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If He Likes Me Why Is He Dating Someone Else? 11 Possible Reasons

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“If he likes me why is he dating someone else?”

I’ve heard countless girls ask this question and have either gotten true answers or half-hearted answers.

This article would give you clear answers to why he’s dating someone else if he likes you.

Love, being one of the best phenomena in the world, is supposed to be simple, but its counterparts, dating, and relationships, have made it all so complicated.

Many girls have been in situations where a guy has clearly said he likes her, but then he starts dating someone else. It can be confusing and misleading; however, the more one thinks about it, the more it gets difficult to figure out, and you don’t know why.

Yes, it is possible that a guy likes you but is dating someone else. You might think of a lot of other possibilities, and you aren’t wrong because there must be an underlying reason why he likes you, but he’s dating someone else. The problem may be on your end or his; either way, let’s figure it out!

If He Likes Me Why Is He Dating Someone Else? 11 Possible Reasons why he likes you but is dating someone else.

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There are several reasons why he likes you but prefers to date someone else. Guys are complicated, and their actions leave a lot of girls confused, but here are a few reasons why he is dating someone else after saying he likes you.

1. He no longer wants to wait for you

If a guy declares his interest in you and you’ve put him on hold for a long time with talks of “I’ll think about it,” well, a guy being a guy would eventually move on when he gets tired of waiting for you. You may then find him dating someone else and ask your friend, “If he likes me, why is he dating someone else?”

It simply means he no longer wants to wait for you. He decided to move on since you were not ready for a relationship.

However, this may not apply to everyone. A guy can love a girl so much that he doesn’t mind waiting for her until whenever she’s ready.

2. He’s using you as a backup plan or rebound

Some guys may like you but date another because they want you as their backup plan. He feels you are better than his main girl and hopes to eventually date you after breaking up with her (which he’s not planning on doing anytime soon). He just wants to keep you there on your toes waiting for him.

Once you notice something like this, you should try to keep your distance. That’s a red flag! A guy who uses you as a backup or rebound does not like you and won’t be committed to you either.

3. He is not ready to commit to a relationship

There are several definitions in this scenario.

Firstly, he doesn’t want anything serious. He likes you so much, but he is naturally opposed to the idea of having a girlfriend or being in a committed relationship.

He knows that’s what you want, and he’s not ready to fulfill it, so instead of wasting your time, he decides to date someone else.

Secondly, he might have just come out of a bad breakup and is not willing to invest his heart in a new relationship.

Thirdly, he likes you, but just for the sex; he does not want a relationship because it stops him from being with other girls.

Either way, he is not ready for a relationship at all, so there goes.

4. He is trying to make you jealous

If a guy likes you and you don’t show interest immediately, he may decide to date someone else to make you jealous. Many girls have been in a situation like this.

These guys wait for them to make a move by taunting them with other girls so they’ll hasten up.

Other guys may date someone else so that a girl he likes will confess her feelings for him. In this case, he isn’t doing it to me to be mean or malicious; he just wants her to realize she likes him too.

Additionally, some guys fear rejection, hence the need to make a girl they like jealous as a threat.

5. He thinks he’s not good enough for you

Some guys struggle with low self-esteem. These kinds of guys like you from afar but are scared to approach you because you ooze out self-confidence and awareness, something he doesn’t possess.

He may think he’d become a stuttering mess if he approached you, so he dates someone who isn’t a threat to him.

Another instance is that he may be having some personal issues that he doesn’t want to involve you in. He likes you, but not enough to put you in the trouble that dating him would bring, so he goes out with someone else.

6. He likes you but you’re out of his league

This goes in two directions: the one where he feels you’re better than him, and the one where he feels he is better than you. If he thinks you are way out of his league, he will decide to date someone else he feels has the same prospects as him.

He might like you so much but still doesn’t date you because he feels you are better than him or he’s better than you.

You might be surprised to know that a guy can like you but simply won’t date you because you’re beneath him socially, financially, and otherwise. It happens.

The guy gets scared to be seen with you because of people’s tales and judgments. He might hang out with other girls in his league and date them, but that does not mean he likes them as much as he likes you.

7. He is trying to figure you out

Sometimes a guy just can’t figure out who he wants to be with. He likes you, but he also likes her. He is dating both of you to figure you out. He wants to know who he’ll eventually settle down with.

This is not a healthy practice, and no lady should have to be in such a situation because his indecisive actions may cause heartbreak for both of you. An indecisive guy is unstable and will keep blowing hot and cold until you can’t take it anymore. Rest assured, you’ll never know his true intentions.

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8. He is testing you

Some guys decide to test a girl they like by dating someone else. It doesn’t make so much sense hearing it for the first time, but guys come up with justifiable reasons for it.

They’d decide to date someone else just to test her reaction. The reaction you give will tell him so much about you. Do you love him? Are you willing to fight for him? Do you get jealous when you see him with someone else?

Though these are the reasons he likes you but is dating someone else, if you are unsure about your feelings for him or you’re not comfortable with such a pattern, let him know about it. It’s best if you leave such a relationship.

Others decide to date someone else to test the waters; that is, they are testing themselves to see if they can pull off dating more than one person at a time.

9. He enjoys serial dating

Men are complicated beings, and it shows in this aspect. A man can like more than one lady and date all of them. Funnily enough, each lady may think she’s the only one without knowing he’s a serial dater and enjoys having multiple partners.

If he likes you and you catch him dating someone else, he’s not serious about you or anyone else.

10. He is not interested in you

He might like you, but he is not interested in dating you. He sees you as just a friend, colleague, or acquaintance. Though this is very painful, it’s best to love on because when life is one-sided, the other person, which is you, becomes hurt. You’ll get jealous of the girls he’s dating, and you’ll feel left out and alone.

Therefore, there’s nothing you can do about it other than accept it, process your feelings, and try to love.

11. It’s all a game for him

Guys like games. Some guys do not respect a girl’s feelings at all, hence the need to date someone else when they like someone else. It’s all a game for them, one in which they don’t see any repercussions in the future.


There is more than one way these reasons go. Some guys have malicious reasons for dating someone else when they like you; other guys mean no harm at all. They just want you to realize how much they like you.

Sadly, not everything goes as planned, and innocent hearts may end up getting hurt. That’s why it’s important to put your cards out and stay true to your feelings.

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