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Ricegum Net Worth: Everything You Need to Know


Bryan Le, better known on YouTube as RiceGum, is a well-known provocateur who frequently sparks controversy with his videos. His use of harsh language and racial insults has been at the center of several disputes.

With over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, RiceGum has a sizable fan base despite his controversy. His partnerships with well-known YouTubers like Logan Paul and KSI are another aspect of his popularity.

It is estimated that RiceGum net worth is approximately $8 million. This figure is derived from his income from sponsorship deals, YouTube and other sources. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that these estimations are not precise¬† and could vary over time.

While it’s evident that RiceGum is a contentious character, he has also been successful in gaining a sizable fan base and making money from his internet presence.

RiceGum Net Worth: Who is RiceGum?

RiceGum is a well-known rapper and video creator on YouTube who creates parodies of well-known YouTubers. His primary YouTube channel, “RiceGum,” currently has over 10 million subscribers and over 2.18 billion views.

In addition to being a YouTuber, he streams on Twitch. His channel on Twitch has more than a million subscribers. He successfully attracted new subscribers and a staggering amount of views by keeping his name relevant online with his videos about roasting other people.

From having one million in the middle of the previous year to nine million in 2017, he gained popularity on YouTube. He hasn’t posted many videos or streams on his channels, though and it appears that he has become silent in recent months.

RiceGum Net Worth: His Incomes

Through sponsorships, Spotify songs, Twitch streaming and YouTube videos, RiceGum generates income. The majority of his content was critical of various online celebrities, which garnered interest and went viral. Although RiceGum remained silent about his income and wealth, rumors suggest that Ricegum net worth is about $8 million.

The millions of views and followers that his YouTube channels, RiceGum, RiceLive, and FamilyGum have received are some of his sources of income. In addition to his donations, subscribers, and followers on Twitch.

RiceGum Net Worth: His Personal Life

Bryan Quang Le is the real name of RiceGum, a Twitch streamer and YouTuber.In 2012, he started a YouTube account where he posted videos of himself playing Call of Duty. He was in cooperation with Machinima that same year.

After a few years, RiceGum produced comedic videos with young people. Later on, he produced videos dissing popular YouTubers in rap music. He became embroiled in disputes with Bhad Bhabie, Jake Paul, IDubbbz, Hasan Piker, James Rallison, and Gabbie Hanna.

By the end of 2017, RiceGum had amassed a total of 9 million YouTube followers, having gained 8 million more in 2017 after reaching its first million in 2016.

The following year, he attained 10 million subscribers. He streams on Twitch once or twice a week, in addition to YouTube.

He doesn’t have any scheduled Twitch streams or videos on his YouTube channels right now. These factors have caused a drop in his profits this year.

Experts predict that he should be making between $250,000 and $300,000 a year, or $60,000 on YouTube and $250,000 on Twitch.

RiceGum Net Worth: His Start from Youtube.

When RiceGum first started on YouTube, he posted gameplay videos of Call of Duty. A few years later, he began making comedic content on Musical.ly and mocking other celebrities. His disparaging YouTube videos regarding other influencers and content producers helped him gain more popularity.

Over the course of his YouTube career, RiceGum is estimated to have made $11,340,000 from this platform alone. This YouTuber earned an estimated $57,000 in 2016 and attracted one million subscribers to his main channel. After a year, he had nine million subscribers and was making between $150,000 and $200,000 a month, or between $1.5 million and $2 million a year. As of December 2022, i RiceGum had 1.2 million followers on the Twitch platform.

In 2013, he began to stream Call of Duty. He persisted until he gained popularity on many platforms, such as Just Chatting, Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto V. He used to stream for about three and a half hours per week, and once or twice a week previously.

Every stream he did received roughly 54,000 viewers, and each month he reported 8,400 active members. For each subscriber that watches a stream on the platform, he gets paid $2.50. RiceGum earned about $21,000 each month, or $252,000 a year.

This streamer started using Twitch more frequently than YouTube; however, after a few months, he also stopped using Twitch for his usual broadcasting schedule.

RiceGum Net Worth: As a Rapper on Spotify

RiceGum gained more popularity and money from his raps. In 2017, he dropped nine singles. Some of his songs that are available on Spotify are “These Kids Must Be Stopped,” “God Church,” “DaAdult,” “My Ex,” and “Bitcoin.”

For each song streamed, this platform pays its musicians about $0.004. The most streamed songs of RiceGum was over 80,000 monthly listeners and 101,657,407 total streams. Estimates put his revenue at about $406,701.

RiceGum Sponsorships

RiceGum appeared in a Super Bowl advertisement and had a partnership agreement with Monster Headphones. Additionally, “Mystery Brand,” a loot-box-style brand associated with a gambling website, sponsored him.

He encountered conflicting responses and criticism as a result of this sponsorship. Sadly, it turned out that the sponsorship agreement was a fraud. A few YouTubers believe that he received about $400k from Mystery Brand.

Conclusion on RiceGum Net Worth

In conclusion, RiceGum net worth is estimated to be $8 million. He is well-known for his content distribution and online feuds with other YouTubers. His most-watched YouTube video was “These Kids Must Be Stopped.”

He attracted more followers and viewers with his contentious videos, raps, streams and social media posts.

RiceGum earned massively from all his social media accounts. He was a very active Youtuber and also posted actively on Twitch but in recent,¬† he hasn’t been uploading videos to his three YouTube channels.




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