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Marshalls is a popular American chain of department stores owned by TJX Companies. It is one of the largest off-price family apparel and home fashion retailers in the U.S. Marshalls began in 1956 when Alfred Marshall gathered a group of entrepreneurs together to start up a brand. Together, they opened some department stores that sold homeware and apparel at low prices and soon became the top off-price retail chain in the U.S. Marshalls was purchased by TJX in 1995 and is currently expanded throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada.

Now, a retail chain store this large must rely on thousands of workers to run efficiently and effectively, and this means they have to hire workers every time there is an expansion or to replace workers that leave. Marshalls is known for its great work culture and promising career opportunities and I believe someone reading this article is looking forward to working there. Like every other business, there are requirements to work at Marshalls and this article will answer the most frequently asked question: What is Marshalls’ age requirement?

First, we’ll look at the minimum and maximum Marshalls age requirements, then we’ll look at some positions available in Marshalls and the age requirements for them. Let’s get into it.

Age Requirement for Marshalls

Most children between the ages of 13 and 15 years old are eager to work. They might need the extra cash to support their family or handle some of their personal projects. Children between these ages are energetic, zealous and eager but due to federal labor laws and company policies, 13-year-olds, 14-year-olds and 15-year-olds are not eligible to be hired at Marshalls. This is also to ensure the safety of the individual. However, in certain states whose laws permit, 15-year-olds can be hired.

The ideal Marshall’s age requirement is 16 years old and older. 16-year-olds are qualified for entry-level positions. If you are 17 years old and have a little experience, you can apply for certain supervisory roles too. For the maximum Marshalls’ age requirement, there is none. Marshalls believes in inclusivity and if you have the skills and strength to work, you will be hired as long as you’re 16 years of age and older.

Jobs at Marshalls


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Some of the jobs available at Marshalls for teens include:

1: Retail Associate

A retail associate at Marshalls is responsible for engaging with customers and maintaining a clean, organized environment in the store. This means the retail associate must have good customer service skills, a flexible schedule, be able to multitask, be strong enough to lift heavy objects, have strong communication skills, uphold the company’s standard and give customers satisfaction. Also note that a retail associate might also be trained to work in other areas of the store as well.

Now, here’s the good news! The Marshalls age requirement for a retail associate is 16 years and the pay is per hour.

2: Merchandise Associate

A merchandise associate at Marshalls is responsible for unloading trucks, opening boxes and delivering items to the sales floor. The skills required for this job include the ability to lift heavy objects, strong communication and customer skills, a flexible schedule and the ability to multitask.

The Marshalls age requirement for this position is 16 years old and the pay is per hour.

3:  Loss Prevention Detective

A loss prevention detective at Marshall is responsible for ensuring a secure shopping environment and preventing theft. The skills required for this job include sharp observation and the ability to make quick decisions, as you must have already deduced from the job title.

The Marshalls age requirement for this position is 18 years old and the pay is per hour of work.

4: Assistant Store Manager

An assistant manager at Marshalls is responsible for hiring, training and supervising associates; developing creative plans to boost sales; ensuring customer satisfaction and managing the daily activities of the store. The skills required for this job include interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to lead and develop a team.

This is not an entry-level job and thus requires about two years of experience in retail leadership and a high school diploma. The Marshalls age requirement for this job is 18 years old.

5: Store Manager

A store manager at Marshalls is responsible for the overall running of the store. This includes managing employees, maintaining satisfactory customer service levels and meeting sales targets. The skills required include excellent communication, interpersonal and customer service skills, a keen sense of observation, good judgment and decision-making skills.

The Marshalls age requirement for this role is 21 years old, and it requires some years of retail experience and often a bachelor’s degree.

A job at Marshalls is open to everyone from 16 years old and above. There are no restrictions on how old you must be, provided you meet the minimum age requirement and are able to work. Identify the position you want and apply.



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