The Advanced Guide To Design Custom Display Boxes

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Different brands use different methods and tactics to grab the attention of customers. The main purpose behind getting attention is to enhance customer perception which ultimately enhances brand reach. The perfect way to get this attention is to encase your products in custom display boxes.  

Therefore, you need to be extra careful when you are going to use display boxes for retail purposes. Try to ensure that the packaging of custom boxes has an attention-grabbing design because design carries great importance in the success and failure of a product.

To create a better design for the packaging of boxes, you need some guidelines. With the proper available knowledge, you can easily create a better design for your custom boxes.

Before explaining these guidelines, I want to shed some light on why you should choose cardboard display boxes and why the design of these boxes carries so much significance.

Why Choose Display Boxes?

Here are some of the reasons that may convince you to choose display packaging boxes over ordinary boxes.

  • If you want to grab the attention of customers then display boxes are the perfect choice for you.
  • With the use of display boxes, you can create a better image of your brand in the eyes of customers.
  • Display boxes are also considered a source of advertisement and branding.   
  • You can also create loyalty for your brand with the use of display boxes. 
  • Customized display boxes also help in the building of better customer perception.

If you want to achieve all the benefits that I have mentioned above then you must opt for display boxes. 

Why Packaging Design Matters?

The design of counter display boxes carries the same significance as the material of display boxes does. Here are some of the reasons that tell you about the significance of the design in the success of a brand.

  • The design of packaging played a significant role in customers’ attention-grabbing.
  • Packaging design adds an element of uniqueness to your products.
  • Packaging design also represents the creativity of your brand.
  • Help in the creation of brand identity.

Advanced Guide To Design Custom Display Boxes

Now I will come to the main point of our today discussion which is an advanced guide to design custom display boxes. With the help of this guide, you can easily enhance the visibility of your brand products by providing them with a charming look.     

1. Plan Before Start

The first thing you need to do is to make a perfect plan before you start the process of designing. Keep all the elements in mind that are related to the process of designing, because you cannot get what you want without the actual plan.

Suppose you want to design counter display boxes, then you must keep in mind all elements related to the counter boxes. Without having all the background knowledge you can not create the perfect design for your display boxes.     

2. Use Attention-Grabbing Style

Try to use the attention-grabbing style for your countertop display boxes, because these boxes provide the first introduction of your products. You can find a variety of designs in the market so you need to be careful when you are going for any design.

When it comes to style selection, keep in mind your product design and your target audience.    

3. Select The Perfect Size

The size of your box must be as perfect as possible. Because large or small size impacts the safety of the products. Suppose your display box size is large compared to the product then there is a maximum chance that your product will move inside the box.

So try not to compromise on the size of the counter box display, because without the perfect size, your products will lose their charm.   

4. Pick Unique Design

You must select a perfect and unique design for dispenser boxes with logos because dispenser boxes are mostly used on the counters of the store. So when you use a unique design it will make it easy for the customers to remember your products.

The unique design of display boxes also sets your products apart from the products of your competitors, which ultimately creates loyalty for your brand.    

5. Ensure Color Harmony

You need to ensure that there is perfect color harmony between design, style, and product. When you don’t ensure color harmony it will create a bad impact on your packaging design.   

So try to be careful regarding color harmony. When your design has poor color harmony it will make it difficult for the customers to understand them.  

6. Add Embellishments And Adds-on

The basic purpose of adding embellishments and add-ons is to enhance the decoration of your packaging. Embellishments and add-ons also help in the creation of brand value. Here are some of the prominent add-ons that you can put on your product packaging.

  • Hot foil stamping
  • Aqueous coating 
  • Support glass UV
  • Glossy lamination


With the help of this advanced guide, you can easily create a better design for your custom display boxes. When your display boxes have an innovative design, it will eventually impact the image of the brand and its products. If your brand has a better image in the eyes of customers, it ultimately gives a boost to the sales of your products.

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