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How to Convert Sweatcoin to Real Money


Nothing good comes easy, a quote said. You must be eager, intentional and persistent to do something if you want to see good results. Let me bomb the news for you: “Exercise now gives money.” Did this one touch you?

You can now work out while making money from it. I got you, who has been procrastinating. You’ve been promising yourself time to workout on a daily basis but the strength and focus are what you lack.

You included “morning exercise” in your list this month, but you’ve not even done more than three morning workouts.

Well, I brought you something that will help you navigate through this. You need it! I know you do and it will help you to maintain a good body psyche and secondly, it will get you more cash into your account. Good one, right?

What am I talking about?

I am talking about the app called “Sweat Coin.” Have you heard of or come across this app before? Have  you done further research or taken your time to know what it is all about? Read as I will be telling you what “Sweat Coin” is meant for and why you should consider getting one.

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweat Coin is an app that tracks your record of workouts every day and credits you according to your efforts. It could be “walking or running,” anyone that suits you, but it must be something you do outdoors and not indoors.

So, if you’ve been feeling lazy about taking your exercise life seriously, this app would help you build it. This time, you are not building just your body; you are gradually building your step.

This app makes it easy for you to run away from the obesity situation; you and I know how this particular situation has ruined many of their sweet bodies and because 70% of them neglect the signs or cures of the situation, it comes to them when they never expected it.

If you are the “too plumpy girl or guy” and you’ve been looking for a way to really reduce the weight coming your way, take a minute and download this app today.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that you need to be consistent with your exercise. Don’t keep your eyes on the money; rather, focus on your work to increase your wealth.

How To Covert Sweatcoin to Real Money

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If you are not consistent, there’s a poor chance of you gaining a huge amount of coins because one sweatcoin is equal to one thousand (1000) steps. It is “the more you walk or run, the more you earn.”

So, you see, it is your efforts that pay off when you get the app. You might be asking now, “How will I get the app, or how will I download it?”

The app can be downloaded from the Playstore and yes, it can be downloaded on any phone; there’s no phone you can’t get it on; Android, iOs and all. Just your data; you have it sitting pretty on your phone. You should give it a try now.

Another main point you should take home is to have your phone with you while running or walking. As far as you are concerned, let it be there to count for you. Always make sure that your phone battery is not going flat anytime soon because this is likely to affect your race or walk. Have your battery full; if possible, have your power bank with you so you don’t cry after a long walk or run.

Registration is important; the Sweatcoin app needs to know who you are and what you are made of. In this angle, what you need is to “register.”

It is simply done the same way you registered for Facebook: you fill in your details and wait for confirmation. In a few minutes, you are ready to go.

Bear in mind that you don’t just hit big coins in one trial; you continue doing so continuously. Consistency is what paves the way for you. And for you to make coins from this, you need to set your alarm every day, make sure your battery is set to go on this journey with you, and you are also ready to do this with yourself.

Do you know the best benefit you get when you download this app?

You get to invite and connect with your friends. You can also get people to follow you; remember, I told you it’s just like where you connect with people, but it doesn’t have the same feature as Facebook.

Whenever you invite a friend to the Sweatcoin app, you have access to earn more coins, win prizes and more. Know that this app is not a scam. It’s not even close to it. It has been in existence for a long time; you are just the one finding out now. So don’t think it is a scam or not real; it is.

The goal is to help you maintain quality body shape and be prouder whenever you take a look at yourself in the mirror. It is for you who has been feeling low because of your body and wants to balance it.

The app is here to give you the best—to make you look beautiful and confident about yourself and your body. It is also for you to get out of your house, to shake, bounce and strengthen your body. Staying in one place can stiffen your body, but not many know this. It is important to shift your body once in a while. Don’t find it easy to stay in one place.

Move around, walk around, run around, or jog if you can’t run. Just try to keep your body healthy and stay happy.

According to a report written by Temitope Akintade, the Sweatcoin company was founded by Oleg Fomenko and Anton Derlyatka in 2016. And the motive was to promote health and fitness by incentivizing the process. Sweatcoin reportedly has 110 million users in more than 60 countries and over 25 billion sweatcoins have been created so far.

So, you should not be left out of this. You should eagerly and actively register and involve yourself to get more coins while you walk and run.

Think about it today: making money while working out is a good combination, right? This day is no longer the day in the past where you’d be searching for what to do in order to earn more money. These days, with your phone, data and time, you can make something good out of yourself.

And if you’ve been searching for a way to get yourself into the “workout” game to keep fit, you’ve got to do this, not just for yourself but also for your health and future.

If you take out your time to research, you will find out that people who workout or exercise regularly, live a healthy life, and add good food to it are a real plus to getting to the destination you want in fitness without any contemplation.

One of the good things you can do for yourself today is start by installing this app, “Sweat Coin,” getting registered and preparing to make more money. There’s money in health if you look deep into this. Think about it!


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