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Mechanism OF Social Control: Meaning, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Mechanism OF Social Control,

No society does not have a mechanism of social control. The reason this is being used is to regulate, monitor, and observe the behaviors and character of human beings around them.

In this term, policies, practices, rules, and regulations are mapped to ensure such individuals abide by them.

In a society, rules and regulations, culture, and traditions are all mechanisms of social control.

Schools make use of it, church groups make use of it, and individuals make use of it for their own self (discipline) and companies.

By the end of this article, you will know more about:

  • Meaning of Mechanism of Social Control.
  • Types of Mechanism of Social Control.
  • Means of Mechanism social control.
  • Strategies to use to make the Mechanism of social control work.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of social control.
  • Conclusion

Meaning of Mechanism of Social Control

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A mechanism of social control is a set of policies, practices, rules and regulations, guidelines, etc used by individuals, groups, or organizations to grade the impact, behavior, and actions of individuals in that organization or association.

It is a way to ensure that everyone is being carried along and there is no violence of any kind, and through this, the aims and objectives of such organizations or groups are set to be achieved.

The Mechanism of social control can be “formal and informal.”

Formal methods could be: Rewards and Punishments, Procedures and Policies, Rules and Regulations. While the informal methods could be used to encourage positive behavior and frown at negative behavior.

The use of this Mechanism is to Influence good and positive change in an individual without restricting their freedom or tamper their mental, social, and emotional health or life.

Types of Mechanism of Social Control.

1. Preventive Mechanisms

As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” And this is exactly what this mechanism is trying to explain.

It is designed to prevent anything negative from developing. Examples: Social pressure, deviant socialization, etc. Coercion is the highest priority of this mechanism.

2. Mechanism to manage Tensions

Examples of this mechanism are Humor, games, leisure, sports, carnivals, etc. They are used to relax one’s mind from the tension generated by social puzzles buzz within society.

3. Propaganda Mechanism:

This is another mechanism that can bring about change in the desired direction. It is an intentional attempt to control the attributes of interpersonal relationships between and among people of different backgrounds and statuses to change feelings, attributes, values, and thoughts.

For example, the effort of school heads to control disobedience and stubbornness among pupils and students through Punishments and rewards.

Means of Mechanism Social Control.

There are many ways in which social control takes place and there are:

1. Custom

Custom is sustained by common acceptance. For social control to take place in this aspect, respect must be taken to a higher level because “custom is custom,” and there’s nothing like adjustment when punishment is being called upon.

In a culture, one must learn the appropriate folkways and more about the culture.

Violation should not be an option because directly or indirectly, you will surely be punished according to the demand made for that particular crime committed.

2. Religion

How religion is organized and impacts many around the world is still unpredictable. How they have changed a lot about people’s perceptions, thoughts, and behaviors yet maintain absolute peace and order needs to be observed.

Religion contributes so well to the stability of society, providing sanctions for violation of norms and reinforcing basic values.

3. Education

The impact Education has made on individuals, especially adults is one thing that is still keeping the peace in the social community.

The values, norms, and behavior learned in the institutions have a lot to tell individuals. It prepares the individuals for a better future which they are to first understand today before thriving.

They are also to understand the role of social attributes among their fellow human beings in both the physical and social environment.

But, the fact that education tries to impart such values does not mean everyone goes to school or college to learn about values.

4. Family

Family is not only an important agency of socialization but of social control too. It is the family that mold an individual of any kind, from any background or tribe. Family!

Family is the first place or home where first-hand experience, love, patience, kindness, and all are being taught. Some of human most basic needs are being fulfilled within the family.

Every family has its values, morals, norms, rules regulations, etc. These are being enforced and carried out by the young and younger ones as they grow. It mostly involves discipline and a system of rewards and punishments.

5. Leadership

Leadership has been playing an important role for a very long time now. It develops out of the process of interaction itself.

Leaders have a great role to play in the lives of individuals. Whenever a leader supports and enjoys group collaboration and relationships, there’s always direction for values and goals which helps to promote order and stability in the system.

Strategies used to make mechanisms of social control work.

  • Establish a well-thought-out social control strategy. This is to ensure members comply and cooperate with the rules and regulations that are made.
  • Create a productive organizational culture and set clear and direct expectations for members.
  • Leaders of organizations should start by laying down the type of social control they should use. Formal or informal.
  • They should be establishing rules and policies to help during implementation.
  • There should be effective communication in the organization.
  • It is also important to monitor behavior to ensure social control.
  • There should be room for regular checkmate of member character or behavior to be sure they are complying with the rules made.
  • They should be rewarded for the people who abide by the rules made, at least once in a while, they should be celebrated.
  • There should be feedback from both members and leaders on their performance so far.

Through these strategies, organizations can create a friendly environment that promotes productivity and compliance.

Advantages of social control.

  • It creates a room for unity and openness.
  • It helps to ensure the organization sticks to the rules, policies, and regulations.
  • It is used to maintain a positive public image, and this is my disapproving unethical, illegal behavior and adhering to proper behavior.

Disadvantages of social control.

  • It can limit innovation if members of an organization or employees become hesitant to take risks or explore new ideas.
  • It can decrease the morale of the organization if they feel they are being micromanaged.
  • It can also become frustrating if the leaders don’t keep to their promises or encourage them like they should.

The mechanism of Social Control is nothing but those simple good things we do to prevent ourselves and the people around us from falling victim. Influencing them in a positive way to help in the changing of the society.

These mechanisms, if employed so well in any place we are representing, will bring nothing but values, good relationships communication, and behavior adjustment which will help to elevate one after the other to a high place.

In this article, means through social control can occur or can be Influenced were mentioned, they include; Custom, Religion, Family, School, etc.

The advantages and disadvantages of social control were not left behind either. It narrows down to telling a few of what is involved in it and its disagreement.

Strategies too were emphasized which we made mention; Peace, effective communication, understanding, implementation, respect/obedience, love, and self control.

The tools through which this is used are not a problem, but most times, the problems are coming from the people who are using it, “wrongly.”


In conclusion, a mechanism of social control is needed for self-adjustment, community/society adjustment, and group adjustment.

Application of this will mount the change in any organization.

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