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How to get rid of bats in shutters: 8 Detailed Steps

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All around the planet, except Antarctica, bats are a species of mammal that are found.  Being nocturnal creatures, bats are most active at night.

To locate food and navigate in the dark, they employ echolocation. Using this technique, they release high-frequency noises that bounce off of things and come back to the bat.

When they find a home with shutters, bats can become a nuisance to homeowners. Bats could be noisy, their presence could attract other unwanted insects, and their activities and droppings would make the home environment look dirty and unpleasant to the eyes.

The confined areas between shutter slats are common places for bats to roost, and removing them can be challenging. It is crucial to take immediate action on how to get rid of bats in shutters if you discover them there.

In addition to being a health risk, bats can transmit disease through their droppings. You might try frightening the bats away with bright lights or loud noises.

Having bats in shutters could be a challenging and tasking experience to go through since bats do not go away so easily.

How to Get Rid of Bats in Shutters

Cparks, Pixabay

Below are 8 easy ways on how to get rid of bats in shutters. Getting rid of bats from shutters can be quite challenging. Below are some easy steps that you can try.

1. Hang a reflective material close to the shutters.

The first step on the list in this article of how to get rid of bats from shutters is by hanging reflective materials, such as aluminum foil, near shutters. Reflective objects can cause confusion for bats, as they are light- and movement-sensitive.

Bats will be deterred from roosting in front of the shutter if a piece of aluminum foil is hung loosely in front of it. This is because the movement and noise of the foil would cause discomfort to the bats.

The shutter may get damaged; therefore, make sure the foil is hung so that it doesn’t touch the shutter directly. Moreover, ensure the foil is still hanging securely by checking it frequently.

2. Get a Bat exclusion device installed.

Another method on how to get rid of bats in shutters is to keep bats out of a building, like a house or a barn. An exclusion device is placed on the exterior of the structure.

A one-way door that lets bats leave but keeps them from entering the building is usually one great feature of these devices.

Although it stops them from coming back, this device allows the bats to only exit and not enter. In order to get rid of bats from a building without hurting them, install a bat exclusion mechanism.

Not to mention, these gadgets should only be used in the appropriate season, that is, when bats aren’t reproducing or rearing their young.

3. Use of Chemicals like Mothballs around the shutters.

One chemical substance that is frequently discovered in mothballs is naphthalene. The use of mothballs is another step in how to get rid of bats in shutters.

Naphthalene flakes are tiny fragments of the chemical that emit a powerful, repulsive stench into the atmosphere.

Bats may be deterred from the area and prevented from roosting on or close to the shutters by the smell of this material. It is imperative to acknowledge that naphthalene is a chemical that carries potential hazards and ought to be reserved for extreme circumstances.

Naphthalene should never be used near children or pets because it is hazardous to both people and animals.

4. Illuminate areas around the shutters.

Being nocturnal animals, bats often stay away from well-lit locations. You can discourage bats from roosting near your shutters by installing lights or making the area brighter.

The use of LED lights is a very good strategy that works because they don’t require a lot of energy to run and can be left on for extended periods.

In order to avoid upsetting your family and neighbors, position the lights in such a way that they are not shining straight into the windows. The implementation of motion-sensor lights is also good since motion-sensor lights only come on when a bat gets close.

5. Keep your environment neat and tidy.

One great way on how to get rid of bats on shutters is to keep the environment neat and tidy. There are various reasons why bats are drawn to gutters and dirty environments.

First of all, during the day, bats can roost in these places since they are shaded and dark. Second, the accumulation of detritus-like leaves and twigs in gutters and eaves gives the bats a good source of food.

Lastly, bats are drawn to the moisture and humidity that build up in these locations.

It is very important to clear your gutters and eaves on a regular basis to deter bats from entering them. In order to prevent bats from entering,  you should also make sure that any gaps or openings are blocked.

6. Clip and Trim tree branches

When bats leave their roosting spot, they frequently use the branches of trees as a jumping-off point. It’s crucial to clip back any tree branches that are close to your shutters so that the bats can’t use them to enter your house.

Additionally, it’s critical to ensure that the branches are not in contact with your gutter or roof, as this could give the bats a very easy way to enter your house.

Apart from pruning back branches, you should also remove any other objects that could be a good landing site for bats near your shutters, like lawn furniture or deck railings.

7. Close up all cracks and openings around the house.

One great way how to get rid of bats in shutters is to close up all open points. Over time, it is typical for gaps and fissures to appear all around a house.

Along with other pests like mice and insects, these apertures can provide a convenient site of entry for bats. It’s crucial to patch up any gaps or tears you come across in order to keep bats out of your house.

This can be accomplished with weather-stripping materials like caulk or foam sealant.

Make sure to look around windows, doors, and any other possible openings, such as chimneys or vents. Remember to look under your eaves and along your home’s foundation.

8. Seek professional help or advice on how to get rid of bats

It can be challenging and even dangerous to get rid of bats from your shutters, and in some parts of the world, it is very illegal to harm or kill bats. This is why hiring a reputable bat removal professional is usually the best option.

Safe bat removal from residences and commercial spaces is a specialty of these providers. With the right tools and expertise, they can complete the task efficiently and on time.

A specialist can also assist you in determining the cause of the issue and implementing preventative measures to keep bats out of your house in the future.

To guarantee that the bats are removed safely and successfully, employing a professional is typically the best option, even though it may be more expensive.

Why do I need to know how to get rid of bats on shutters?

Myotis daubentonii, Unsplash

Even though bats are an essential component of ecosystems, they can pose issues if they stay in places near your house, such as your shutters. Humans may be at risk from diseases carried by bats, including histoplasmosis and rabies.

They are also very noisy and may also harm your house by biting through electrical wiring or staining your shutters with their droppings. Furthermore, the existence of bats may attract other pests like moths and mosquitoes.

Not only can bats pose health and safety risks, but their presence can also detract from the curb appeal of your home. In addition to being noisy, bats can leave behind unattractive droppings.

The droppings of bats are sometimes tough to clean and a replacement would be necessary if your shutters are coated in bat droppings.

Furthermore, the value of your property can be negatively impacted if your neighbors notice bats near your house. It’s crucial to take action to get rid of bats from your shutters for all of these reasons.


In conclusion, it is very vital to get rid of bats from your shutters. It’s also critical to keep in mind that these creatures are vital to the ecosystem.

In addition to being essential for seed distribution and pollination, bats also regulate bug and other pest populations.

Keeping that in mind, be sure to remove bats from your property in a compassionate manner that doesn’t cause injury to the animals.

That way, you can take pleasure in having shutters free of bats and contribute to the conservation of these significant animals.

Preventing bat problems from arising in the first place is the best approach to handling them. It’s recommended to get expert assistance from a reliable bat removal company if you do discover bats in your shutters.

In addition to helping you keep the bats out of your home in the future, they may remove the bats in a safe and non-harmful manner.

You would enjoy your shutters and your house without worrying about bats if you took a few preventative measures and hired professionals to help you.

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