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How to See Who You Requested to Follow on Instagram?

Instagram is a popular social media platform globally. Instagram is popular for its variety of features that captivate individuals. One of the primary features is its ability to follow other accounts. This sometimes allows individuals to connect with their family, friends, strangers, and celebrities. More often, users do so to stay updated with their posts and activities.

However, sometimes one might not remember whom they have sent follow-up requests to. In that scenario, the first question that arises is: can you see who you requested to follow on Instagram? This article will guide users through the steps to find out to whom they have sent follow-up requests on Instagram.

How to See Who you Requested to Follow on Social Media

1. Viewing Instagram Follow Requests on Desktop or Computer System

There are users who access their application from a desktop. Typically, utilizing a web browser is the most reliable method by far to view the pending follow requests on Instagram. This is considered because it is seen that it makes a lot of amendments to their mobile app but the web version of it remains the same. Therefore, the steps for the same are as follows:

  • Open any of the preferred web browsers and visit Instagram.
  • Login using valid credentials and access the account.
  • Now, users have to click on the profile and “Settings” after it. 
  • From the settings menu, select the third option.
  • From the various assortment of settings, click on the “Account Data” option.
  •  proceed by clicking on the “View Account Data” option.
  • Underneath connections, click on “Current Follow Requests” and then on “View All”.
  • Finally, users are displayed with accounts that they have requested to follow. Moreover, the accounts are not linked to directly jump to the account.

This is how users can view their requests to follow. But, on the same page, there is not even a way to cancel their requests. 

2. Viewing Instagram Follow Requests on Mobile (iOS or Android)

For those, who are accessing from their mobile devices whether from Android or iOS, here are the steps they can go through to view Instagram follow requests:

  • Launch the Instagram app on the device (Android or iOS).
  • Now, click on the “Profile” icon.
  • From the profile icon, click the “Menu” icon. The menu icon consists of three little lines stacked on top of each other.
  • After that, select the “Settings” menu.
  • From there, Tap on “Security”.
  • Scroll down a bit until it says “Access Data”.
  • On the following page, users have to discover “Connections” and click on “View All Current Follow Requests”.

Therefore, it is seen that the latest version of the Instagram mobile app does not contain the “Access Data” option. In that case, users can practice the web browser method instead.

3. Why One Might Want to Check Their Follow Requests

Here are the reasons one might want to check the follow requests: 

  • Privacy Concerns: Sometimes this is done to make sure that someone can’t send requests to unknown profiles accidentally or without having an intention to connect with strangers. Especially when they are attempting to maintain a level of privacy on Instagram.
  • Curiosity: Curiosity could be another reason to see if certain users have accepted follow requests or to find out if someone is ignoring them. Doing so, allows users to keep track of who they are waiting to connect with.

Final Words

Conclusively, Instagram does provide a straightforward method to check who they’ve requested to follow. The ability to find out this will help users with concerns about their privacy, curiosity about follow request status, or simply help users to maintain followers list while maintaining their privacy simultaneously. 

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