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7 Best Online Esthetician School

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Have you been looking for a convenient and flexible way to pursue your career in skincare and beauty from the comfort of your home? Online esthetician schools will help you achieve your dream goal. Although it might seem challenging for individuals who haven’t done an online course before.

Furthermore, choosing the best online esthetician school involves a thorough consideration of accreditation, curriculum, practical training, technology integration, flexibility, support services, licensing preparation, reviews, cost, and opportunities for continued education.

 In this article, we’ll explore what an esthetician means and what they do, the benefits, the criteria to look out for before making a choice, and lastly, the best seven online esthetician schools.

About Esthetician

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An esthetician is a well-trained skincare professional who specializes in diverse beauty treatments to enhance and improve the appearance and health of the skin. They often work in saloons, spas, and skincare clinics to provide services such as waxing, threading, and tinting for hair removal and enhancement, facial massage, exfoliation, extraction, and skincare consultation.

 They also recommend personalized skincare routines by analyzing the skin conditions of the individual and educating their clients on proper skincare practices to maintain healthy and radiant skin.

Due to the increased demand for skincare, there is rapid growth in this profession across the globe. However, they are generally trained to focus on the superficial layers of the skin, as deeper treatments will require the attention of medical experts, such as botox injections, dermal fillers, and deeper chemical peels.

7 Best Online Esthetician Schools

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1. Aveda Institute

Aveda Institute is a well-known brand in the beauty industry. It is a school of cosmetology and esthiology. They offer training in diverse beauty-related fields such as hair styling, skincare, spa therapy, and cosmetology.

Students are opportune to gain firsthand experience and learn about Aveda’s approach to beauty and skincare. Their curriculum covers both technical skills and business aspects, which prepares their students for diverse roles in the beauty industry. They also encourage creativity and innovation in the beauty industry, encouraging their students to participate in events to showcase their skills and compete.

2. Skin Science Institute

The Skin Science Institute is renowned for its hands-on training and expert instructors. They offer four levels of certification, which include 600 hours of basic esthetician, 600 hours of intermediate master esthetician program, 1200 hours of comprehensive master course, and 300 hours of instructor.

Some hands-on practical training includes facial treatments, skin analysis, natural nail manicures, natural nail pedicures, paraffin treatments, facial waxing, body waxing, eyebrow contouring, hand and arm massage, foot and leg massage, back massage, scalp massage, and lots more.

A review by Brett Hamilton 

“I enjoyed my experience as a student at Skin Science; I felt prepared enough to start teaching right after the completion of the instructors’ program.”.

3. The International Dermal Institute

The International Dermal Institute (IDI) is a popular skincare training center that provides professional training for skin therapists. It was founded by Jane Wurwand.

Some of their training includes acne treatments, advanced exfoliation, advanced training, aesthetic services, Brazilian waxing, broken capillaries, brown spots, client consultation, customized skincare treatment, deep cleaning, dermal layering, eczema and psoriasis, exfoliation treatments and lots more.

A review by Jennie “The International Dermal Institute has been phenomenal in elevating my esthetics practice. Classes like Chinese acupressure and Greet the Day oncology skincare have expanded my spectrum of modalities in the treatment room. I can safely and effectively tailor each treatment to each individual with ease and grace.”

4. Ogle School of Hair, Skin and Nails

Ogle School of Hair, Skin and Nails is another online esthetician school that offers training in various beauty-related fields. Their services include cosmetology, esthetics, and nail technology. Their program spams from Monday to Friday, leaving you to enjoy your Saturdays and Sundays.

The duration of a full-time cosmetology program is 7 months, while a part-time program spans 13 months. While the duration of a full-time esthetics program is 5 months, a part-time program is 10 months.

5. Bellus Academy

Bellus Academy is another reputable beauty and wellness online esthetician school with multiple physical campuses, offering courses in barbering, barbering cosmetology, cosmetology, esthetics, nail technology,  and spa nails.

It is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS). Furthermore, students at Bellus Academy have access to modern facilities, industrial-standard equipment and experienced instructors who are there to guide them through the latest trends and techniques.

A review by Viviana Lopez (Cosmetology)

“My favorite part of this journey is seeing how much I have improved from the start of my program, not just with skill but with my timing of services as well. My advice for anyone looking to attend Bellus Academy is to just go for it; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can help you discover so much about yourself and grow as a person.”

6. Eminence Organic Skin Care

Eminence Organic Skin Care is a well-known beauty brand that has been in existence since 1958 in Hungary, and they are notable for their natural and green practices—creating natural organic and biodynamic products.

Eminence organic skin care has received so many awards, which is proof of their commitment to providing the best services. They offer a wide range of products, including cleansers, moisturizers, serums, masks, and sunscreens. The ingredients used are usually obtained from organic farms and include herbs, fruits, and vegetables with proven skincare benefits. Significant ingredients in their formulations may include aloe vera, chamomile, calendula, and various vitamins.

7. Empire Beauty School

Empire Beauty School welcomes students with a great passion for beauty and style. They are dedicated to helping their students achieve their goals and aspirations by offering standard training and professional instructors.

Their program covers cosmetology, aesthetics/esthetics, educator training, and nail technology. They offer scholarships and financial aid to individuals who meet the criteria.

Things To Check Out Before Applying

There are certain things to check out before applying to any of these online esthetician schools. They are;

1. Accreditation

Accreditation simply means the act of granting credit or recognition to an organization or institute. It is important to check for accreditation because it gives you assurance of whether or not the education provided meets industrial standards that are recognized by a licensing board.

Make sure that the institution you are applying to is approved by relevant accrediting bodies or licensing agencies.

2. Curriculum

A comprehensive curriculum is very essential to giving you a complete and versatile understanding of your program. The outline or course content covers fundamental skincare techniques, product knowledge, sanitation practices, anatomy and physiology, and client communication.

However, there are advanced courses that include, but are not limited to, spa management, advanced skincare treatments, and industry-specific regulations.

3. Practical Training

Another thing to check out is practical training. How often do they organize practical sessions? However, online school can’t be like a physical school entirely.  However, a standard online esthetician school often integrates practical training into their curriculum, which involves virtual demonstrations such as videos or onsite clinical experiences arranged by the school.

The importance of practical training can’t be overemphasized, as it will help you gain mastery and confidence in your practice.

4. Technology integration

Technology integration has a great influence on how effectively you gain from the online esthetician school. An effective and interactive online esthetician school should make use of live webinars, virtual classrooms, and multimedia resources to improve the learning process.

Before applying, ensure that the school uses current technology to provide an interactive and impactful learning process.

5. Cost And Financial Aid

It’s important to consider the cost of the program and whether financial aid is available. Check out the tuition fees, payment plans, and extra expenses such as textbooks.

6. License And Certificate

After the completion of your program, a license or certificate is usually given as evidence of the successful completion of your program.  Ensure that the online esthetician school you are applying for provides a license for their students and also prepares them for license exams by teaching the relevant state regulations and exam topics.

7. Reviews And Reputation

Before applying, it’s important that you read reviews about the school from current or former students. This will help you get more information about the school, their learning progress, the quality of the program, the effectiveness of the lecturers, and the general satisfaction of the students.

Benefits Of Online Esthetician School

Here are some benefits of online esthetician schools:

1. Accessibility To Resources

An online esthetician school provides quick access to resources, learning facilities and materials that ease any inconvenience.

2. Flexibility

Online esthetician schools suggest flexibility in scheduling, which permits students to balance their education with other responsibilities.

3. Diverse learning resources

Online esthetician schools normally provide a variety of multimedia resources, such as videos, interactive modules, and virtual simulations, to improve the learning experience of the students.

4. It Is Cheaper Than Physical Education

Online courses are cheaper and more affordable than brick-and-mortar schools. They also remove extra expenses related to commuting and on-campus facilities.

5. Self-paced learning

Online programs and training usually permit students to learn at their own pace, catering to individual learning styles and preferences.

Final Words

Choosing an online esthetician school requires thorough research. Consider factors like accreditation, curriculum, and reviews. Ensure the program aligns with your career goals and offers practical training. Stay committed to self-discipline for successful online training.



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