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Do you have a large-scale event you are planning on? Then Ultra, a global event production company known for its large-scale music festivals and live events, is your go-to. Ultra employs a lot of young event planners, young professionals and recent graduates. Hence, they have a reputation for managing some of the world’s biggest musical festivals and concerts.

And so, many young people apply yearly to work for Ultra because of their enthusiastic minds to be part of their world-class events. One common question that many potential applicants often ask is: How old does Ultra hire? The answer to this question depends on a lot, ranging from the specific job role to the position within the company. But generally speaking, Ultra hires people in the age range of 18 years old or older.

Ultra hires from 18 and above because many of the roles in Ultra involve working in a quick-paced and high-pressure environment. And the staff working there are required to work long hours and be available to travel frequently as well. Hence, it is important that applicants are of legal working age in order to fulfill the demands of the job.

Professionalism and Considerations


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However, despite this age requirement, Ultra is known for being an inclusive and diverse employer that values talent, creativity and passion above all else.

So, while the legal age limit might be a factor in some cases, it is not the only consideration when Ultra hires new employees. Many of the successful employees in the company are young professionals, according to the company’s record.

The age requirement of Ultra prepares employees to be able to handle the responsibilities and challenges that come with working for them. Ultra uses this age requirement to help fill the ranks of the company with a consistent level of professionalism and maturity. This is essential for delivering high-quality events that meet the expectations of Ultra’s clients and their audiences.

Exceptions and Special Cases

Also, while the company generally demands applicants be at least 18 years old to fulfill the age requirement, there are still exceptions. These exceptions are in certain programs that are offered by the company, like internship or training programs. These exceptions are for students under 18 years old who are interested in gaining experience with Ultra.

The company knows the value of creating a space for younger applicants who are passionate about event production. Applicants who are eager to learn and develop their skills in the field of event management are also welcome.

Hence, Ultra has made specific programs with the intention of providing a space to work for these young applicants. In order to provide them with practical experience working alongside experienced professionals in the industry.

There are special opportunities for students who want to learn about the various aspects of event production. This opportunity allows you to learn about the planning and execution of an event while gaining valuable experience in the industry’s best practices, trends, and challenges from experienced professionals at Ultra’s events.

The programs also provide students with the chance to network with industry leaders and build relationships. This can also be beneficial for their future careers in event production or related fields within Ultra or elsewhere in their chosen industry pathways.

Overall, Ultra’s internship or training programs for students under 18 years old offer an excellent opportunity for younger individuals. Those who are interested in gaining experience in event production while still meeting the standard.

Ultra’s has high standards for professionalism, maturity, responsibility, focus and attention to detail. And they also know how to work under pressure and work long hours over multiple days.

Diversity and Inclusion

However the legal requirements are, Ultra still prioritizes diversity and the need to blend in a staff by seeking out the talented ones despite their backgrounds and ages. Ultra still recognizes that with the diversity of the workforce comes a uniqueness in work output.

There is always a difference in perspectives, experiences, and skills and that has contributed significantly towards achieving the company’s goal. Ultra is known for its vibrant and dynamic work environment, which allows employees of all ages to grow, learn, develop and collaborate.

Ultra empowers her employees to reach their full potential and does not take into consideration their age or experience level. They make plans to help develop their employees through mentorship programs, training initiatives and flexible work arrangements. The company’s commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive work culture makes all their employees feel valued, respected and allowed to contribute their best.

Training and Development

Ultra’s has an internship and training program that is aimed at providing young professionals and recent graduates with practical experience. It also creates room for mentorship and networking in the field of event production. Through these programs, participants have the chance to work closely with seasoned professionals.

By offering a structured learning environment, employees can gain industry insights and develop skills that are essential in event production. Ultra equips individuals with the knowledge and experience needed to thrive in the industry. This has set a lot of young people up for long-term success in the field of event production

What Does Ultra Do?

Ultra is the name of a music festival brand that was founded by Russell Faibisch and Marc Schiller in 1999 in Miami, Florida, USA. The brand hosts festivals that feature electronic dance music (EDM) artists from around the world. Artists that are based in various locations around the globe, including

  1. Miami (USA)
  2. Bali (Indonesia)
  3. Cape Town (South Africa)
  4. São Paulo (Brazil)
  5. Santiago (Chile), and more.

All the festivals hosted by Ultra are known for their high production values, attractive stage designs and perfect displays. More so, there is always a world-class lineup featuring some of the biggest names in EDM, like:

  1. David Guetta
  2. Calvin Harris
  3. The Chainsmokers and some others.

But the age range of employees and attendees varies from year to year, depending on a lot of factors. Factors that affect the age limits are:

  1. Location
  2. Lineup
  3. Ticket prices, etc.

And despite all this, the events by Ultra frequently attract young adults aged 18–35.


Conclusively, you should note that in some states where the legal age is about 16–17, Ultra hires freely, but where there is restriction, there are exceptions. Note that there are always unique opportunities for young professionals who are passionate about events and music to apply.

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