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Vange Cain is a woman’s empowerment coach. Founder of Queen’s Mansion Academy. Vange is a nominated Author and journalist highly respected by notable book scouts such as the New York Times, Pacific Book Review, Us Review Of Books for good reason.

In 2023, they nominated her as the woman entrepreneur of the year. Given the volume of great works available from the world’s leading thinkers across the globe, it’s clear that she has helped many internalize their pain and turn it into power through philosophical and candid thoughts on implementing therapeutic mediation therapy. This article exists to help with the task of healing your internal world and making that your reality by allowing negativity to fade from your body. 

Below, you will find a meditation that will guide you to experience inner balance. If you’re trying to move forward from a painful experience but you’re finding it difficult and you’re not sure how to get started, allow this therapeutic meditation to pupil you in the right direction. 

It’s time to create positive vibes to counter the dire thoughts. Release yourself to be guided away from uncomfortable experiences. Begin by setting a sacred setting in alignment with peace, enduring that the energy is conducive to healing. Focus on channeling energy towards you with the primary intention of removing any energetic blockages that may have been hindering the natural flow of your thought process.

I dare you to witness how your life can change when you let go of fear, doubt, and uncertainty. One of the key aspects to address here is your resistance to letting go. Allowing yourself to do this will open your heart space to allow love in, and you will feel more inner peace and connectedness in your relationship with yourself and others.

So go ahead and settle yourself into an upright, seated position. Roll back your shoulders slightly, finding length in the spine. Rest your hands wherever they fall most naturally. And once you have settled in, gently close your eyes. Draw your attention inward, as you will now begin to deepen your breath. Take a long, deep inhale through your nose and a slow, gentle exhale through your mouth.

When you breathe in, feel your abdomen rise and as you let go of the breath, feel your belly contract. Allow this soothing rhythm of your breath to relax you into the present moment. Feel your breath flow through your body with great ease. Allow yourself to be with the breaths from the beginning of an inhale all the way through to the end of an exhalation.

Now, allow the breath to return to its natural, soothing rhythm. Allow the breath to be calm and tranquil. As you hold yourself here with compassion and loving attention, I invite you to imagine a soft, white light right above your head. This light is your protective light.

Know that this light is here to help you and support you. Begin to feel this light fill your body, flowing down from the top of your head. Since this light flows down your body, filling your neck, shoulders, and arms. It travels down through your chest, belly, pelvis, and hips. Gently expand through your legs and feet until your entire body is bathed in this soft, white light.

Take a moment to be deeply present in your body as you allow this light to protect, support, and guide you through your cord-cutting journey. Feel any heaviness, stress, or tension in your body and permit the light to carry it away from you now. Feel yourself radiate this loving, warm, and soft light. Bring to mind something that has been holding you back.

Remember that you are protected by the white light, and you are safe to recall any painful experiences. This is the first step to your healing. So bring to mind something you would like to let go of. It can be something that happened in the past that keeps you from moving forward.

This can be a person or an experience that caused you pain. If it’s a person, it’s important to remember that cutting cords with this person does not mean you are cutting this person out of your life. You are simply cutting the energetic cord that transmits energy that does not align with you.

As we move through our lives, we must let go of what no longer serves us. We carry heavy burdens that weigh us down, both spiritually and mentally. Holding onto the past prevents us from moving forward. When we let go, we create space that has potential   for positive growth. Now, notice how recalling this person or memory makes you feel. See if you can locate this feeling in your body. Maybe you feel discomfort or fear. Worry or stress. Just take a moment to acknowledge its presence without any judgment.

If you feel overwhelmed by a particular emotion, simply greet it in a friendly manner. Allow the white light to support you while you invite this emotion and welcome it warmly. Listen to what it has to say. When we experience difficult emotions or sensations, we normally want to move away from them and resist their presence.

Without trying to soften them directly, see if you can soften your reaction to them. When you listen to your emotions, you can allow yourself to discover why these emotions are calling to you and what message they carry. By acknowledging their presence, we can help them move along. So take a moment to observe your emotional experience right now with an open mind and compassion.

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