A Guide About How to Start Up a Scaffolding Business 

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A scaffolding business is one in which you can rent out the scaffolding structure to different construction companies or contractors and earn money. This business can be easily run even from your house’s garage and also can be done on a part-time basis.  

Steps to Start the Scaffolding Business 

Scaffolding business is related to technical and skilled fields of work. the one going to start this business should be fully aware of the safety rules and procedures. 

Following are the steps to set up a scaffolding business. 

1. Market Research 

When you start up any business, the most important question is who will be your customers. You have to identify the target market and specific needs of your potential customers in order to provide the best according to the market demands.  


For example, in the case of scaffolding, most of your customers will be construction companies or building contractors. Moreover, you also have to do market research in order to get an idea about ; 

  • Who will be your competitors? 
  • What are they offering?  
  • How strong a base do they have in the market? 

By doing all the research and getting knowledge about customer requirements you will be able to design and launch the product in a better way to come up to the customer’s expectations.  

2. Level of Services 

The next step is to identify what level of scaffolding services you are going to provide. As a scaffolder, you will have to work on both old and new buildings, the requirements of each of them are different.   

Some of the services you have to include are:   

  • General Building Maintenance Tasks. 
  • Maintenance and Repair of Old Monuments. 
  • Working on the roofs and repair of chimneys. 
  • Painting, decorating, or renovating the exterior of high-rise buildings. 
  • Tasks related to civil engineering like building or maintenance of a bridge. 
  • Providing temporary structures for events like sports events or music concerts. 
  • Providing structures for hazardous areas. 
  • Providing scaffolds for TV or film shooting sets. 

    3. Decide Timings


It is important to decide what your working hours are. The number of days and hours you work will be directly proportional to how much you will earn. You can set your working hours like 9:00-5:00, Monday-Friday or Saturday as well. However, you should keep one thing in mind weather will be your greatest enemy. Extreme weather conditions will have a huge impact on your working schedule. Therefore, you should make your working hours flexible. In this way, you can work long hours in favorable weather and take off days when the weather is not suitable to work.  

Some scaffolding companies offer 24-hour services as well. However, if you want to provide such a service, you may have to hire more employees. You can also do a partnership with someone as well and divide timings between each other. 


4.Set the Price

Another important step before setting up the scaffolding business is to decide the price you will charge the customers for your scaffolding services. Now the price can be set in different ways and by using different methods. One method is to calculate the approximate area and portion of the building to be covered.  


After that, you set the price for the type of scaffolding to be used. In the end, you add the cost for any extra requirements like safety nets, weatherproof covers, etc, and calculate the total bill accordingly. 


The other method is a bit simple in that you calculate the amount of each piece of equipment and charge accordingly by setting a separate price for each piece of equipment. However, there is no fixed method to set the price because each job is to be done and each customer’s requirements vary extensively.

5. Do Promotion of Your Scaffolding Business

Advertisement and marketing are very important steps in the business launch process. You have to promote your product in order to inform your potential customers that you are bringing something to the market for them. Moreover, you have to tell the customers about and create brand awareness; 


  • What is your business? 
  • Where you are located?  
  • What is your actual product?  


For a scaffolding business, developing a website would be an ideal way to reach potential customers. Most people today search for scaffolding companies online, especially when looking for scaffolding in Norwich. Therefore, having a good website means more customers will be able to reach and know about your business. Moreover, you can also try adding your business to the online directories that are mostly run by different traders. You can also set up a Google Business Profile so that your company becomes visible in the local searches on Google.  

 A local newspaper would also be a good option to avail. Hence, there are many easy to advertise your scaffolding business but you have to choose wisely in order to get the most by putting in a less budget in advertisement and marketing.  


Setting up a  scaffolding business is a  difficult process as it requires a certain set of skills, expertise, and knowledge. However, after going through the above text, you will be able to go through the process smoothly without facing many issues.  


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