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Products For Hydrafacial Machine: Types and Treatments

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Are you looking for the best facial treatment that comes with no side effects?

Hydrafacial has become one of the most popular facial treatments today. There are a lot of benefits that one gets from getting a Hydrafacial. Aside from the many benefits that come from this, Hydrafacial treatments are less invasive, and the treatment is effective for all skin types and skin conditions.

What is a Hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial is a non-invasive, medical-grade facial treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, and infuses the skin with essential nutrients. It is a popular treatment for a variety of skin concerns, including acne, wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and dryness. This treatment is done using a patented technology. Let’s consider the necessary products for the hydrafacial machine.

Products for Hydrafacial Machines

HydraFacial machines use a variety of products to achieve their results. These products are typically divided into two categories: cleaning and exfoliating solutions and serum boosters.

Cleansing And Exfoliating Solutions

The first step in a HydraFacial treatment is to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. This is done using a variety of solutions, including:

Glysal Peel: A gentle glycolic acid peel that removes dead skin cells and reveals brighter, smoother skin.

Beta-HD: A betaine salicylate solution that exfoliates the skin and removes excess oil and debris.

Antiox-6: A powerful antioxidant solution that protects the skin from free radical damage.

Serum Boosters

After the skin has been cleansed and exfoliated, a serum booster is applied. Serum boosters are concentrated solutions that are infused into the skin to address specific skin concerns. Some of the most popular serum boosters include:

Britenol Booster: A brightening booster that reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and evens out the skin tone.

DermaBuilder Booster: A peptide booster that stimulates collagen production and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

ReGen CF Booster: A growth factor booster that enhances the skin’s natural healing process and reduces the appearance of scars and blemishes.

In addition to cleansing and exfoliating solutions and serum boosters, Hydrafacial machines also use a variety of other products, including:

Vortex-Fusion Technology: This patented technology uses a combination of suction and vortex cleansing to remove dead skin cells, oil, and debris from the skin.

LED Light Therapy: LED light therapy is used to reduce inflammation, promote collagen production, and improve the overall appearance of the skin.

HydraFacial Perk: Hydrafacial Perk is a post-treatment serum that is applied to the skin to lock in hydration and protect the skin from free radical damage.

Which products are right for you?

The best products for your HydraFacial treatment will depend on your individual skin concerns. If you are unsure which products to choose, your HydraFacial provider can help you create a customized treatment plan.

Here is a general guide to choosing the right products for your HydraFacial treatment:

Hydrafacial Treatment for Acne

AlexanderGrey, Pixabay

Hydrafacial treatment is effective for acne treatment, and this is done by using a painless and effective medical-grade approach that helps cleanse the pores and reduce excess oil that protects the skin against acne.

To achieve this, the skin first undergoes an exfoliation and extraction process. This process is necessary to help unclog the pores, which is one of the major causes of acne on the face. After the extraction process, the skin is hydrated to maintain skin balance and prevent the production of excess oil, which is a contributing factor to acne.

If you have acne, choose the Beta-HD Cleansing Solution and the ReGen CF Serum Booster.

However, it is advisable to consult a skin care doctor or therapist to know which hydrafacial treatment is most suitable for your skin type and problem.

Hydrafacial Treatment for Wrinkles

339731, Pixabay

Hydrafacial treatments can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

To reduce the wrinkles, a vortex cleaning is first carried out by using a patented hydropeel tool specially designed for facial treatments to moisturize the skin serum. It is one of the important procedures that has to be carried out during this treatment because it helps to soften impurities, dirt, and unwanted toxins that have accumulated on the skin. If the impurities are not softened, some of the residues may persist, so this is what helps to ensure that all the impurities in the ski are totally eliminated.

After the vortex cleansing, the hydro peel is used to exfoliate the skin without causing any irritation, unlike other exfoliating processes. This process helps the skin align and get smoother.

After the exfoliation process, a vortex extraction is carried out on the face to remove the blackheads and excess sebum and oil. This does not come with any pain, and it helps the skin get clearer and smoother.

The antioxidants and anti-aging serums are combined to effectively get rid of fine lines, which are especially common in older adults with wrinkles. The addition of these serums helps to rejuvenate the skin and make it supple.

If you have wrinkles and fine lines, choose the Antiox-6 Cleansing Solution and the DermaBuilder Serum Booster.

Hydrafacial Treatment for Hyperpigmentation

Hydrafacial treatment is also beneficial to people who have hyperpigmentation.

The treatment of hyperpigmentation using hydra facial treatments is done by using some specific vitamins, serums, and other solutions in a comprehensive skincare procedure designed to purify, exfoliate, moisturize, and revitalize the skin. So the initial step that has to be taken during this process involves thoroughly cleansing the skin, and then the skin is exfoliated to remove the dead skin layers and debris from the pores of the skin. This is then followed by applying special serums and vitamins to the skin to promote skin hydration and effectively eliminate the visibility of dark spots.

However, additional treatment may be necessary if the hyperpigmentation condition is severe, and it may take four to six weeks to achieve a noticeable result.

If you have hyperpigmentation, it’s advisable that you choose the Glysal Peel Cleansing Solution and the Britenol Serum Booster.

HydraFacial Treatment for Dry Skin

HydraFacial treatment is also effective for treating dry skin, so people who have dry skin can get a hydrafacial treatment.

The hydrafacial  treatment makes use of a patented vortex system with a unique spiral design to provide a soothing and pain-free experience. This process helps to purify, exfoliate, and moisturize the skin thoroughly. While simultaneously delivering specialized serums that can help target multiple skin concerns in a single session. Aside from reducing skin dryness, this treatment is beneficial for many other skin problems.

If you have dry skin, you can choose the Antiox-6 Cleansing Solution and the HydraFacial Hydrating Serum Booster.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips for getting the most out of your Hydrafacial treatment:

Come to your appointment with clean, dry skin: This will help the products penetrate the skin more effectively.

Be honest with your provider about your skin concerns: This will help them create a customized treatment plan for you.

Drink plenty of water before and after your treatment: This will help to hydrate your skin and promote healing.

Apply sunscreen regularly: This will help to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

With proper care, you can enjoy the benefits of your HydraFacial treatment for weeks and even months to come.


Hydrafacial is a popular and effective facial treatment that can be used to address a variety of skin concerns. The products used in HydraFacial treatments are essential to achieving the desired results.

If you are considering getting a HydraFacial treatment, be sure to discuss your individual skin concerns with your provider so that they can help you choose the right products for your treatment.


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