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Sneakers For Men: Understanding The Distinction Between Sneakers & Other Footwear

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With the new year almost around the corner, many of you are determined to work towards your fitness goals. You will buy new gym or sports equipment, activewear, and shoes cut out for training. On the other hand, some of you may be going on long vacations. Needless to say, to celebrate your holidays in style, you will buy chic clothing, accessories, and footwear for the perfect ensemble.

No matter your plans for this holiday season, one thing is certain: you need to buy the right footwear. With every shop and website offering shoes, sneakers, joggers, trainers, etc., it is quite possible to get lost in the sea of options.

Moreover, you may be wondering how sneakers are different from other footwear. And does it matter? Well, yes! The right shoes can make a lot of difference in how you work out, walk, jog, practice your sports, or casually party. If you need to start with crossfit training but buy casual sneakers for men, you may get injured. So, without further ado, let us understand the differences between sneakers and other shoes.

What Are Sneakers?

Sneakers are so widely popular today that we all have at least one pair in our wardrobes. You can wear them occasionally on a casual outing or every day. These versatile shoes come in a variety of colours, materials, and designs, which makes them easy to pair with different clothing items. Though the term has become synonymous with sports shoes or trainers, sneakers are quite different in terms of their aesthetics, materials, weight, functionality, etc. So, when looking for sneakers for men, make sure you understand these differences.

Differences Between Sneakers & Other Shoes

Before you set up an excellent footwear collection, here are a few salient differences between sneakers and trainers.

1.   Aesthetics and Design


When looking for sneakers for men, you will come across different styles: low-top, high-top, lace-up, slip-ons, etc. This footwear is one of the coolest accessories in your ensemble because of its versatile aesthetic. A fusion of comfort and style, these shoes incorporate pop art, street culture, and fashion trends. No wonder so many popular brands and designers release limited-edition sneakers for men. For these reasons, they are highly collectible and widely sought-after, and you can make a statement wearing them.

Sports Shoes:

Sports shoes or trainers are also available in different styles, but they prioritise function over look. They are designed keeping in mind the requirements of an athlete playing a particular sport, be it basketball, tennis, running, etc. Because of this, their aesthetics and designs are unique and cater to the activity they will be used for.

For example, basketball shoes offer ankle support and better traction for improved performance on the court. Running shoes are usually lightweight, heavily cushioned, and made of breathable materials for comfort during long runs. The aesthetics of trainers are directly related to their purpose, which makes their design highly specialised.

2.   Functionality and Performance


Sneakers, your go-to footwear, are designed primarily for casual outings and everyday activities like shopping in a nearby store, hanging out with friends, or taking a walk around the block. Some people buy these shoes for light physical activities, such as a brisk workout or a stroll in the park. However, sneakers for men are not ideal for intense sports or athletic activities because they lack the required specialised features. Their cushioning and ankle support are adequate only for casual activities and they cannot sustain your footwork during vigorous movements.

Sports Shoes:

Engineered for better performance on the field, sports shoes have specialised features ideal for intense physical activities. Their unique features provide athletes with the required support, stability, and protection for excellent performance. For instance, soccer cleats offer great traction and support foot movement during the rigours of the game. Running shoes provide shock absorption and arch support for minimal chances of injury during long runs.

3.   Materials and Construction


Since most sneakers are designed for style and comfort, the purpose is reflected in their material. They are manufactured with breathable and lightweight materials such as canvas, mesh, denim, or synthetic materials for the upper. These footwear also have a soft, flexible sole built of foam or rubber, offering a mix of durability and comfort for everyday use. Due to their material, most sneakers for men provide a casual look and comfortable fit.

Sports Shoes:

Since sports shoes are designed for a specific activity, their focus is to offer maximum support, protection, and performance to the player. So, they are made of specialised and advanced materials catering to the unique requirements of a sport. For example, basketball shoes need to support players during an intense game involving wear and tear. So, they are made of robust materials such as leather or synthetic overlays for enhanced durability and support. In contrast, running shoes are made of lightweight, moisture-wicking, and extra cushioning materials such as gel or memory foam for reduced impact on the foot.

4.   Types and Varieties


If you plan to buy men’s sneakers online, you will find no dearth of options in terms of styles, colours, and designs. Classic high and low tops, contemporary slip-ons, and trendy limited editions, name it, and you will see hundreds of shoes to choose from. Some people love to buy sneakers for men and get them customised with unique colours, patterns, and prints. The vast assortment offers something for everyone based on their personal style and preferences.

Sports Shoes:

Unlike sneakers for men built for casual purposes, sports shoes are designed for various purposes. Every sport involves different foot movements and courts. Depending on these requirements, there are different types of sports shoes that offer the intended support.

  • Running shoes: Ideal for road or trail running, with features such as extra cushioning, support, and traction.
  • Basketball shoes: Designed for ankle support, stability, and enhanced traction on the court.
  • Soccer cleats: Provide improved grip on the field to withstand the quick movements of the game.
  • Tennis shoes: Offer cushioning, lateral support for rapid side-to-side movement, and durability on the court.
  • Cross-training shoes: Engineered for a mix of cushioning, support, and flexibility for different workouts.


With shoe sales on the rise this holiday season, there may be confusion around what to buy. Whether your resolutions include hitting the gym or socializing more, you can’t do without good footwear. Depending on your requirements, you will need to buy trainers or sneakers for men. Before you purchase any of these, recognize the difference between sneakers and other footwear. By understanding how they serve different purposes, their functionality, materials, and types, you can make the right choice.

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