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Oral Health for Ageing Adults: Common Challenges and Solutions

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When it comes to ageing adults, health becomes the main priority. But while focusing on physical health and other more glaring conditions like heart issues, weight, diabetes, etc., many forget oral health! And during this time, many older adults face several dental challenges, such as discoloration, etc.  In this blog, we’ll highlight all the dental problems older adults face in their midlife and some important solutions for them to maintain their oral health.

Dental Challenges for Aging Adults

With diet changes, excessive alcohol, smoking and other lifestyle habits, older adults are always at risk of facing dental issues and compromising the health of their teeth. These dental problems can cause aesthetic and health issues if not addressed and treated carefully and correctly. Here are some common dental challenges ageing adults face:

  1. Tooth discolouration
  2. Dental cavities
  3. Tooth Decay
  4. Bad breath
  5. Receding gums
  6. Gum disease
  7. Sensitive teeth
  8. Enamel erosion
  9. Root infection
  10. Teeth grinding
  11. Abnormal bite
  12. Black/brown spots on teeth

Dental Care Solutions for Aging Adults

To combat these challenges, there are several dental care solutions available for ageing adults.

1. Teeth whitening

For those with deep stains, yellowed teeth or brown spots may appear due to the excessive consumption of wine, tea, coffee or cigarettes. Teeth-whitening products can be a great solution. Teeth-whitening products are easily found and can be used to reduce stains and bring out the whiteness of stained teeth. Teeth whitening treatments are also done professionally in dental clinics and offer better and more long-lasting results.

2. Invisible aligners

Adults with an abnormal bite or crooked teeth may face challenges while chewing. To correct this issue, aligners are the best option. They apply gentle pressure to the teeth and gradually push them into the right position.

3. Mouthguards for teeth-grinding

Bruxism is a common problem, and if you grind your teeth in your sleep, you may be causing so much damage to your teeth without having a clue about it! This is where mouthguards for adults come in handy and prevent you from causing tooth damage

4. Root canal for root infections

Poor oral hygiene and bad eating habits can result in tooth decay and require root canals for any infected roots.

5. Dental crowns and fillings

These are important to treat and fill tooth damage and decay.

6. Special toothpaste for sensitivity

Sensitive gums can cause trouble while brushing, eating cold and hot things and more. Specialized toothpaste made for sensitive gums can help control this issue while also keeping your teeth clean, strong and protected.

7. Gum grafts for gum erosion

Not taking care of your gums can lead to sensitive bleeding gums and even gum thinning and erosion. Gum grafts can help restore your gums and add volume to them.

makeO toothsi as a Holistic Oral Care Brand

While each dental problem faced by ageing adults can be assessed and treated correctly by orthodontists, a general rule of maintaining your oral health through some important hygiene habits can go a long way. And when it comes to boosting your oral health, MakeO Toothsi is your destination to check out!

makeO toothsi stands out as a holistic oral care brand that offers a host of oral care products designed to boost oral health. makeO toothsi offers customised teeth whitening solutions that are gentle yet effective, taking into account the increased sensitivity of ageing teeth.

In addition, their aligners are tailored to fit comfortably and meet the specific alignment needs of older users That’s not all! Our electric toothbrush and water flossers are made with modern technology to ensure that your oral hygiene is at its best Add these two products to your daily oral care routine to enhance your overall dental health and keep major dental issues at bay.

Beyond these products, ageing adults need to go through regular dental check-ups and cleanings to maintain optimal oral health and detect dental issues early on. We also encourage ageing adults to stay updated on oral care tips and practices by speaking with their dentists to keep their teeth healthy!


In short, ageing adults can face a barrage of dental issues including tooth discoloration, gum disease, tooth decay, gum erosion and more. However, many solutions, such as whitening products, aligners and mouthguards, along with medical interventions like root canals, crowns and fillings, exist to help adults maintain their oral health.

Along with these solutions, it’s also important for older adults to prioritise their oral health by choosing excellent oral care products from makeO, going for regular check-ups and following healthy habits to keep their smile intact and their dental health at its best!

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