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How do you understand women ? Uncovering 10 Secrets to Understanding Women

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‘Women are hard to understand.’ or ‘what do women want?’ are some of the common phrases often used by men. If you are one of the people who think that women are hard to understand, this article is for you.

How do you understand women? This is a question that thousands of men often ask because they feel they get into a lot of trouble with women too often. If you are going to have to be in a relationship with a woman, it is important that you understand her because this is one of the keys to a lasting relationship. So, how do you understand women?

Keep reading as we uncover the secrets to understanding women.

How do you Understand Women?

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1. Be patient with her

The first secret to understanding women is patience. Contrary to what people think about women that they are hard to understand, women are sweet beings. If you have a woman in your life, you can easily attest to this. The first thing that’s required of you when dealing with women is patience. You need to exercise a lot of patience and don’t be quick to judge a woman by her actions. It takes patience to deal with women and understand them.

2. Ask her how she feels

Understanding women is not a hard nut to crack. If you want to understand women, one way to do so is by asking them questions. Talk to her to know how she feels. Listen to her thoughts and opinions and try to pay attention to the message she is trying to pass across. If there are certain things you don’t know about her, the only way to know them is by asking her. This will help you get to know her better.

3. Pay attention to her body language

Beyond listening to a woman’s word It’s also  important to pay attention to her body language. Sometimes understanding her nonverbal cues is all it takes to understand women. You know why ? There are times when a woman might say things that contradict her intentions. Maybe she is just being sarcastic; you’ll never be able to tell what her true intention is if you don’t pay attention to her body language. No wonder people ask the question, How do you understand women?’ It’s because these people don’t pay attention to women’s body language

3. Listen to her

All it takes to understand a woman is to listen to her. When a woman tells you things, pay close attention to the things she says to you and make sure you understand what she means. If there are certain things you don’t understand, ask questions to be sure you are not getting anything wrong. You would never have any problem with women if you listened to them.

4. Don’t try to assume things

A lot of time, the reason you find it hardest to understand women is because you make assumptions. Assumptions are not always right. If you are the type who loves to make assumptions about women, you’ll always find it hard to understand women.

Instead of trying to assume that you know certain things about her or how she feels. Take your time and get to know her. Ask her questions about things you may seem confused about.

For instance, some men make assumptions about women who exhibit certain behaviors. Some men assume that when a woman says she doesn’t want to be in a relationship, it’s because she has been hurt. This is just a baseless assumption What you believe about women is not always true. You see why you keep asking the question, ‘ how do you understand women?’ It’s because you make assumptions about women and believe your assumptions.

5. Ask people who know her about her

Sometimes you might need to get the help of her close friends and family if you are trying hard to understand a woman. Especially if she is someone who is not willing to open up to you about her feelings.

You might get a bit confused about how to behave or react when you are around a woman who doesn’t like telling people about her feelings. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, you can speak to people who are close to her, like her friends and family. They are in the best position to tell you why she behaves in a certain way and how you should respond or react. You know, sometimes it’s good to see through other people’s lenses.

6. Take interest in the things she loves

This is one of the secrets to understanding women. The truth is that women are the easiest to understand but some men don’t know what to do. If you want to understand a woman, you should take an interest in the things she does. This will allow you spend more time with her and you know one thing about women? They love men who spend time with them and take an interest in the things they like.

Taking interest in the things she love will help you understand her better because she will open up to you and share her thoughts and perspective with you. This is when you might start seeing a new side of her.

7. Speak up

If you are in a relationship with a woman, you still have to ask the question, ‘ what do women want?’ Maybe it’s time for you to speak up. Instead of having to ask that question, why not just walk up to her and tell her how you feel about her? Open up to her if you seem to be confused or if you feel like you find it hard to please her.

Speaking up about your feelings to her will make her understand your perspective and tell you how she feels as well. But oftentimes, men are not expressive about their feelings. Instead of talking about their feelings and expressing how they feel in words, they give clues and signs and suddenly expect the woman to become a mind reader overnight. If this is you, you’ll have a hard time understanding women. So if you are trying to understand women, you must be ready to speak up about your feelings as well.

8. Money doesn’t solve everything

A lot of men today like to believe that all a woman wants is money. So they think that when they have money, they have everything it takes to please her. No wonder we have many men asking, ‘ how do you understand women?’ Money is not everything a woman wants. It’s true that you might have met or heard of certain women who are materialistic but this doesn’t mean all women are like this.

This is why some men think all they need to do to please a woman is give her money and buy her gifts. They even get gifts to compensate for their mistakes. You are getting it wrong if you still have this mindset. A woman wants love, care, and attention; she wants to spend quality time with you and listen to her. Money is not everything a woman cares about.

9. Be comfortable around them

Another reason why some men struggle to understand women is because they are usually nervous and uncomfortable around them. To understand women, you have to overcome the fear. Women are people with amazing personalities, and they are not difficult people. Try to make yourself comfortable when you’re around a woman and make sure you are sincere and straightforward. Women like men who are honest and confident.

10. No two women are the same

The moment men understand that no two women are the same, that’s when they will not have any problem understanding women. All women don’t think or act the same way. Stop thinking there is a general formula or rule you can use for every woman you meet.

There is no such thing, as all women are the same. As a matter of fact, women are people like you, you need to see her for who she is. Understand that she is human first before seeing her as a woman. You’ll only start to understand women when you stop believing that all women are the same.


How do you understand women ? When people ask this question, it makes it look like it’s difficult to understand women. It is sad that some men have come to believe that women are hard to understand. These might be because of their experience with certain women in the past.

However, this still doesn’t validate the fact or belief that women are hard to understand. Men need to understand that every woman has her own individual personality and that there is no one single formula that works for every woman. If you are trying to understand a woman, the best way to do that is to get close to her. Don’t judge her based on what you see or the things you assume. Don’t forget that assumptions are not always right.

Some of the points we have stated here in this article will go a long way in helping you understand women better. All in all, it takes patience and tolerance to understand and deal with a woman.


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