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How To Get A Man To Do What You Want: 12 Tempting Secrets

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It is no longer scary these days when you see or hear that many ladies do not stress themselves when it comes to getting a man to do what they want.

They tend to relax and watch the men instead of acting, if, truly, the love is there. While most ladies fight tooth and nail to get a man to do what they want, it always tends to look like an uphill task getting their men to do such.

According to Ginger Quinn, “When he stops doing considerate things for you, he’s already got one foot out the door.” And this time, you need to wake up if you want to keep this man.

Simply do your best to get him to do what you want.  But how do you get to do this?

Getting to do what a man wants is not always easy because you might not know or understand where the button to press is to get exactly what this man wants.

Men are not too difficult to please, although we have a few of them who would want to observe you until you do what they want to get them.

How to Get a Man to Do What You Want

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Here’s what to do for you to get a man to do what you want:

1. I appreciate the little things he does

To get a man to do what you want, you need to learn to appreciate him. You might not know the importance of it, but appreciating your man goes a long way.

With this, you are making him go the extra mile for you both, seeing that you are thankful for what he is always doing.

Ginger Quinn wrote, and I quote, “So let me give you the three-word phrase that will make your marvelous man drop to your feet and adore the ground you walk on—I appreciate you.” In her words, she said, “When you embrace those three words, he will be like putty in your hands.” So, you should never cease to appreciate your man. Saying “thank you” to your man has a long way to go in his life.

2. Respect Him

Love is different from respect. You can love your man, but you don’t have respect for him. You should know and also understand that men love those who respect them, so you should learn to respect your man, not just love him.

Respecting your man gives him the strength to love you more, and with this, he can go to any length for you because he knows you give him the respect he deserves.

3. Communication should be your key

If you haven’t gotten this, you should get it now. Communication helps your man know what you want and need. You don’t close your mouth and expect your man to know everything you desire.

Sonya Schwartz said, “Good communication might be the easiest way to get through what you want or desire.” Don’t expect your man to know that you need to take pancakes or peanuts when you didn’t let him know about it. Tell him what you want; communication is the key to your man’s heart. Maybe you’ve not just tried it out.

4. Avoid the Nagging Method

You may not know this about yourself; your nagging habit might be what is taking your man away from you. One time you are happy and cheering him on, before you know what is happening, you are already nagging his life out.

5. Sit down and observe your attitude towards him.

You may be the nagging type, and the earlier you stop, the better for you and your man. Don’t scare him away from you; you are meant to bring him peace, not war or fire.

“If there’s anything men hate, it is for their women to nag.” Sonya Schwartz.

6. Go and Give Him

If no one has told you this, I am telling you this today. Gift your man; if possible, just put on a little surprise and watch him adore you more.

No matter how small the gift is, give it to him. Especially what he loves or cherishes. They must be something your man loves; find it out and give it to him.

7. Remind Him

Your man might have forgotten some things he wants to do. That’s why communication is always important; it opens room for in-depth discussion.

When you forget some things about what he wants to do, be the one to remind him. He will always keep it at the back of his mind. He has a woman who always keeps him updated, and that will draw him closer to you than ever.

If possible, write them down so you don’t forget to remind him. And also, ensure to ask if he has done what he said he would do—maybe a particular task or duty. Just keep him informed and updated. He will run to you when he thinks he has forgotten something.

8. Make him feel at home

If your man is always finding it hard to be with you or feels this fear whenever your name is mentioned, you have a big problem.

Men love peace, and you should be that person who gives your man peace. You want to get your man to do what you want. Make yourself a home of peace for him.

You shouldn’t be that person who gives him a shake whenever he is alone or when someone has the same name as you.

Don’t put your man in trauma because of your lack of peace. Let your man find peace with you; this way, he will be at your beck and call anytime any day.

9. Learn to say “I’m sorry.”

You are not the only one who feels you are not wrong; you might be wrong, and you might also be right, but learning to say sorry goes a long way.

If you want to get a man, especially your man, to do what you want, you should learn the act of being apologetic. It will save you from a lot you don’t know.

You might find it difficult to say, but you should learn it. According to research, apologies are the Brussels sprouts of relationships.

They are good for us, and, like a dinner of green stuff after a lunch of burgers and fries, they can erase or at least mitigate the ill effect of a transgression. Sharon Begley.

Here is another thing you need to know and understand:

10. Don’t run his mistakes on his face

Getting to know this is damn important. Don’t rub it on his face. If you can’t deal with or endure his mistakes, you can walk away, rather than put him in a situation where he might not survive or feel pain all through his time with you.

No one is above mistakes, both intentional and unintentional, but you should learn to let go, especially when an intentional apology and repentance have been made.

Don’t ruin his life with his mistakes, and make yourself so perfect when you know you are not. Trust me, when you involve yourself in letting your man let go of his mistakes, he will love you without subtracting anything.

11. Relax and Trust your man

Trust is built, and you should learn to build it with him. When you trust him and he knows you do, he won’t go ahead and hurt you.

He will make sure he doesn’t go back and make mistakes, especially when you still trust him after it has happened in the past.

Trusting him again and again gets him on another level of not letting you down. This will make you feel free to do whatever it is you want him to do.

12. Learn to Understand him too

No man jokes with a woman who has the spirit of understanding him. For in everything they do, they will surely include you in it. Understanding is another role on its own, and it takes time to master.

You should learn to have a taste of it, have the spirit to understand your man, and watch him do marvelous things because of it. There’s this joy that comes when a man knows he has someone by his side who understands him now and then.

“Your man might be able to afford it but unable to grant your wishes at a time, and surely, there will be moments when he can’t afford to give you whatever you’re asking for. As a supportive partner, you should try to understand this.” Sonya Schwartz

Final Words

If you can bend down and get all these or 50% of these done, you will get what you want from a man anytime, any day. Is there anything you shouldn’t neglect? Don’t underestimate anyone—not yourself, not your man.

Do whatever you want because it is important and you also need it to grow. Don’t do it because you just want to do it or because you want to benefit from your man. Finally, learn not to hold grudges against your man or yourself.

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