Industrial Vs. Commercial Cleaning Services – How Do You Decide What You Need Help With?


All types of businesses need to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. But high traffic and exposure to different chemicals often make this routine a headache, causing some companies to switch off their attention from this side. They wake up only when it threatens their reputation or the well-being of those working there. But things like this should be a priority, no matter what. If you find this maintenance task a burden, look for professional cleaning services that know their job well. You need to call them and explain your requirements. They will take the charge from there on. However, you may wonder what you should choose between commercial and industrial cleaning services.

Although professional cleaners like MA Services Group can address any doubt, here are a few insights to help you make an informed decision.

Industrial Cleaning

Manufacturing units witness many contaminants that can be removed only through efficient and responsible cleaning. Expert cleaners can eradicate stubborn grease and other unwanted matters from machines, equipment, and surfaces. While attacking the problematic areas with high-pressure washing to tackle debris, they stick to the industry’s best cleaning standards regulated by Safe Work Australia and other relevant bodies.

Commercial Cleaning

You can seek this cleaning service if you own a retail store, office, hotel, hospital, or a public facility. The main tasks include creating an attractive and safe environment through dusting, vacuuming, wiping, and sanitisation. These are often small-scale projects compared to industrial grades.

A few things to recognise 

One of the pertinent questions can be around the frequency of use of cleaning services. It can be daily or weekly practice, depending on the situation. For example, retail shops and offices must be cleaned several times weekly. Restaurants should seek cleaning more frequently. Hotels need professional cleaning solutions in shared spaces and rooms every day. However, a healthcare facility may need to be cleaned several times daily.

If you have a manufacturing lab or plant, preventing the risk of cross-contamination is essential. Typically, routine maintenance in these areas entails both daily and weekly cleaning. You can seek deep cleaning help during scheduled shutdowns. Warehouses can do with weekly cleaning, but some may need more frequent help in this aspect.

Professional cleaning service providers advise you to focus on the size of your facility, footfall, protocols, and nature of the work. It will also enable you to calculate your cleaning expenses, even though cleaning companies can have different charges. Nevertheless, industrial cleaning can cost more than commercial cleaning.

Keeping your office or facility clean is crucial because you are answerable to everyone coming to your business for their health and safety. Dirty surfaces can be health hazards. The more you ignore them, the more they become harmful. Plus, allowing the debris to accumulate may only make your maintenance work more expensive. Professionals can charge extra for stubborn stains and marks because of the time and hard work they demand. So, call the cleaners before it’s too late. If you like their services, you can contact them whenever you need assistance.

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