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The Journey of a Leather Bomber Jacket

Leather Bomber Jacket

A leather bomber jacket is one of the most common garments in the fashion industry. Leather is obviously warm and very durable and it will never go out of style. Men prefer these jackets due to the charming look and long life of this fabric. But these are the common things everyone knows about bomber jackets. You may not know the exciting journey of these jackets—the journey they traveled from 1917 to 2023.

In this blog, I’ll share the history of these jackets. You’ll see how they diverted from protective garments to fashionable ones and much more. Let’s get started.

The Great Journey of a Leather Bomber Jacket: From 1917-2023

A-1 Jacket

Bomber jackets were first introduced as “Flight Jackets.” In 1917, the US Army Aviation Clothing Board created these jackets for WWI pilots. The first produced jacket is named the “A-1 Jacket.” They were necessary as the cockpits in fighter planes were open-air and uninsulated. The brand wanted to ensure protection from the bitter cold conditions. That’s why they used horse leather or sealskin and lined them with fur.

A-2 Jacket

In the early 1930s, bomber jackets were evolved for better performance. The new design is remembered as the “A-2 Jacket.” Like A-1, it was also a lined leather jacket. However, it offered a zip closure with a wind flap and a high collar. These jackets still continued to offer secure protection against open-air cockpits, even though closed cockpits had been introduced by this time. The elasticized cuffs and waist remained to ensure insulation against the cold.

G-1 Jacket

The US Air Corps was busy flying in the A-2, and the Navy introduced a counterpart jacket, the G-1. It appeared in the Hollywood film Top Gun, and that boosted its popularity to the next level. This fur-collared jacket was produced in 1940 and was first known as the M-422. In 1947, the name “G-1” was officially announced. This version offered the fundamental aspects of the original (usage of goatskin fabric and wool trim).


In the 1950s, the US Air Force and Navy had a new flight jacket, the MA-1. This jacket offered a nylon construction and knit collar. Many designs were based on the MA-1, claiming it to be one of the most famous flight jackets. The jackets were sent to Europe and sold commercially. That spread their popularity as they circulated throughout different fashion groups and cultures.

CWU (Cold Weather Uniform)

In 1977, CWU was introduced based on a few crucial differences from its predecessor. They gained popularity in the modern era based on two versions. We call them “CWU-45P” and “CWU-36P.” They are made of the fire-retardant fabric Nomex. It’s upgraded from nylon that melts to your skin in a fire. CWU-45P is suitable for winter, while CWU-36P is for summer. Both maintain the classic waist-high cut with a wool collar, hem, and cuff.

Modern Bomber Jackets

Today, a mens leather bomber jacket is one of the most charming fashion items. No doubt, it still offers protection, but now its main concern is “Fashion and Style.” These jackets are offered in many versions based on the varying choices of men.

  • Quilted Bomber Jackets

Those who still look at bomber jackets as protection garments should choose quilted bomber jackets. The quilted design makes you stay warm without getting sweaty. If you want both protection and style, choose the trending design that aligns with the requirements of today’s market.

  • Cropped Bomber Jackets

If you’re full of life and want to express freedom and independence, then you should choose cropped bomber jackets. However, if you’re looking for a formal look, they might not be a good option.

  • Different Types of Fabrics

Other than leather bomber jackets are available in many types of fabrics, such as polyester, suede, and linen. Every fabric has its own capabilities, but there’s no denying that leather is the perfect choice!

First, leather offers the next-level protection, whether it’s about the environment or sudden injuries. Remember, we are talking about natural leather. Fake leather jackets just look like natural leather jackets. They fail to deliver a high level of protection as natural leather jackets do.

Secondly, leather is a timeless fabric. You’ll even feel proud of it after a decade (if you properly take care of it). Don’t worry about the trend. As I told you before, leather never goes out of style.

Last but not least, leather is a versatile garment that adapts to many different styles. You can consider a single jacket for many events by making a few adjustments.

So, there you’ve it. We’ve discussed the history of a leather bomber jacket along with its importance in today’s market. Now, it’s time to find an ideal bomber jacket and begin an exciting journey with it. Leatheriza Affinity is one of the most reliable leather jacket brands that offers a great collection of bomber jackets. Let’s check out their website and be surprised. Happy shopping!

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