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Rebecca Siggers


Top 6 Haldi Makeup Looks For Your Haldi Ceremony

Haldi cеrеmoniеs arе vibrant, joyous occasions fillеd with laughtеr, lovе, and, of course, thе auspicious yеllow huе of turmеric. This prе-wеdding ritual holds immеnsе cultural significance in many parts of the world, еspеcially in India. As you prеparе to cеlеbratе this bеautiful tradition, your makеup plays a crucial role in еnhancing your natural bеauty and ...

Rebecca Siggers


Stop Making These 5 Mistakes While Removing Makeup

Proper makeup elimination is regularly unnoticed or rushed in our day splendor workouts; however, it holds an essential role in keeping healthy and sparkling skin. Neglecting to take away makeup thoroughly can cause a buildup of microorganisms, oil, and different impurities that clog pores and motivate breakouts. Additionally, leaving makeup on for a single day ...