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How Car Tents Make Travelling Outdoors More Comfortable


If you’re a person who loves the great outdoors, you’d be familiar with most of the essential camping kits. However, one kit that isn’t very common among outdoor campers is a car tent.

This kit is pretty similar to a normal floor tent, with a few differences. In this article, we’ll briefly discuss a few ways in which car Tents make traveling outdoors more comfortable.

What are Car Tents?


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Car tents, also called rooftop tents, are foldable tents that are attached to the top of your car to act as shelter during outdoor adventures. It is suitable for cars, trucks, and SUVs and contains a unit that packs down into a hard-shell container.

When it is unfolded, it expands into a full-sized car tent with a solid flat surface, and a built-in sleeping pad. There are different types and models of rooftop tents available, and you can purchase the best camping gear online.

Do Car Tents Make Camping More Comfortable?


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Camping is naturally an enjoyable and beneficial experience for those who love it; however, is it comfortable? Well, if you’ve got the right camping gear, you’d have everything set up to be just like home and give you maximum comfort.

However, camping with traditional tents comes with a few disadvantages like a complex setup, less security as you’re vulnerable to animals on the ground, the need for an external mattress, etc.

On the other hand, a rooftop or car tent eliminates these concerns and makes you more comfortable by:

1. Increased Security & Protection from Animals and Critters

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A ground tent is pretty comfortable but is prone to all the creepy crawlies because you’re on the ground; this can be a deal breaker for many and the thought of finding an animal in your tent can hinder you from being comfortable.

Luckily, car tents are placed quite distant from the ground, thus eliminating any worries you might have about animals or critters visiting you.

2. Fast and Easy Setup

To set up a traditional ground tent, you’d need to understand the workings of fly lines, tent stakes, and many more to get the tent up and running; this can prove very stressful and takes up a lot of time.

However, car tents are very easy and quick to set up; you don’t need to worry about stakes or other gears to put them up. Once you unfold the tent, it’s ready to go.

3. Built-in sleeping mattress

One of the winning qualities of rooftop tents is that it provides a consistent flat sleeping surface in the form of a built-in mattress. With ground tents, you’d need an external mattress to sleep and become comfortable.

Additionally, the metal flat surface prevents you from worrying about rocks, branches, or other debris while you sleep. It also helps you avoid low spots where water can collect if it starts raining at night.

4. Avoid Sleeping Under a Pool of Water if it Rains


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One major disadvantage of a ground tent is that you might find yourself camping in an area prone to flooding if it rains. If you set up your tent while it was sunny, you’d hardly notice if your camping spot could become a semi-pool if it rains.

Luckily, to ensure your utmost comfort and prevent you from sleeping in a nature-made swimming pool, car tents are set up way high above the ground; you don’t have to worry about camping in a pool of water.


If you’re a regular camper or thinking about going on your first trip, chances are you intend to go with a ground tent; while they’re good, they don’t provide the extra features you can get with a rooftop tent. For your next trip, give rooftop tents a try, and see if they can improve your comfort.

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