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How To Tell If A Woman Has Multiple Partners: 12 Ways To Tell

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Ever heard a woman receive calls from different men? You must have wondered if it’s work-related or if she has multiple partners, right? In this article, we will learn how to tell if a woman has multiple partners.

A woman is like a flower that attracts different species, like butterflies, birds, and many others. In this era, an extroverted female could be misunderstood as having multiple partners.

There are different ways on how to tell if a woman has multiple partners. Some of them include frequent texts from different men, even at ungodly hours. Another one is when you know close to nothing about her. And also when you don’t know some of the most important people in her life. There are a lot of ways to tell and we will discuss them as we proceed.

A school of thought says that it’s easier to know if a man has multiple partners than a woman. Although this is probably true, it’s also possible to know how to tell if a woman has multiple partners. A woman cannot be totally devoted to different people equally. There are always a range of differences. Let’s look further into how to tell if a woman has multiple partners.

How to Tell If A Woman Has Multiple Partners

A woman is good at many things, even at sharing affection. Even though she is very multi-talented in multitasking, she will definitely leave loopholes behind. These loopholes are what inform the signs we will be discussing soon.

1. She is very evasive

One of the good signs that shows how to tell if a woman has multiple partners is evasiveness. She is not open to you at all. She avoids your questions expertly by changing the topic or just telling you plainly that it’s not your business. On normal grounds, this might mean she is not comfortable enough with you to be able to share something.

2. You can’t call her; she has to call first

This is a telltale sign of how to tell if a woman has multiple partners.

When she tells you never to call her until she calls you, it obviously means she doesn’t want to be interrupted by you. She has to be the one to call all the time. It might be that she is with her other partners and calling her would be inappropriate. In another sense, she might be a very committed professional who is always busy.

3. She basically doesn’t have time for you

This might hurt to know but it’s better than staying in ignorance. If she has time for everything else but you, then it’s bad. This would have been okay if she wasn’t stringing you along with the hope of forever. That she is giving you hope for a relationship and she doesn’t make time for you tells of her promiscuity.

4. She is still active on dating sites

One of the easiest ways to tell if a woman has multiple partners is when she is still active on dating sites. Normally, when you are in a relationship with someone, you deactivate your dating profiles. If you don’t, then you might be thinking of falling out with your partner. It also means you want to date more than one person at the same time.

5. She takes forever to reply to your texts

This is a sure sign that she might be chatting away with her other partners. And it’s only after she has replied to their texts that she will reply to yours. This sign should not be used alone to ascertain that she has multiple partners. This is because some people don’t like texting. They might prefer calls to texts.

6. She is very secretive with her phone

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If her phone is off limits to you even when you have been going out for some time, then you’re right to think she has multiple partners.

How to tell a woman has multiple partners is by lightly asking to use her phone to make a call or watch a movie. After asking her, watch out to see her reactions and her response. If she has secrets, then she would suggest you use a pay phone. She might even give you excuses that are completely unreasonable.

She does all this in a bid to get your attention off her phone. Amazingly, it might mean that she had bad experiences in her previous relationships that she hasn’t recovered from. And because of them, she is judging you based on them. It could also mean she is an independent woman who sees possessiveness as a threat.

7. You don’t know some of the important people in her life

The truth is, if you are important to a woman, she would want her whole crew to meet you. This is because she likes you so much that she can’t stop talking about you. But if she doesn’t see the need to introduce you to anyone of importance to her, even if it’s just her friends, she should at least introduce you to them. If she doesn’t, then you’re right to assume she has multiple partners.

Sometimes it is not the case; maybe she is not comfortable with you enough to show you off. This is not a bad sign in itself if she just wants to know you more. And she might want to be sure you are the real deal.

8. She wants the relationship to be very private

If she tells you she just wants the relationship to be between you and her, then there is a problem. No matter what position she occupies, there will always be something public about your relationship. Certain people must be aware, both the people she knows and those you know. Every relationship needs privacy but not this kind of privacy. It definitely means she has multiple partners.

The worst of it is when her multiple partners are in close range. Not only that, she could even introduce you to them as either a friend or an acquaintance.

9. She Doesn’t Want to Talk About the Future

This is how to tell if a woman has multiple partners when she doesn’t want to commit entirely to you. Any woman who doesn’t want to discuss details of the future with you is probably seeing someone else. She might boldly tell you to stop thinking about the future. Worse still, she might justify herself with this statement: ‘We don’t live in the future; we live in the present’.

Many times, when that statement is used, it is used to prevent people from worrying too much. Unfortunately, people now justify their actions and inactions with quotes that have nothing to do with them.

10. She Always Insists On A Snail-Paced Relationship

Now there is nothing wrong with taking things slow, especially when you just met. You might just want to take your time to learn about each other. It’s another thing to always insist on taking things really slow. This could mean you’re not the only one that she is dating. And also, she might be using you to wait for the person she actually has in mind. Taking things slow can be a problem if you both have known each other for quite a while. And yet, she is still not sure if that relationship will last.

11. You can ask her directly

Assumption is very easy; you might always think the worst until you actually ask her. One of the most effective ways to tell if a woman has multiple partners is by outright asking her. It may be that you both are just doing basic things together, like shopping, and you ask casually. You might be surprised to actually get a genuine answer from her.

To avoid hurting themselves too much, most people prefer to get their information firsthand. Getting firsthand information is quite better than hearing from another person. This is better because you can easily cure your intense affection for the woman. This is in case she actually has multiple partners. Otherwise, it can strengthen your relationship if it’s just the both of you.

12. She Never Involves You in Her Plans

If a woman makes so many plans and you are not in any of them, then there might be an issue; in a normal sense, you should be part of her plan. If you’re not, and you’re not even in the least bit aware of her plans, then she is cutting you.

In this case, you are not even on the bench waiting to substitute any player on the field. You might even be one of those in the crowd of spectators. You know what spectators do? They just yell loudly at the goals that are in favor of their team.

It’s actually not alright to be a spectator in your relationship. It just means you have no power to do anything useful. You can’t change anything as a spectator; you only receive what is handed over to you. And that could include leftovers. Leftovers from her other relationships that she takes out time to plan for.


How to tell if a woman has multiple partners cannot be judged by just using one or two of the strategies mentioned earlier. At least you can use more than three ways to get the answers you seek. This is because many people have different reasons for doing different things. And most times, if their reasons are not properly communicated, they could be highly misunderstood.

That a woman enjoys going out is not a viable reason why she has multiple partners. A woman who doesn’t go out as much could even be the one with multiple partners. The best is to make sure all the boxes are checked before drawing out your conclusion.

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