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How Old Do You Have To Be To Work at GameStop?


Have you heard about GameStop? If you’ve been around for a while on the internet and in social spaces, then you probably remember when it was popular some years ago.

GameStop Corporation is an American video gaming and electronics merchandise company. It is by far the world’s largest video and electronic game retailer, with headquarters in Grapevine, Texas and various retail locations across the United States.

A lot of video game and electronics lovers have dreamt about working at GameStop once upon a time. Coincidentally, GameStop has a lot of retail jobs since it has a lot of retail stores. All you need to do is send your application to check if you’re eligible for the job with your skill set.

If you are seeking entry-level job opportunities at GameStop, you may be wondering how old you must be before you can be hired.

Therefore, supposing you have the required skills, it is necessary to ask the relevant question, which we are bound to discuss in this article, “How old do you have to be to work at GameStop?” Read on to discover.

How old do you have to be to work at GameStop?

The minimum age for young individuals, minors or teenagers  who want to join the workforce is sixteen. GameStop is known to employ individuals between the ages of 18 and above because some stores prefer to hire older, more experienced individuals with high school diplomas.

Though the standard age to work at GameStop is 18, at 16, you can find entry-level jobs at GameStop. If you are vying for a managerial position, you need to be 18 or older. You also need to have a work permit.

Do all GameStop Retail Stores Hire 16-year-olds?

No. Some GameStop locations might hire 16-year-olds, while others may not. Though they might consider you if you’ve worked previously at a retail shop, most GameStop entry-level jobs do not require previous experience.

You need specific skills to be able to work at GameStop. These skills can include but are not limited to, customer service experience, excellent communication skills, good interpersonal skills, persuasive selling skills, knowledge of video games and electronics, basic math skills, ability to learn computerized cash register systems, the ability to lift up to 50 pounds, etc.

Also, GameStop employees may need their high school diploma or GED. Yes, they also hire people with college degrees.

Job Duties to Apply for at GameStop

It may interest you to know that most GameStop stores don’t have a specific job description because, most times, they just need sales associates or an organizer. After applying for the job, a recruiter will then test your skills and place you in a role that matches your skill set.

Some job duties available for entry-level individuals include:

1. Sales associate or game advisor

The entry-level sales associate or game advisory job is for you if you love talking about games and electronics. The role simply involves promoting and selling video games and other merchandise, which forms the basis of what is available at GameStop stores.

Game advisors also promote different gaming resources and take care of promoting gaming magazine subscriptions and renewing membership cards.

Sales assistants are required to keep the sales area clean and well stocked, greeting the customers, assisting them, answering all their questions and complaints, guiding them to the product section, recommending products based on the buyer’s preferences and helping to keep the store going successfully.

You can either work part-time or full-time with flexible work hours. Even if you don’t have previous experience or basic knowledge of electronics, you will undergo a training period.

Game advisor jobs require the ability to lift up to 50 pounds; they pay a minimum wage of about $10 per hour, depending on the GameStop location.

2. Shift leader/store manager

A shift leader or store manager is required to have all the responsibilities of a game advisor and more. They are like the senior game advisors. Individuals who land this job have previous retail experience at a store.

They can work in both in-person and on-the-phone customer service sections, in the inventory unit or just supervising new entry-game advisors. They work by shifts, overseeing the opening and closing of the store, restocking of products, and maintenance of the store.

You have to be 18 and above for this position, preferably with a high school diploma or GED. You should also possess time management skills, interpersonal skills, multitasking skills and leadership skills. The average pay for this role is about $13 per hour.

In conclusion

Are you a game and tech enthusiast? GameStop can be the perfect first job for you to find if you’re reaching a goal. It’s a well-paying job with lots of incentives that cover health and other employee benefits.

Working at GameStop is a good way to kickstart your way into the workforce in a casual working environment. You just have to be 18 years old with the required skill and little or no experience to fit right in.


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