The Newest Addition to Papa Pairings: Boneless Wings

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Papa Johns is known for a lot of things. For example, when searching for a New York style pizza near me or craving one of the many specialty pizzas. Another thing that has put them on the map is the Papa Pairings menu. This menu consists of popular items that are only $6.99 when you order two or more. One of the new additions is boneless wings, and these can be combined with sides, sandwiches, pizza, and desserts for a complete meal.

The More the Merrier

Papa Pairings allow you to try new things without spending a lot of money, and they are also a great way to feed a crowd. Wings are always popular for football watching parties and family gatherings. With traditional chicken wings, and now boneless wings available, everyone can be happy.

The boneless wings contain all-white chicken, and the light breading is flavored with pepper and parmesan. They are baked until crispy, tossed in your choice of sauces, and served with a dipping sauce. Both boneless and traditional wings come in your choice of flavors. The garlic parmesan is savory, while the BBQ wings are smoky and sweet. For some spice, try the buffalo, honey chipotle, or hot lemon pepper options. You can also order your wings with no sauce, if you prefer.

A great addition to wings, which is also available on the pairings menu, is one of the various sides. The cheesesticks are great for cheese lovers, and the garlic knots are a treat. The breadsticks, served plain or with garlic parmesan, are also popular.  

Papadias & Desserts

The Papa Johns coupon code shows you many of the ways you can save money. However, even without it, you get a great deal when you order from the Papa Pairings menu. One item is the Papadia. Perfect for lunch, these sandwiches are tasty and filling.

The Italian Papadia is filled with sausage, salami, cheese, banana peppers, and Alfredo sauce. For a little kick, try the grilled buffalo chicken Papadia, which has chicken, cheese, onions, buffalo sauce, and ranch. The Philly cheesesteak has steak, green peppers, onions, cheese, and Philly sauce. Other Papadias include meatball pepperoni and BBQ chicken and bacon. Each sandwich comes with a dipping sauce to enhance the flavors.

No meal is complete without something sweet. Pairing desserts include the fudgy double chocolate chip brownie, warm chocolate chip cookie, and decadent cinnamon pull aparts. 

Pizzas Galore

When looking at mix and match pizza deals, you can add on any 1-topping medium pizza for only $6.99 each. Perhaps you are a meat lover, and you choose pepperoni, grilled chicken, meatball, Canadian bacon, sausage, bacon, steak, or beef. Are you vegan or vegetarian? No worries, as there are ten veggies from which to choose. Your pizza comes on the traditional crust, although you can choose the sauce. If you cannot choose just one topping, you can order more for an additional charge.

The Papa Pairings menu allows for variety, and it is a great way to feed a large group. Try different items today.

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