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MobileAppDaily Has Released the List of Top Artificial Intelligence Development Companies

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The need for AI software development companies is increasing by the day. Many businesses now see how AI software can save money, improve operations, and satisfy customers.

However, this realization comes with a challenge for businesses. Recognizing the top AI companies that will cater to all their specific preferences and within a budget is difficult. Finding the right company for your needs will be one of the most crucial points to address if your brand wants to advance in the field of AI for business.

But MobileAppDaily is here to save the day! It is among the leading media houses that cover new-age topics concerning technology and innovation. It has come up with a list of the top AI development companies for businesses to make informed decisions.

Top 10 AI Companies to Look Out For

1. Appinventiv

Appinventiv is among the leading AI development firms that have almost a decade of experience in the ML and AI domains. It thrives to address business challenges across diverse industrial sectors. It offers services like AI development, app development, and social media platform development. There are other offerings as well based on your specific needs.

It has a huge set of talented professionals who have delivered 3000+ digital products to small, medium, and large enterprises. Appinventiv helps businesses choose a special development process. This process helps them grow and stay ahead of competitors.

2. Markovate

Markovate is a company that creates new and improved digital experiences using AI technology. Markovate especially focuses on solutions for tech companies. They have a team of 200 professionals who have built and launched over 120+ mobile ideas.

The team at Markovate uses predictive analytics tools to build AI digital solutions from scratch. They also specialize in integrating the solutions into existing business systems.

3. NetSet Software

NetSet Software has been in the market for over two decades now. This AI development company has excelled at offering top-notch AI developmental services to a wide range of clients. They focus on creating AI that generates things, developing custom AI/ML, software, mobile apps, and web 3.0.

NetSet Software helps brands by developing modern digital products. This can in turn bring about digital transformation in their system.

4. IBM

IBM is an AI development service provider that serves industries of all sizes. They leverage advanced AI and ML services. This can help businesses to optimize their decision-making and operational processes. It helps its clients with an array of AI solutions to streamline their workflows. It also helps with reduced operational costs, and in providing impeccable customer service.

Additionally, they also provide robust data security to simplify compliance systems for businesses.

5. Experion Technologies

Experion Technologies digitizes business processes, drives new revenue streams, and improves operational efficiency for businesses. They do this by using transformative digital solutions. They make Fortune 100 and 500 companies future-ready. Some of their main markets are healthcare, retail, transport and logistics, BFSI, construction and engineering, and EdTech sectors.

They bring expertise in the latest technology by leveraging data and AI, cognitive computing, and DevSecOps.

6. Xebia

Xebia is a software engineering and IT consultant company. The company combines different areas of expertise to create useful solutions for clients.

They provide services that automate processes for their clients by making technology work for them. The professional team at Xebia also provides smart, cost-efficient cloud services. This enables companies to launch data platforms, automate tedious processes, and build intelligent applications.

7. Readify

Readify was launched in 2001 and has been assisting businesses since then in expanding their customer base. The company offers an enhanced digital experience and an efficient engagement system. They have purpose-built platforms with AI integration, helping clients across multiple industries.

It also undertakes software projects aiming to solve business problems. Readify provides consulting services using the agile development methodology.

8. Diffco

Diffco has a team of world-class senior developers who aim to build and scale businesses faster and more efficiently. They provide services for developing impactful mobile apps, customizable websites, and software. Primarily, their solutions cater to business tasks, and designing user-friendly websites and apps.

They adopt a customer-centric, collaborative, and transparent approach to benefit their clients. They take a three-step approach to building the software/app for businesses. The stages are discovery, development, further development, and support to turn innovative ideas into reality.

9. Accenture

Accenture is also among the leading artificial intelligence companies. The company excels in industries including finance, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. Their team of developers has deep domain knowledge that allows them to produce innovative AI design solutions. These solutions specifically address challenges and leverage new opportunities for businesses. Accenture develops AI-induced strategies as per client preferences to enhance their business.

10. Fingent

Fingent is a software development company that develops mission-critical software for their clients. They leverage AI and ML to deliver high-quality software in a cost-effective manner. Businesses can build software highly specific to their preferences. Or they can buy off-the-shelf software that aligns with their business goals.

They have delivered over 700+ projects successfully. Their main focus is on making these clients future-ready in the most personalized and innovative manner.

Pick the Best Artificial Intelligence Companies

While there are plenty of companies providing AI development services, these are among the best, as rated by MobileAppDaily. It has considered factors like employee size, rate per hour, company location, service line, and a few other criteria. These factors make it a reliable list that you can trust for your next AI development project.

Businesses should consider this list before opting for a software or app development company. Pick your top AI company that can help in enhancing your brand’s workflows and offerings.

As artificial intelligence is growing exponentially, it is the right time for businesses to invest in AI. This can help with better efficiency and ROI in business operations.

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