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Indian Style Tops: 13 Types to Check Out

Indian Style Tops

You have been told that Indian style tops are the type of clothing that women who want to have an outstanding look should wear. Oh yes, that’s not wrong. Indian-style tops should be part of your wardrobe.

Indian-style tops have gained so much prominence in the fashion world today, as many women in different countries want to have their tops in the Indian style.

Indian style tops come in different colors and designs, and we will be looking at some of these styles in this article.

Among the very popular and widely sought-after Indian-style tops is the kaftan. Kaftans are a type of Indian-style top that is worn by Indian women.

Kaftans are trendy wear and they come in different designs, colors, lengths, and neck shapes. This is why, in this article, we shall consider the different types of kaftans we have as Indian-style tops.

 Indian Style Tops: Different Types of Kaftans


1. Long Sleeve Tunics

Long-sleeve tunics are among the Indian-style tops that are very trendy. These styles are especially common among college ladies who love something classy and simple. They are versatile tops that can easily be adapted for any type of event or occasion.

They are best complemented with leggings. They have a unique design where they hug the body tightly until it reaches the waistline. Its design gives it a flowing, loose silhouette.

The long sleeve of this kaftan makes the wearer feel warm and stylish at the same time.

One of the major features that distinguishes this type of kaftan Indian-style top from other kaftan designs is that it is made with stretchable material, often with a cotton base.

The stretchable nature of this top offers a snug and comfortable fit for the body. The versatile nature of this type of clothing ensures that it is suitable for both summer and winter wear.

They come in a wide range of colors and designs. If you are looking for Indian-style tops that are a blend of stylishness, simplicity, and comfort, long-sleeve tunics are the perfect ones to add to your wardrobe collection.

2. Bound Neck Tunics

One other lovely design of Indian style tops is the bound-neck tunic. This type of kaftan has a unique neck design that gives the wearer an elegant and sophisticated look. The neck is designed with bounded ribbons, giving it a close resemblance to a delicate, net-like pattern.

Also, one of the notable features of this kaftan design of Indian style top is the sleeves. Elastic is thoughtfully added to the cuff of the sleeves, giving it a charming and ruffled look, giving it an extra layer of style, and also making it a comfortable-fit style of kaftan top.

This design of Indian style top can be worn to different events, both

Formal and casual. They are also available in different colors, which means that you can comfortably choose any color or design that you prefer. You can complement it with accessories to achieve a fashionable and chic look.

You can choose the bound-neck tunics when you are looking for Indian-style tops that are a mix of style and comfort.

3. Floral Design Tunics

The best choice of India-style tops for summer is floral-design tunics. Floral tunic tops, as the name suggests, are designed with floral patterns. It is also made from lightweight chiffon fabric, making it the best type of top to wear on sunny days

One other outstanding feature of floral design tunics is the V-shape neckline, beautifully designed with a carefully crafted floral border. The floral design adds a touch of natural beauty, drawing people’s attention to the neckline.

Also, the bottom part of the chiffon tunic is adorned with a matching floral design, making the top visually appealing.

This is the best Indian-style top for your casual outings, such as a garden party, picnic, beach day, or a summer evening party.

4. Designer Long Checks Tunic Top for Girls

Are you looking for trendy and stylish designs of Indian-style tops? Designer long-check tunic tops are the clothes you are looking for.

They are known for being simple yet offering a dash of style. Wearing this top will get you all the good compliments that you deserve. They are made with cotton fabric, which gives you a comfortable feel and an elegant look at the same time.

The check designs on this elegant top add a sophisticated look to the top. The front design of this cloth got its inspiration from formal shirts worn by men and women. They are suitable for official settings, and they can also be used for casual events.

5. Net and Chiffon Tunic Top for Pregnant Women

This is a type of Indian style tops that is specially made for expectant mothers. It’s one of the best maternity tops you will get out there.

This top is designed to make pregnant women feel comfortable and give them an elegant look, regardless of the changes that their bodies may undergo during pregnancy.

One of the reasons why this cloth is best for pregnant women is because it helps to conceal the growing Tommy. These tops were purposely designed with the well-being of pregnant women in mind.

Wearing this top makes pregnant women go about their day without experiencing any stress.

6. Apple Cut Tunic Top

The apple-cut tunic top is another type of Indian style tops that is great for casual outings. These are the kinds of tops that you can rock for your parties and romantic dates.

These tops can be complemented with different pants, such as jeans, shorts, or capris. The down part on both sides of the dress has a circular end, adding a touch of uniqueness to the outfit.

They are available in both short and long sleeves. These two options allow you to make a choice of clothing that suits you or that you find most stylish.

The tunic tops are available in different colors, sizes, and designs. Tunic tops that are beautified with Kashmiri work, Rajasthani work, pinch stitching, and much more are now available.

One of the features of this cloth is that it is very comfortable to wear. This makes them the best type of Indian style tops to wear when engaging in a bit of strenuous activity, as it allows you to go about your day with confidence.

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7. Frock Tunic

Frock tunics are a wonderful type of Indian-style tops. The best type to consider for ladies who want to look beautiful

Frock tunics are usually designed to fit from the shoulder to the waist, and charming frocks like the ones worn by little children add a youthful touch to the top.

The top is very versatile, as it can be easily worn to any function or event, whether formal or informal.

Or casual. The frock tunic is your ideal companion for different types of occasions.

8. Double Tunic Top

If you want something stylish that can make you feel cozy, a double-tuned top is your best bet. This Indian-style tops is unique because of the way it is designed.

The top contains both an inner piece and an outer piece. The outer part of the cloth is loosely flowing, while the inner part of the top is a cotton t-shirt.

This design makes it stand out from the other types of regular female Indian-style tops. If you love being fashionable and you are looking forward to achieving a chic look, consider getting yourself a double-tuned top.

Another thing that adds to the beautiful look of the top is the sleeves. The top has loose shoulder sleeves, which adds to the stylish look of the cloth.

9. V-Neck Hip-Tight Tunic

The next item on the list of Indian-style tops is a V-neck, hip-tight tunic. This is a plain tunic; the shoulder to the waist of the top has a loose fit, but the hip area part of the cloth is right. These tops are trendy and are commonly paired with jeans.

It is crafted from a cotton-polyester material, which adds to the elegant feature of the top. They are the best choice of dress for the office and casual hangouts with friends.

10. Batwing Sleeves Tunic

Another addition to the list of Indian tunics is the batwing-sleeve tunic. The cloth has a very attractive design. The style features batwing sleeves, which are made from high-quality batik materials.

The cloth has a loose fit, which makes it a comfortable choice of attire. It also comes with a belt, which has to be tied to the cloth to give the cloth a fitting look from the waist, making it look attractive and stylish.

It is a very popular design of Indian style tops, as they are popular pieces of clothing among college girls and office women. If you want a top that stands out and is versatile, you can add the batwing-sleeve tunic to your wardrobe.

11. Tunics for Winter

Are you looking for tops that you can add to your winter wear collections? There are tunics designed to meet your needs.

There are tunics made with thick cotton material that have long sleeves, making them the best choice of clothing for winter as they give you the cozy feeling that you desire during this period.

You can wear your tunics for winter, feeling comfortable and protected from winter colds. Aside from the fact that these tunics keep you warm during the winter, they are also stylish, as two pockets are added to the cloth to give the attire a fancy look.

12. Black and White Short Tunic

One of the popular women’s tunic top designs in Indian style is the black and white short tunic. They are the best attire for casual outings.

The top is made using an elastic chiffon material with a black-bordered design and a touch of white spots to add to the unique look of the cloth.

The front of the top is short, while the back is a bit longer, giving it an interesting style different from the regular style of the top. The style of the top makes it look beautiful on low-waist jeans.

13. White Plain Tunic

The white plain tunic is the last one we will mention in this article, but that doesn’t make it the least fashionable Indian-style top.

It is one of the most popular styles of tops among women. They are mostly worn by women during the summer. The cloth comes without sleeves and is made with cotton and chiffon.

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