Reel In Big Catches


Reel In Big Catches: Tips for Choosing the Right Charter Boat


One of the best ways to spend time and create unforgettable memories with your friends and family is by taking a fishing trip. A fishing trip enables you to enjoy the outdoor experience as you learn new skills, keeping the oldest past time experiences in the world alive. There is an undeniable magic in fishing that makes it a tradition hard to beat.

Choosing the right charter boat is your first step if you want to have such undeniable experiences and create memories. There are a lot of decisions to make, from finding the right captain to the type of experience, and this can be a hassle.

In this article, we have narrowed down five essential tips to consider and help you make your adventure unforgettable before choosing and deciding the right charter boat for your fishing trip.

1. Research Reputable Fishing Charter Companies

Many fishing charter companies offer you different charter boat services at different rates. Before thinking about what you want to do during your trip, it is important for you to browse the internet and find out what charter companies offer good services.

Swim through all the online reviews and compare the rates of different companies with the quality of services offered before you book a charter boat.

Ensure you do not fall into the awful traps of fake websites and other horrible comments that discredit other good companies. Many people operate fishing charter companies; some may be trained and licensed, while others may not. Ensure you get adequate information on different companies, and pick a company with a reputable reputation that fits your budget.

You may want to avoid companies offering lower rates than others because sometimes cheap is not best.

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2. Choose Your Fishing Experience

Before contacting captains and browsing the internet to choose a charter boat, knowing the type of experience you want during your fishing adventure is essential. You should be aware that every charter offers fishing services that are unique and specialized in particular ways. There are many various aspects to consider before narrowing down to the exact experience you want.

First, you may want to decide if you wish to have a whole boat for your family and friends or if you are happy to share. Keep in mind that private charters give you a tailored experience, and you do things at your own pace, while shared boats shared charters are great for those individuals who know their way around. However, with shared charters, you do not have a say on how and where to fish.

Second, you should know you will have a completely different experience depending on where you fish. It would be best to decide whether you want to fish inshore, nearshore, offshore, or deepsea fishing. Remember to also choose the kind of food and sport depending on your taste and experience.

3. Choose the captain, not the boat


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Remember that you can be on a smaller, slower, and older boat and have the best fishing experience, and you can also have the worst experience on a big boat. The captain is the most important person to consider when preparing for a fishing trip. When the captain is not proficient, your experience could be a disaster, no matter how good the boat is.

Pick a charter with a full-time, experienced captain with all the required insurance, licenses, and permits to ensure safety. Ask if the crew is well trained and CPR. Ensure you discuss special requirements, preferences, and experience levels with the captain. A good captain should be patient and accommodating enough to teach you fishing techniques and allow you time to fish yourself.

4. Find out the Catching Policy

Depending on the experience you want out of the adventure, ensure you find the catching rules of the charter company you want to choose. Each company has its catching policy; some catch fish and sell them, while others catch and release as others consider them your property.

The only way to find out what is considered on the boat you are choosing is by asking ahead of time and talking to the boat’s captain. Ensure the company, and you are in sync. This will prevent disappointments during the experience.

5. Consider your Budget and Book in Advance

You have finished choosing the best charter company and experiences, and it is time to narrow down your options and find what will work for you. Let us say directly, ‘Do not book the cheapest charter’! You may consider cutting costs your priority, but get what you pay for. Hire a boat that will give you a pleasant experience, and it is safe. Consider your budget, and if you cannot afford a private boat, consider a shared boat and make the most out of the experience.

After ticking all the boxes and narrowing it down to one option, it is time to book the charter. Important thing to consider is that you have to book in advance. Booking in advance helps you prepare well for the fishing experience and gives you time to change your mind and cancel in case of anything.

You can book directly on the company’s website or visit the charter company and book. Ensure you have read all the rules and regulations of the charter company before booking.


Choosing the wrong charter can spoil your fishing day completely. Ensure you do your homework and read the online reviews before taking an adventurous trip with your friends. With enough information, you can book your trip and have an unforgettable experience.

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