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Journey From Most Hated Sport To Most Loved One – MMA


Whenever the word MMA comes to mind, the epic fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor comes to mind. That fight is enough to talk about what MMA actually is. MMA is a combination of emotions, fighting techniques, mental abilities and so much more. Aren’t you curious about the journey of MMA from the most hated to the most loved sport? If yes, then read this article to learn about the epic journey.

The Earlier Perception Towards Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, is the ultimate combat sport. It includes all kinds of combat sports such as BJJ, Taekwondo, wrestling, Karate, Judo, and many more. It is the sport that is an umbrella term for all forms of combat styles. 

Since the very start of human civilization, conflicts have been present. These conflicts were either resolved peacefully by words or brutally via fighting. The start of fighting for the sole purpose of pleasure started in 1899 in London. The proper start of MMA leagues started in the 1990s.

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The early perception of people towards MMA wasn’t great. People didn’t like the sport, whose sole purpose was to win by severely hurting others. This opinion was enough for people to not like MMA. Also, there was less awareness about the type of sport MMA is. There were people who liked MMA and even went to see the fights. One factor is that previously there were fewer organizations that conducted legal fights. Only a few leagues and associations were provided fighting licenses so that also limited the scope of MMA.

Where Martial Arts Stands Today?

There are multiple MMA promotions that conduct fights all over the world and allow access to pay-per-view so that people can see flights from their homes. MMA has broken down all the previous notions and today it stands as the most loved sport. No doubt, it is brutal and sometimes deadly, and this is one of the reasons it attracts people. It is true that MMA does attract people; the catchy turn of events, submission, and knockout wins all capture the attention of people.

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The First-Ever MMA Fight

The first ever MMA fight was conducted in Mississippi in 1996. It was a sanctioned event by the IFC. The event finished just 13 minutes after the knockout that left the audience enthralled. The knockout was followed by a big silence and then the whole arena roared.

Does the Opinion of People Matter in MMA?

It is the opinion of people that makes something lovable in society. The acceptance of change or anything new in society takes time. People don’t accept anything readily. It takes time for them to adapt to changes in their daily lives. And so is the case with MMA.

When MMA emerged, people opposed it by saying that it was brutal and deadly and should be banned. But today, a majority of people love MMA. They keep an eye on every MMA event. So yes, people’s opinions matter in either promoting or bringing down MMA.

MMA has faced an equal share of both love and hate. Even politicians try to portray it as an evil sport for their political campaigns but the MMA world is so much more than just brutality. The community of fighters is not what it seems in the octagon. They are friendly people who just fight as a part of their jobs.

Multiple Number of MMA Promotions and Leagues

Right now, there are so many MMA leagues and promotions that conduct MMA fights all over the world. These all platforms are state-sanctioned. They have a license to conduct fights which is why they are trending these days. These leagues offer cash prizes to winners and long-term fight contracts. 

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Role of Social Media in the Fame of MMA

Social media is one of the important platforms for MMA. Now why is that? It is because it raises awareness about MMA and explains to the masses that MMA is so much more than just fighting and deadly moves. MMA is a world of emotions and skills. It involves learning techniques and applying them at the exact time to gain dominance over your opponent. Social media tells us about the lives of MMA fighters and what role MMA plays in their lives. Associating with a translation company makes it easy for MMA organizations to attract a bigger and more diverse audience.


MMA has taken the whole world in awe. Platforms like UFC and ONE Championship encourage the fighting spirit. These platforms have made MMA legal and provided a greater scope in the world. In the past MMA wasn’t encouraged that much but today almost the whole world loves MMA. Even if people don’t like MMA they at least know the name of one MMA fighter, so that is what the scope and fame of MMA is. And surely, it is one of the most loved sport today.

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