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I Know She Likes Me But She Rejected Me: 13 Reasons Why She May Have Rejected You

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Love is a sweet thing but there are times when it goes sour. When it becomes complicated, like a ship drowning in the ocean, you find yourself on a roller coaster. The lady with whom you hang out and share memorable moments suddenly rejects you. It is heartbreaking.

You might be wondering: I know she likes me but she rejected me. Why? There is no smoke without fire. A lot of reasons must be behind her actions. Either she is afraid or she is not ready for marriage. Additionally, it might be that she is playing mind games with you.

Most times, we assume things that never existed. You thought the lady was giving you a green light that she loved you, not knowing she was being herself. If you are saying, I know she loves me, but she rejected me, are you sure she likes you? There are signs you need to check to be sure she likes you.

I Know She Likes Me But She Rejected Me: 5 Signs That Show She Likes You

When you like someone, sometimes you may allow your emotions to cloud your judgment about the real thing. You assume, with any slight move, that a girl likes you. Before you conclude, here are signs that she likes you.

1. She opens up about herself

A lady will usually open up to the person she likes and trusts. If a lady who is secretive and reserved suddenly begins to tell you about herself and her life experiences, it is a sign. It takes love and trust to reveal one’s secret.

2. She involves you in her life

She asks you questions whenever she wants to do something. She allows you and gets you involved to help her with almost everything, especially for someone who loves being independent. This is a sign that she likes you. A girl who likes you will also ask you questions about yourself.

3. She treats you differently

Ladies can go the extra mile for the guy they love. If you notice that the girl treats you special compared to the other guys, it is a sign she likes you. She gives you closer attention than other guys and answers you when it is not convenient. She also offers to cook for you; you might be right about her feelings.

4. She notices and responds to your emotions

A way to know if a girl likes you is if she is sensitive to your feelings at all times. She makes sure she lightens your mood when you are angry. She makes happy moments memorable.

5. She is jealous

I know she likes me but she rejected me. When you talk about your other female friends, you notice she frowns or pays less attention. You are true to her feelings. She acts possessive and indifferent when you spend time with other ladies. She may also ask frequently about other female friends.

I Know She Loves Me But She Rejected Me: Reasons She May Have Rejected You.

Someone who loves you cannot wake you up one day and reject you for nothing. Before you call her a devil, a deceiver, or a girl who played with your emotions, read this.

13 Reasons She May Have Rejected You

1. You delayed

A girl’s time is like a rose that fades away. I know she likes me but she rejected me. Why? It might be that she had waited for you to pop up that question but you delayed. As time passed, her love for you faded away. Her efforts to keep you were aborted and she moved on before you asked.

2. She feels pressured

Don’t be too slow and don’t be too fast. I know she likes me but she rejected me. Why? It may be that you are pressuring her in a way that makes her uncomfortable. If you are asking her out when you always want and not when she wants, you might have unconsciously made her reject you.

3. You are not the perfect one

You are not the picture of the perfect man she desires. If she has rejected you, it might be that she does not see you as perfect for her to be in a relationship with. You did not meet her expectations.

4. She has trust issues

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Girls who have problems trusting men take their time to get into committed relationships. The trust issues might have sprung out of childhood experiences. It might also be a result of past relationships. These things might have made her afraid, thereby rejecting you.

5. She is not ready for marriage

A lady likes you, but that doesn’t mean she is ready to be in a relationship or marriage. The rejection might be because she wants to finish school or is recently out of a relationship and needs a break. It might be that she wants to get a job or fix a few things before anything else. This is one of the reasons why you think she likes you but rejects you. You may find out yourself.

6. She sees you as a friend

If she likes you but rejects you, she doesn’t want you to be more than a friend. If a girl takes you just as a friend, she might be giving you unnecessary attention just to be close to you always. This might make you feel like she wants to be with you. Additionally, it might also be that she rejected you for fear of losing you as a friend.

7. She has not known you enough

When you pop up the question, can I marry you or can we be lovers? You might get a capital no. Most times, the rejection might spring from a mature heart that wants to know you better. Marriage goes beyond feelings; girls will love to know if you have good character. If you are responsible, they can get into any commitment with you to avoid heartbreak.

8. She does not want to be committed to anyone.

I know she likes me but she rejected me. Why? One of the reasons is that she has issues being committed. Just like fish swim in different oceans, some ladies want to have different casual friendships. They prefer one-night stands, hooking up here and there. To them, their feelings do not matter.

9. She was playing mind games with you

A girl can like you but still reject you if she has a boyfriend or fiance already. She might be leading you on, showing you some green lights but she was playing mind games with you for selfish interest. This is very dangerous but it happens. She will only voice out when you pop up that question.

10. She had a terrible past

If you are saying, “I know she likes me, but she still rejects me, you might find out about her past relationships. Healing is a gradual process. A lady who has been hurt or has had a terrible past relationship will be afraid to enter another one. She will take her time to get healed.

11. She is confused about what she wants

A lady may be flirting around you because she wants to be like others or to have to herself. Once you pop up the question, she disappears. Another lady might like you but has a conflict of interest between what she likes and the choice of a man. She doesn’t know what she wants and because of this, she rejects you.

12. Advice from Friends and Family

A lady may have rejected you due to advice from friends and family. Her parents might advise her not to be in a relationship at the moment or marry you for their own interests. Likewise, her friends might advise against getting involved with you, maybe because they think you are not good for her. For someone whose choices are easily influenced, this will make her reject you even when she likes you so much.

13. You are too good

Ladies who have low self-esteem often see themselves as undeserving of good things. When a girl sees you as too good for her, she can turn you down out of insecurity. She feels that her love for you will not be enough to keep you to herself. She would rather wait for a less-good man than compete with any girl.

I know she likes me, but she rejected me. What should I do?

Rejection is not the end of the road. You must move on with your life.

Here are a few things you can do.

1. Be patient

You might be hurt but be patient. Time will heal you. Things happen for a reason. Allow time to work the magic and give you a more fulfilling relationship.

2. Talk to her

If you can handle the situation, you can maintain open communication with her. Talk to the girl, share your feelings openly and allow her to do the same. It can help clarify some misconceptions and clear some doubts. Additionally, it might turn sour or worse, as it might not work out well.

3. Focus on yourself

Don’t lose yourself in the process. It’s painful but let it be a period of investment. Know what you did or did not do right. Invest in your personal development by reading books, exploring your interests and passions, and investing in meaningful relationships. It will make you more attractive to your potential partner.

4. Seek the help of a Professional

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I know she loves me but she rejected me. What should I do? Seek help, especially if it’s affecting your mental health badly. Talk to a psychologist or relationship therapist; he or she will help you navigate through the process and build a healthier lifestyle.

Final Words

Don’t go about being distressed and rejected. A rejected man has more hope than a madman. Stop saying, I know she likes me but she rejected me. Check out the signs and ask why. She must have rejected it because she is not ready. Respect it and move on with your life.

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