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Signs He is Not Right for You: 11 Alarming Signs

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Are you in a situation where your partner is displaying some signs and you are trying to reevaluate the relationship? I know you might be confused because you love them but many situations are making you wonder whether it’s right for you to leave the relationship or not.

Recently, a friend of mine who had been single for years due to fear stemming from her mother’s three failed marriages encountered a guy she deeply liked.

Even though she had vowed to remain single, the charm of this new guy she met seemed to have overridden her commitment.

She needed some advice from me because she wanted to be sure that she was doing the right thing. She then said to me,’ I  think he is right for me. I know it’s too early to conclude but what are the signs he is not right for me?”

I sighed and here are the answers I provided. I believe you will also be able to pick one or two lessons from the answers I provided.

Signs he is not right for you

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1. He does not respect you

A guy who loves a woman will respect her. If a guy takes you for granted every time, it is one of the signs he is not right for you. When a man does not respect you, it means that he does not give you regard in any aspect.

There are many other ways a guy could disrespect you. For example, if he talks to you any way he likes, even in front of other people.

He does not listen to you or value any of your opinions; he disregards all your opinions and ideas every time. He gets you provoked, does not respect boundaries, reminds you of your weaknesses, and doesn’t appreciate any of your contributions.

2. He does not support you

One of the ways to tell if a guy is not right for you is if he is not supportive. Do not call him your Mr. Right if he doesn’t support you.

The only way he can prove that he is indeed your Mr. Right is by giving you his support when you need it. What is he doing to make sure that you achieve your goals?

When you tell him your plan to get something done, does he take it seriously, like his own business?

Having the support of a man you love is very important. This will motivate you and also boost your morale because you know that there is someone who believes in you. If a man does not support you, it is one of the signs he is not right for you.

3. He is abusive

I don’t even think abusive men deserve to have partners. So if he is an abusive man, please do not manage the relationship.

Do not make the mistake of being with an abusive man; you might regret that decision later. If he is abusive, find a way to dismiss him, because that is one of the signs he is not right for you.

Also, I have seen ladies who have said things like they will make the man change. Seriously? Do you think you have the power to do that? Well, I hope you are not one of those ladies who will say this.

It is better for you to not even commit yourself to any sort of relationship with an abusive man. Do not tell me you love him; love is not blind. Open your eyes and look in the right direction until you find the right guy. Do not settle for what is not right for you.

4. He lies to you

You can’t trust a guy who is full of lies and deceit. You will never be able to tell his real intentions or the things he is up to. Let me ask you: Do you think a guy like this is right for you?

I guess you will say no. If a guy lies to you, it simply tells you that such a person can not be trusted or relied on. If you can not trust him, it is one of the signs he is not right for you.

It means that such a guy can not be transparent and open with you; he may have secrets that are not good for your relationship. This can cause doubt, worry, and insecurity if you decide to be in a relationship with a guy who tells lies.

5. He doesn’t agree on the same thing with you

Saying that he doesn’t agree with you on the same thing does not mean that there will be no time when you will have disagreements or misunderstandings. This is a normal thing.

However, if you notice that you can not agree on major issues and that you always have constant disagreements with each other.

It is one of the signs that he is not right for you. Having constant disagreements and arguments is not healthy in a relationship. Aside from this, it can lead one to feel frustrated and this will make you get tired of the relationship.

6. He can’t manage his anger

It is a very bad thing for one not to be able to control or manage one’s anger. You can not predict the next action that a man who is quick to anger will take.

Testy or short-tempered people are violent and toxic. If you notice that a guy is quick to anger, it is one of the signs that he is not right for you. This is because a guy who truly loves you will be patient with you and tolerate you.

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7. He is not willing to compromise

Compromise is a very important aspect of a relationship. Two people coming together have different ways they behave and different things they believe in. However, they should be able to consider each other’s need to reach common ground.

A guy who is not right for you is not willing to compromise or make any sacrifices in a relationship. Compromise is important for a healthy relationship.

A healthy relationship is one where there is mutual respect, understanding and a balance between the needs of the individuals.

If you notice that your partner constantly avoids compromising, then it’s one of the many signs he is not right for you. A relationship is not a one-way or one-person thing; the two concerned people in a relationship should be willing to put in the effort to make the relationship work.

8. He is selfish

When you find a man who is right for you, he will be selfless and always consider your needs before making decisions. When a man is selfish, it’s an indication that he doesn’t care about your feelings or how his actions affect you.

It’s important to always consider the needs of each other in a relationship, as it is necessary for the well-being of the relationship.

What it means when a man is selfish is that he only prioritizes his happiness and neglects yours. He always says everything about himself. This attitude can result in resentment and a failed relationship.

9. He is not responsible

Partners should have a sense of responsibility in a relationship. It’s important for the growth of a relationship. However, once you notice a man is not responsible, it means he is not right for you.

You can not depend on a man who is not responsible for anything. It’s better not to be with a man who is irresponsible because his behavior can cause misunderstandings since the whole effort to make the relationship work rests on only one person.

10. He is a gaslighter

For the sake of your sanity and that of your mental health, it is important that you avoid a gas lighter. A gaslighter is a manipulator; if he is a gaslighter, he will always make you question your judgment and make you feel wrong for things you are not even wrong for.

He will make you feel like there is something wrong with you. He will never take responsibility for his wrongs. Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse and doing something to you only means it’s one of the signs he is not right for you.

Any man who gaslights you is trying to rob you of your confidence and self-esteem. He is toying with your emotions and your mental health.

If you have to choose between being with a gaslighter and yourself, please choose yourself first. Prioritize your well-being and let go of any man who gaslights you.

11. He doesn’t give you attention

One of the ways to know a man who loves and cares about you is that he will be willing to commit his time and effort to making the relationship work. Attention is important for the growth of the relationship.

A man who is right for you should not make you feel neglected and lonely. If he thinks that you are important to him and is intentional about making the relationship work, you’ll notice his genuine interest in you. So if a guy doesn’t give you attention, it’s just a sign he is not right for you.


Many times the signs that a man is not right for you are evident but many people choose to ignore these signs, maybe because they are in love or maybe for some other benefits they may be getting from the relationship.

I hope you know every action has consequences and enduring to be with a guy who is not right for you shouldn’t be something you should consider no matter what.

Don’t forget that this is someone you may have to spend the majority of your life with. You deserve a man who loves you and prioritizes your happiness.

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