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People Make Time for what They Want

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I’m sure you may have heard of the saying, “People make time for what they want,”. This phrase is typically cited by people when they feel ignored by someone. In other words, you’ll make time for someone you truly want to see.

The person who is ignored will often brush the matter under the rug with that tinge of resentment and feelings of being neglected. In this article, we’ll be looking at why people make time for what they want and the things you need to take into consideration.

Factors to consider when people make time for what they want.

People make time for what they want! Many people interpret this to indicate that someone will make time for you if they wish to see you. If not, it seems that they don’t value you.

It is now simple to become enraged and begin acting passive-aggressively. You need to take into account the following things so that this thought does not affect the way you relate with others.

1. Think about the Unknowns

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First, it’s possible that the other person had unreported external occurrences in their lives. Perhaps they are actually grieving a loss in their family, going through heartache, being depressed, battling to maintain their job, or having serious health concerns.

Oftentimes, things are simpler than they appear. Try, therefore, to extend an open mind to the other person. Perhaps all they are coping with is something you are unaware of.

2. Think About the Positives

There could be a good reason why someone is short on time. It’s possible that they made the conscious decision to put all distractions aside for a bit in order to concentrate on their top priority. That’s known as monk mode by some.

Instead of penalizing such conduct, we ought to support it. The other person who you’re seeking for his time is attempting to fulfill their aspirations. They require time for that. You could even celebrate their growth and accomplishments in the end.

3. Think about the Differences

The quantity of alone time that each person requires varies. Social environments suit extroverts well. Being in social situations allows them to recharge. Introverts, on the other hand, require a lot of alone time in order to avoid burnout.

This is an additional justification for delaying judgment when someone refuses to make time for us. So before you say that people make time for what they want, the other person could be an introvert.

4. Think about Family

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People who are single and have no children are not fully aware of the complexities of parenthood. All other projects or priorities in your life suddenly take a backseat. You are responsible for another life—a life carrying your DNA. Now it’s your turn to be committed.

Because of this, many parents struggle to sleep, worry about their finances, and worry about the future. Is it truly your fault that they aren’t focusing on you more? No. They just have more mouths to feed and more problems to think about.

5. Examine How You See Time.

When it comes to the use and demand of time, we are all hypocritical. Our aversion to wasting time is somewhat greater when it pertains to ourselves. We understand that it is a finite resource, which is why we tend to be time-conscious.

However, we abruptly become extremely demanding when it comes to other people’s time. “I need your assistance moving all day. Why can’t you do that?” “Why are you unable to accompany me on that weekend trip?” The next time you’re asking someone for extra time, keep this tendency in mind.

6. Think about Value Inequalities

No two individuals are the same in every way. That’s because each of us has had unique experiences in life. These various experiences yield a variety of lessons that are distilled into values.

We all like to spend our time differently as a result of these value variances. You may find that social interaction best expresses your value of “connection.” For some others, it could be spending time alone, reading a book or training.

7 things to remember if people make time for what they want

If people make time for what they want, there are seven things to remember.

1. You can make time for what you want to do.

People make time for what they want. If people prioritize advancing their jobs and accumulating wealth, it indicates they have the time to do it. People who place a higher value on friendships and family than material possessions will make an effort to spend as much time as possible with them.

People make time for the things they love and desire. It is crucial to realize that people are not compelled to do anything. They make their first life decisions and live the rest of their lives according to the morals they have chosen. It just indicates what other people’s priorities are if they don’t have time for you. Either way, you ought to never accept anything less than what you are worthy of. People seem to make time for what they want, and it appears that you’re not it.

2. Make time for those who make time for you.

It’s a sign that someone cares about you when they pay you attention and show you love. People will make time for you if they want to. For this reason, you ought to make time for those who do the same for you. They will feel undervalued and have a lot of questions regarding the situation if you don’t.

Give someone something, but don’t take something from someone else. Even the busiest people will drop what they’re doing to come check on you. That is genuinely a show of love and care.

You should also be aware that everyone in your life is there for a reason. The goal is for you to experience happiness and appreciation and to live life to the fullest.

3. You make time for important things

It’s perfectly acceptable if your top priority in life is other people. You should make time for them since they are important to you. People make time for those they love. Those who are deeply loved by you will feel valued.

It’s also quite okay if you place other aspects of your life over social ones. The people who really love you will make time for you and reach out to you.

 4. People need some space

People needing time for themselves is not an uncommon occurrence. All they feel is an overload from everything, and they want to get away from everyone. It does not imply that you are unimportant to them. This situation isn’t about you. It’s all about them and what feels appropriate to them at that particular time.

Although everyone follows a distinct path in life, we all carry a little bit of each other with us everywhere we go. For the most part, you make time for the things that are important to you. Whether it has to do with humans or any other activity, it is irrelevant.

People differ in their priorities, and sometimes they just need time to focus on what’s really important to them. Still, it gets difficult to make friends. These individuals typically keep to themselves and reveal themselves gradually.

5. Let Go of Those Who Are Uninterested in You

If people make time for what they want, then you have to let go of those things or the things that are not important or interesting to you. It is evident that people get less interested in you if they don’t reach out to you. Avoid contacting someone just because you feel like it. If someone is not responding to you, don’t push them to talk to you; they are not as invested in the relationship as you are.

People make time for what they want. If someone wants to see you, they’ll surely make time to see you if they want to. You don’t need to struggle to get their interest. When you beg for the attention of others, you devalue yourself and reduce your importance or relevance.

Someone who makes time for you is different from someone who doesn’t make time for you. Their love and appreciation for you are evident in the time they are willing to spare to accommodate you. Don’t let anyone treat you like trash or a nonentity; you are important. Let go of those who seem too busy to spend their time with you and focus on those who know the true meaning of love and sacrifice.

6. Some Individuals Are Not Naturally Social

People make time for what they want. If someone is not making time for you, it could be that he detests social gatherings. Social anxiety affects some of us since we don’t interact with others. This is not a place where we feel at home.

Making time for people might therefore not be an issue for them, but how they feel during a conversation puts them in an awkward situation. Maintaining your practice and social interactions is the only way to get past this. They can overcome their social anxiety and find time for other people, even though it might never be their favorite thing to do.

7. People Choose Not to Interact Socially in Favor of Other Activities

Another thing to know is that this person could be busy with other activities. Although this kind of person can be quite effective at striking up conversations, projecting charisma, and endearing themselves to others, they derive no joy or pleasure from doing that.

Their preferred way of spending time is spending time alone, doing a project, and also spending time with their family members. This set of people prioritizes their needs, wants, and desires above the needs and wants of others.  This is one of the traits that some individuals are born with, and they will always find their way back to their roots. They no longer live for others, but rather for themselves.


People make time for what they want. No doubts. This is true. In conclusion, we’ve looked at the things to consider when people make time for what they want. There are some individuals in your life that you care about and who also care about you. Strong bonds are formed in a relationship when there is reciprocal love and concern.

Still, it’s clear that people make time for what they want. You will never view some people the same when you have a complete understanding of it. Make time for those who are closest to you and who you appreciate most. These people are your forever friends and will be there for you at every turn in life. As you make time for these people who love you, let go of those who see you as a nobody. Go where your value is appreciated.




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