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How Does He Feel When You Stop Chasing Him: 6 Answers From a Man

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We’ve all heard the phrase, “If you want it, then go for it,” right?

That phrase applies to almost everything in life, including relationships. Every woman wants to feel loved and wanted; she also wants to find true love.

Sometimes her dream guy is far from her reach; he doesn’t even know that she loves him. He may be shy, he may be scared to approach her, or there may be other obstacles that prevent him from chasing her.

We are accustomed to the version of guys chasing girls and not the other way around, but some girls are tired of waiting for their dream guy to notice them, so they begin the chase instead.

The result can go either way: right or wrong. That said, women only tend to chase men to whom they know they have a high chance of responding; otherwise, they don’t. Why? Women prefer to avoid rejection rather than walk right into it.

What happens if she keeps chasing him and he’s not responding? She has to stop chasing him and see what happens. How will he take it? What will he do? How does he feel when you stop chasing him?

If you’ve found yourself in a situation like this and you’re looking for an answer, this article is here to explain the possible ways a man feels when a girl stops chasing him with opinions from men.

How Does He Feel When You Stop Chasing Him? Six answers from a man’s perspective

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1. He becomes curious

“This very beautiful lady started hitting on me recently. I tried to act uninterested and played hard to get at first until she stopped hitting on me and talked to me like a normal colleague.

I was shocked. My curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to seek her out. Going out on a few dates made me understand that this lady had self-pride and high values.

That attracted her to me; I was drawn in like a month to a flame,” shares 22-year-old Sean.

When you stop chasing a guy, he becomes curious, especially if he notices you. He’ll wonder why he stopped you at your rendezvous. This might make him want to meet up with you and get to know you better.

2. He feels disappointed

Men would like to say they don’t enjoy attention from the opposite sex, but they do. When a lady chases a man and suddenly stops, he may feel disappointed.

Why? It thrills a man to be wanted by a woman because it’s not a usual occurrence, especially for a woman who has self-confidence. He most often enjoys the chase that he doesn’t play along with, so she’ll continue.

But when you stop the chase, he feels he would have done better, maybe showed interest, or treated you with more respect.

In this scenario, Pojo, a 29-year-old mechanic, shares his experience. “There was this rich and beautiful lady who regularly patronized our auto shop.

She always drops subtle hints that she likes me, but I pay no heed. I mean, I liked her too; she was cool and all,, but it seemed weird for a lady to chase a guy.

I guess she got tired of me sidestepping her comments and got all business after a few weeks. I felt so disappointed and regretful later.”

3. He feels apologetic

I might have noticed your regular chase and didn’t know how to connect with or meet you halfway. He might also not be interested in you.

Either way, when you stop chasing him, he may still feel bad and apologetic for hurting your feelings or not returning your gestures towards him.

Philip, 32, working in marketing, says, “My friends alerted me to a lady who was chasing me and trying to get my attention. To be fair and honest, I never knew.

I only notice her smiles directed at me in the elevator or hallways; her smiles stay longer than normal, and she’ll make me a cup of coffee whenever she catches me in the kitchen.

I never noticed the subtle meaning until she stopped smiling at me or offering to make me a cup. I felt bad and decided to apologize to her; I didn’t mean to come off as ignorant.”

4. He feels relieved of you

Davies, a 19-year-old college student, says, “There’s a girl in my class who said she likes me. I like her too, but not in a romantic way. I mean, I have a girlfriend, but she ignores that part.

She showed up almost everywhere until I decided to ignore her advances. I thought it wasn’t working until I noticed she stopped chasing me. I felt so relieved because I had run out of options.”

From Davies’ experience, when you stop chasing a guy who is not into you, he feels relieved. He might have told you he isn’t interested, and your presence causes him so much inconvenience, but he doesn’t want to seem rude by telling you off.

You have to take the hint and move on. You’ll only be causing yourself a lot of heartbreak if you decide to keep chasing him. Man up, and take back your self-worth before it crumbles.

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5. He begins to miss you

Some guys see a lady chasing a guy as a game. They enjoy it while it lasts and begin to miss it when it’s gone. These kinds of guys are nonchalant.

They are not into you, but they won’t tell you so; they act interested so that you keep chasing them while they bask in their attention.

After a while of chasing with no results, you decide it’s a waste of time and stop the chase. The guy would miss his entertainment, and that’s all.

Other guys who get connected to you during the chase may genuinely miss you when you stop chasing them. He might have acted uninterested, but he misses your absence so much that it shows.

This is a guy who might have fallen for you in the course of the chase and may likely chase you back after noticing you’re no longer putting yourself out there for him. He still wants you in his life.  Well, well, it’s a win for you.

6. He feels a need to clear the air

“I went on a coffee date with a girl from my neighborhood; she’s been chasing me, I know, I noticed, but I was in love with someone else. My mom trained me to always respect a woman’s feelings and put her at ease, so I proposed a coffee date when I noticed that she started ignoring me. I could tell she was excited, but I had to clear the air. I told her that I didn’t mean to ignore her or put her on the spot, but I was in love with someone else. Guess what? She took it well, and we’re still good friends,” says 36-year-old Drucker.

When a guy notices that you stopped chasing him, he may feel a tad bit guilty that he’d hurt your feelings by not responding, so he feels the need to clear the air so everyone can breathe freely.

Mind you, not every guy can do this. Some special guys have a good understanding of ladies and their behaviors, so they know how to act accordingly.

7. He quickly moves on

Some guys are not even aware you are chasing them. If he is aware but shows no sign, it simply means he is not interested.

In such a case, whether you keep chasing him or not, it makes no difference because he is not paying attention to you or your actions around him.

He pretends not to notice you; he ignores your hints and never shows effort in communicating with you. He simply moves on when you stop chasing him.


Many people think a girl chasing a guy means she has no self-worth or respect. They look down on her and make her look desperate, even when that’s not the case.

However, chasing a guy is not the wrong thing. It’s perfectly okay to go after someone you like and want in your life. What is not okay is putting your worth and self-esteem down to chase a guy.

You have to stop. A person who doesn’t want to be caught won’t be caught; you may end up with one-sided love.

A lot can happen when you stop chasing a guy: you’ll eventually figure out his true intentions; you’ll stop feeling bad about your action; you’ll rebuild your self-esteem; you’ll have a clearer expectation of dating; and you’ll have the chance to meet other men, amongst others.

If he cared about you, your change in the chase would make him try to reach out to you. On the other hand, he may feel skeptical and unbothered because he doesn’t care about you; he may not even notice you’ve stopped chasing him, and he never paid attention to you.

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