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How to Make Pen: Step-by- Step Guide

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Pen making is a craft that enables individuals to produce a personalized writing tool through different ideas and materials. The process of pen making might be a bit challenging at first but it becomes exciting when your desired result is achieved.

The art of gaining mastery in pen making is very important and can’t be overemphasized. Pen range from classic fountain pens to sleek ballpoint designs. However, as a beginner who is enthusiastic about pen making, it’s important to follow the step-by-step method on how to make a pen.

The first step in learning how to make a pen is to purchase a pen kit. As we move further along in this article, we’ll delve into the various materials needed to make a pen and how to make a pen.

Materials Needed To Make A Pen

Pens are important tools that we use everyday whether for drawing, writing, or even signing documents.

Although pens are being sold in stores or supermarkets, it can be fun and unique when you make your own pen, and you can achieve this with just a few materials and creativity. Here are the materials that are needed to make your pen

1. Pen Kit

The first material needed to make your pen is the pen kit, which comprises the cartridge, ink, nib, and barrel. Pen kits can be gotten online or at a supermarket through purchase.

2. Pen Blank

Pen blanks can be wooden, metal, or acrylic, which will then be formed and shaped to serve as the exterior of a pen.

3. Lathe

Lathe are helpful for shaping and resizing the pen blank.

4. Lathe Tools

A complete set of lathe tools are needed for the shaping, resizing and smoothing of the pen blank so as to give you your desired result.

5. Sandpaper

When preparing the materials used for making pen, sandpaper shouldn’t be excluded. Get sandpaper that has coarse to fine grits; this will help in sanding and polishing the pen and give a brighter and better result.

6. Finish

Lastly, a finish is needed to coat the pen, such as lacquer or wax.

Step By Step Method On How To Make A Pen

When planning on how to make a pen, there are series of procedures that should be put in place and all the materials needed should be readily available. The following are step-by-step method on how to make a pen;

1. Prepare The Pen Blank

After you have ordered the pen kit online, the next thing to do is prepare the pen blank. As earlier said, pen blanks are formed to serve the exterior part of the pen. However, to prepare the pen blank, you must first measure and cut the pen blank until you get your desired length.

Another vital instruction is that you should drill a hole through the canter of the pen blank to house the pen kits hardware.

2. Mount The Pen Blank On The Lathe

The next step you should take on how to make a pen is to mount the pen blank on the lathe. A pen blank is normally rectangular in shape. You can use a chuck or a mandrel to secure the pen blank between the lathes centers. Also, the pen blank should be in the center in order to prevent wobbling during turning.

3. Shape The Pen Blank

After mounting the pen blank on the lathe, you should shape the pen blank by turning on your lathe and using the lathe tools. It’s good to explore different cuts so as to achieve your desired shape. However, this step needs extra carefulness when shaping; there is a tendency to wear off too much material when shaping, so ensure you shape gradually until you achieve your desired shape.

4. Sand And Polish

When you are satisfied with the shape you desire, there is a need to smooth the surface and remove all the tools mark. This can be achieved by using sandpaper ranging from coarse to fine grit until your work is smooth. After which, you polish your pen blank with a polishing compound or abrasive paste. Polishing is done to enhance the natural luster of the pen blank.

5. Assemble The Pen

After applying sandpaper and polishing to the pen blank, you start assembling the pen. Get your pen kit, open it and bring out the nib, ink, cartridge and barrel. Begin to fix them into the pen blank, although you can achieve a perfect result by following the manufacturer’s instructions on the pen kit. After a successful assembly of the pen, you can now test your pen to know if it writes smoothly or if it’s functioning properly.

6. Apply The Finish

The next step after assembling your pen is to apply your desired finish, which can be wax or lacquer. The purpose and importance of applying a finish is to protect the surface and enhance it’s appearance. After applying the finish, you will allow it to dry very well before usage.

7. Enjoy Your Pen

After applying the finish and allowing it to dry very well, your pen is now ready for use. Enjoy every bit of your crafted pen. You can decorate your pen using clip or other personalized and customized items.

Final Words

There are several types of pen ranging from simple to complex. However, the above step is a general steps on how to make a pen.

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