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Luvme Hair 13×4 Lace Wigs: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners


Getting into the lace wig market as a beginner can be a hassle because of the different types and numerous terminologies you must familiarize yourself with. If you’re in the market for lace wigs, you’ll come across 13×4 or 13×6 are what you’ll come across. These measurements are essential to your purchase; you should understand them to make the best decision.

This article will educate you on all you need about a 13×4 lace front wig. You’ll understand what it is, why it’s essential, and how it differs from other lace wig types.

What is a 13×4 Lace Wig?

Understanding what a lace wig means is central to knowing a 13×4 lace wig. A lace wig is any wig with a sheer lace base, and the hair on the lace is attached by hand. Wigmakers produce the wig that way to ensure that it stimulates natural hair growth.

Different types of lace wig exist, but frontal lace wig and closure lace wig are the most popular. A lace frontal has a sheer lace base at the front of the wig, extending from one ear to the other and down towards the crown of your head.

There are three main ways that the laces on a frontal are measured: 13×2, 13×4, and 13×6. The first number is the length of the lace from one ear to another, while the second is the length of the part area.

Therefore, a 13×4 lace frontal is in the middle regarding how lace frontals are measured. It’s also the most popular type of lace frontal in the market.

Should I Get a 13×4 or 13×6 Lace Wig?

Long Lace Wig

The two-inch difference affects the experience with the wigs, and the right one depends on the style you want to create. A 13×6 lace wig will give a longer parting line and make it look more realistic. You also do more styles with the wig than a 13×4 unit.

A 13×6 is also more breathable because the sheer lace base covers more of your hair. It means that there’s more space for ventilation to enter, thereby enhancing comfort.

However, a 13×6 lace wig is costlier than a 13×4 because it has more lace. It means that the manufacturers spent more time and effort hand-installing the strands, which makes it cost more.

Whether you should get a 13×4 or 13×6 depends on your wear goals. A 13×4 will be simpler to maintain for a beginner who won’t make daring styles. However, choose 13×6 if you want to maximize the potential of your lace wig.

What are the Parts I Can Create with Luvme Hair 13×4 Lace Wig?

Unlike closures, you can part your lace frontal wigs anywhere across the front. You can go with a traditional middle part, side part, or even zigzag or diagonal part. This versatility in parting is why most prefer them over lace closures.

The Middle Part

The middle part is the most popular style and entails parting the hair directly in the middle. It works better with thick hair because it won’t make it appear too poofy. Anyone with any face shape can do it and look adorable.


The side part entails parting at any side of the lace, whether left or right. It’s mostly combined with curly or wavy hair and looks gorgeous. Anyone can also do a side part, but you should ensure you get the position right to avoid coming up with an unnatural part.

Deep-Side Part

If the regular side part doesn’t excite you much or you’re looking for a change, the deep-side part should be next on your wishlist. It’s a wide side-part and accentuates your look differently. A deep side part adds volume to your hair because you pack more of it to the front.

Zig Zag Part

The Zigzag part entails parting the hair like a zigzag across the top of your hair. It’s perfect for adding style to low-textured hair. However, it would help if you were careful with part because of the restricted lace. A 13×6 lace frontal will give you a better result if you’re doing a zigzag part, but a 13×4 can also do it superbly.

Diagonal Part

The diagonal part is also what it sounds like, slanting the part to the side rather than straight down the middle. It gives the illusion that the hair has more volume and it’s stylish.

How to Maintain a 13×4 Lace Wig?

How you handle your lace wig can make or mar it. It would help if you were gentle on it every time, as the lace is of delicate material. If you go too rough, you’ll damage it and be unable to use the wig. Here are some other maintenance tips for your 13×4 lace wigs:

  • Wash the wig regularly, around every six to eight wears.
  • Use high-quality human hair products anytime you’re working with the wig, either washing or styling.
  • Air dry the wig after washing it, and store it on a wig stand or box if you’re not using it immediately.
  • Avoid exercising with your wig, and use a statin or silk scarf to protect it if you must
  • If you have a curly or wavy unit, you may need to detangle them regularly with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.

Where to Get Quality 13×4 Lace Wig?

You’re only a search away from learning about thousands of online stores where you can buy a 13×4 lace wig. However, it’s best to shop at one that understands what you want and delivers it. Luvme Hair is one of such stores.

It sells high-quality human hair wigs, and the frontals are one of its most significant collections. You can get it in different lengths, textures, colors, and densities. It also sells accessories you can use with the wig to look your best. Visit the Luvme Hair website today to uplift your look.


Lace wigs are a game-changer, and 13×4 lace frontals are the best you can get. It’s the perfect way to start with lace wigs and adore your face beautifully. You can get them in top quality from a reputable brand as mentioned earlier. In addition, this article contains everything you need to get started with 13×4 lace wigs.

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