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How to Replace Spiral staircase with Switchback


Do you want to replace your spiral staircase with switchback staircase and you do not know how to go about that? Sit back and let us find out the things we need to do to replace a spiral staircase with a switchback, but before that, we need to familiarize ourselves with what these staircases are before going into details.

What is a spiral staircase?

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Spiral staircases, known for their spiral shapes, are considered one of the best alternatives for small homes or apartments because they do not usually occupy much space in the house. A spiral staircase has steps that go around a column. It is one of the staircases that is known for its aesthetic addition to the home. However, regardless of how attractive this staircase is, it is not the easiest when you have to move larger objects like furniture through the stairs.

It is the kind of staircase that is built around a center post, like a pole for its steps. This staircase has been in existence for a more extended period. It has been around since the Middle Ages. During this period, it is used for defense because of the difficulty that it poses when someone is trying to climb it. People also use it because it looks nice.

What is a Switchback?

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Switchback is a type of staircase that is also known as a U-shaped or a half-turn staircase. This is a type of stair that has two sets of steps. These steps meet at a landing and go in different directions, making a U-shape. Just like L-shaped stairs, U-shaped staircases are very functional in corner locations.

Most of the time, a U-shaped staircase refers to a stair with three sets of steps and two resting spots. For each resting place, a 90-degree turn is made. This is unlike the two sets of stairs with one resting spot where one turns 180 degrees. However, the ideas behind these two types are the same.

One of the reasons this type of stair is a good option is because it allows one to reach a certain height with shorter flights of steps. It also saves space. Having examined these two stairs, let us look at things that need to be done to replace a spiral staircase with a switchback.

How to Replace a Spiral Staircase with Switchback

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A switchback staircase is fixed by joining two straight sections with a landing that does not necessarily have to be significant. It can replace a spiral staircase, and it is one of the best alternatives because it can fit into a small living space. It is a good alternative for people who want a staircase with larger steps since a spiral staircase is usually tiny.

1. Measure your space

If you want to replace a spiral staircase with switchback, the first thing that needs to be done is for you to measure your space. This is because a switchback needs more space than a spiral staircase, but how can you determine the amount of space needed to fix this?

You need the help of a professional who can provide you with accurate information. So, you should reach out to an architect, as they are in the best position to tell you how much space you need or if the extra room in your house will be enough to change the spiral staircase with a switchback.

2. Make inquiries about the regulations

There are different building regulations in different regions. When you want to replace a spiral staircase with switchback, you must find out about the regulations in your area. You can inquire from an architect; they can guide you on some of the needed building consents you need before you can proceed with your plan.

3. Draw up a plan

It would be best if you had a plan to replace the spiral staircase with a switchback. A plan is like the layout design of the switchback staircase. You need the help of an architect to draw a plan for a switchback staircase for your house. You can tell the architect how you want the staircase to look; the architect then works with this plan. The plan that works best is made out of the available space.

4. Contact a Builder

After the architect has finished the house’s plan, you need to get in touch with a builder to get a quote on the requirements to replace the spiral staircase with switchback.

5. Contact a stair manufacturer

After getting a quote from the builder, you must reach out to the stair manufacturer and present the plan to them. The stair manufacturer will then show you an initial selection, come over to measure your space, and fix a time to replace your spiral staircase with a switchback.

6. Get Builders to remove the spiral staircase

It would be best if you got builders to get the space ready for the replacement of the stairs. When the stair manufacturers tell you when your new stairs will be available for replacement, contact builders who will help you remove the old spiral staircase to get the space ready to accommodate a new one.

7. Finally, replace the spiral staircase with a switchback

After all the steps that have been mentioned above have been taken, the next thing is the installation of the new staircase. The builders and stair manufacturers need to work together to implement this.

Switchback Stairs for Different Locations

Switchback stairs for Home

A switchback staircase is famous, and one of the best places to find a switchback staircase is in tall buildings like apartment complexes. It is ideal for such a building because there are so many people moving around in this complex, hence the need for a stair that can accommodate larger steps and allow people to move around quickly.

Aside from serving the need for apartment complexes, it is also an excellent stair design for modern single-family homes. A switchback staircase designed with metal or wood frames and beautifully designed serves both functional purposes and adds to the aesthetic look of the house.

A switchback staircase can also be used for other spaces that may require frequently moving items, like garages, workshops, or basements.

Switchback Staircase for an office building

One of the ways that business offices and corporate centers can improve their look into a modern look is by installing a switchback staircase. A switchback staircase gives an office a more modern appeal.  Offices can install a giant switchback staircase in a central spot where it is easy for everyone to see and locate.

One of the advantages of having a switchback staircase in an office building is that it adds to the interior style of the company and is noticeable to potential clients and customers. This is one of the reasons this staircase is typical in many corporate centers you see today.


Most times, one of the reasons why many want to replace a spiral staircase with switchback is because they are trying to upgrade their homes. Since a switchback staircase is most especially considered a modern style of staircase, A switch-back staircase is an excellent choice for anyone considering adding a modern touch to their house. It allows stairs to be modernized without necessarily having to make any excessive structural changes. Also, a switchback staircase can easily align with the floor plan of new housing construction projects.



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