them. Talk with them and settle things with them. Start the New Year with a new lifestyle. Starting the New Year with grudges is like putting yourself in a cage.

2. Don’t be pessimistic

It is too early to start complaining. It is not a good thing to start the year with negativity. Focus your gaze on the New Year’s breeze and grab every opportunity. Stop being negative; negativity can kill. Be optimistic!

3. Isolation

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Why would you want to be alone in the New Year? This is one of the things not to do on New Year’s Day. If there is any day you should go out and socialize with family and friends, it should be New Year’s Day. Isolation breeds depression. Socialize and hang out with friends, except if you want to go on a journey of meditation and self-reflection; that’s also acceptable on New Year’s Day.

4. Making rash decisions

Every action or decision you take on the first day of the year will either haunt you for the rest of the year or make your daily life glamorous. Take your time to plan and think before taking decisions. Remember, you are the product of your choice.

5. Overlooking self-care

I know you might get carried away by the new breeze to the extent that you spend the whole day partying or even doing some office work, but this is one of the things not to do on a new year’s day.  Take time to meditate and have some sober moments. Take time to also relax and enjoy yourself.

6. Procrastinating

There is no better time to become proactive than New Year’s Day.  This is one of the things you should never do. If you keep laying off tasks in the beginning, how many will you lay off before the year ends? Prioritize tasks; it will make you more productive in the New Year. Why say later? Why not now?

7. Neglecting gratitude

This is one of the things not to do on New Year’s Day. Be grateful to God for the past year, the things you have achieved, and the people you have met. Take your time and recollect the numerous lessons from the past year. Take your time on this New Year’s Day to text and appreciate those who have helped you and shaped you into who you have become.

Gratitude takes one from the point of despondency to the point of hope and happiness. Appreciate God and the people around you too. It gives you a sense of fulfillment and makes you more conscious in the New Year. It might interest you to add a daily ritual of gratitude to your schedule in the new year.

8. Making fast financial decision

Never make a financial commitment without careful thought or consideration. Having a laid-out plan or budget for how your finances will be spent for the rest of the year is best made on New Year’s Day. This plan keeps you from extravagant spending. Before you make those financial expenses on New Year’s Day, think about tomorrow.

9. Comparing yourself with others on New Year’s Day

It is too early to start checking others’ achievements and comparing them to yours. As everyone is different, so is their journey. New Year’s Day is not a day of comparison but a day of gratitude and love. Stop the comparison.

10. Wasting food

Plan your food menu for  New Year’s Day. Do not waste any food. Cook as much as you can consume. If you make any mistake by cooking more than you can consume, try giving the leftovers to the less privileged ones around you instead of throwing them in the waste bin.

11. Drinking while driving

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It is too early to start having issues with the law agencies. Normally, it is bad to drink while driving, and the fact that this is the first day of the year should be reason enough to respect yourself. Be careful!

12. Neglecting your family

If there is one thing not to do on New Year’s Day, this is it. The New Year is a day to be with your family, even if you cannot be with them physically. Connect with them via video call. Chitchat with them and gist with them. Family is the best because when life gets too bustling and overwhelming, you can always fall back on them.

13. Gossiping and saying negative things about someone

Today is not the day to stay idle and gossip about someone. It is not a day to make scandals. It is a day to foster relationships and build new connections. It is a day to build a good environment for the days ahead. Be mindful of what you say today.

14. Neglecting personal development

If you want other aspects of your life to experience steady growth, don’t neglect your personal development. Set a plan or personal development goals for the whole year today. Make plans to read books, attend conferences, or online webinars, and start today!

15. Neglecting house cleaning

I know you might be so carried away with the buzz and whistle of the New Year that you forget to de-clutter your room for the new year. Organize your room and set things in order for a new phase. Arrange your books and belongings in the right place to avoid stress.

16. Dressing shabbily

What about throwing everyone into awe and making every head turn as you walk out of the grocery store in the New Year? I guess the feeling will be amazing! Don’t dress shabbily. Dress smartly and gorgeously. Dress like the queen or king that you are. Think about changing your wardrobe too.

17. Neglecting adventures

Go for a boat ride, hike, go to the zoo, swim, and play gun games. Go on adventures—something that will instigate the production of serotonin, which is good for your mental health. If your mental health is intact and your mood is upbeat throughout the year, you will likely be productive for the rest of the year. Do not overlook this.

18. Neglecting your medical check-ups

Health is wealth. It is a warrior who lives today and fights tomorrow.  As you have a schedule for other things, it is good to also schedule a time to see your doctor at the beginning of the year. Don’t neglect this; it is very crucial!

19. Neglecting to set boundaries

Yes, I know it is a new year, and you might be tempted to say yes to almost everything that comes your way. Here is a truth you need to know: learn to say NO to things or people that will drain you and sap all your energy in the New Year.

20. Dwelling on the past

How will you face the reality of the New Year if you spend the whole day of New Year’s Day sulking and dwelling on past failures or pain from the previous year? Learn the lessons from your past and move on. The past is PAST; face the reality of today. If you keep thinking about the past all day, you will not make the most of the New Year.

21. Setting unrealistic resolutions

This has become the norm in our society. You see so many people saying unrealistic things on the first day of the year that they want to do for the rest of the year. You will see them killing themselves to do it, and when they do not do it, they get frustrated. If there is anything not to do on New Year’s Day, it is certainly this.

22. Waiting for friends or other people’s validation

Mehn, for crying out loud, this is New Year’s Day, and you need to walk into it majestically with self-assurance. You do not need validation from people to do anything. Be confident in making your own decisions in the New Year. You don’t need other people’s validation. Don’t be people-pleasers.

23. Neglecting to set a plan or goals for the New Year

This is one of the things not to do on New Year’s Day. Instead of setting unrealistic resolutions, why not create a time in the New Year to set realistic goals? Set other goals aside from financial and personal development goals, like spiritual goals, relationship goals, and sustainable goals. This goes a long way toward keeping you focused on your vision for the New Year.

24. Neglecting exercise or keeping physical fitness

It will not be a bad idea if you schedule a time on New Year’s Day to go to the gym or do a workout in the morning. Exercise is good for the body. Try it!

25. Neglecting your passions and hobbies

Do something that will make you happy. Do what you love doing and have a burning desire for. It is a great way to start the year, and neglecting them is having a rough start.

26. Excessive partying

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It is good to go out with friends, dance, and celebrate together, but doing anything in excess is bad. Be mindful of how long you spend dancing and drinking. Don’t waste the whole day doing that, forgetting you have responsibilities ahead of you. Don’t start the year in a rough way. Don’t be a drunkard or a promiscuous person on New Year’s Day; it shows irresponsibility.

27. Sleeping all day

Hello? Who sleeps all through the day? It is good to have some rest, but don’t spend the whole day sleeping. I know you will not like to be caught by your soul mate sleeping on the bed when you need to be outdoors. Stand up and make the day count! Don’t waste it.

28. Spending time on social media

While it is good to check social media to know what is happening and trending, be careful. This is one of the things not to do on New Year’s Day.  Spend your time wisely. Spending too much time on the phone can also cause eye problems, and it might not be good for a New Year’s start.

29. Neglecting prayer

No matter your religious background, it is good to start a new year with a prayer to your creator (God). Never start a year without prayer. Committing your new year into God’s hands means telling him to guide you throughout the year. Neglecting this is like walking alone in the New Year.

30. Neglecting volunteering and giving

Start the year by giving back to your community. Try to do something for them, like planting trees or distributing food to the less privileged. Don’t overlook this. Put a smile on their faces by volunteering.

31. Neglecting balanced food

Good food builds a healthy body. Don’t dress gorgeously and eat trash. Don’t go out and eat junk food like Pizza-only. Eat good food and fruits like pomegranates (it is associated with fertility and life; it is a great way to start a lively year), black-eyed peas, leafy greens like spinach, kale, etc., oranges, and to mention but a few. Balanced food keeps you healthy.

The new year comes with so many expectations and freshness. Make your New Year’s Day memorable. You are prepared for a productive and fulfilling year ahead when you cling to the things not to do on New Year’s Day. Don’t go into isolation or spend too much money; rather, dance, smile, and enjoy wisely. Embrace the freshness of the New Year.

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