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8 Highest Paying Jobs in Idaho


Idaho has several high-paying job opportunities for individuals who may not have a college degree. Knowing which careers offer the most earning potential without a four-year degree is useful. Finding a position that meets your professional and financial goals may be easier if you know which careers pay the highest salaries.

Many individuals enthusiastically recommend Idaho as a place to live. Idaho is one of the least prosperous US states. It has 1.6 million citizens and an average annual income of $47,000, which is $5,000 less than the national average.

It’s enough to say that this is a state populated by ordinary, industrious Americans. The sense of community is strong wherever you choose to live.

Are you looking for the highest-paying jobs in Idaho without a degree? This article is for you. Let’s get started.

Highest Paying Jobs in Idaho

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1. Retail Manager: $60,606

Retail managers supervise the workforce and day-to-day operations of retail stores. They guarantee that employees such as cashiers and customer service representatives follow corporate regulations and help keep the store clean and orderly. They are one of Idaho’s highest-paying occupations without a degree.

Additional tasks include hiring and training new staff, as well as managing budgets and financial records. A retail manager might plan displays and advertising materials to boost a store’s profits.

They frequently manage prices and inventory levels and respond to consumer inquiries or complaints.

2. HVAC supervisor: $61,362

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) supervisor oversees a team of HVAC technicians. They guarantee that the operation follows safety regulations. These professionals supervise the installation of new units and replacement parts.

They may also be in charge of scheduling work, developing time and cost estimates, and overseeing maintenance and repair projects. When their team requires it, HVAC supervisors may provide technical assistance. They also collaborate with other companies.

HVAC training is only required from a technical institution. They hold one of Idaho’s highest-paying positions without a degree.

3. Fitness Manager: $63,248

Fitness managers handle the workforce and the daily operations of gyms and other fitness facilities. They are responsible for a variety of activities, including creating client workout regimens and scheduling fitness classes.

These professionals can devise revenue-generating strategies, show prospective gym members around, and manage issues. A fitness manager regularly buys, sells and maintains workout equipment.

Additionally, workers in this position are responsible for the fitness center’s organization, cleanliness, and safety. Fitness managers earn one of the best salaries in Idaho without a degree.

4. Food manager ($64,227)

Food managers supervise the workforce and day-to-day operations of hospitality establishments. They help to complete customer orders and create plans to boost profitability. They also create budgets for restaurants. They hold one of Idaho’s highest-paying positions without a degree.

Food managers oversee inventory and supply. They hire and train new employees, including servers and hosts. These professionals usually share tips on portion sizes, dish presentation and meal preparation. A food manager ensures that staff members follow food safety and health guidelines.

5: Aircraft Mechanic ($67,161)

Aircraft mechanics service and repair aircraft, such as helicopters and planes. Their responsibilities often include scheduling regular maintenance checks and offering fixes to problems.

They work with engineers and system mechanics to perform aircraft inspections and ensure compliance with aviation safety rules. Aircraft mechanics are among the highest-paid jobs in Idaho that do not require a degree.

6. Sales representative salary: $68,015

A sales representative promotes a company’s products and services to potential customers. Among their numerous responsibilities is identifying a prospect’s business requirements and matching them with appropriate products. Salespeople regularly perform market research and monitor competitors.

They learn about pricing policies, delivery timeframes, and merchandising methods. They may respond to consumer requests or complaints, as well as prepare reports to provide information to management teams. A sales representative assists a corporation in developing new relationships with potential customers.

Sales reps supplement existing ones with new ones. They hold one of Idaho’s highest-paying positions without a degree.

7. Rail project manager ($70,073)

Rail project managers earn one of the best salaries in Idaho without a degree. They oversee the entire life cycle of transportation projects.

They create time and expense forecasts and devise strategies for a system’s effective implementation. These professionals frequently coordinate the activities and timetables of the selected project.

Other responsibilities may include reviewing requests for changes to a project’s scope, budget, or timeline. They may also review project deliverables to ensure that their team meets contract criteria.

8. Truck driver salary: $73,666

Driving a truck is one of a truck driver’s primary responsibilities. It is one of Idaho’s highest-paying careers without a degree. They are in charge of a variety of activities, including traffic pattern surveillance and pre- and post-trip truck inspections.

This work requires frequent vehicle maintenance and following safety rules. Additional jobs may include picking up supplies, double-checking truckload accuracy, and delivering items. Truck drivers can fill out cargo delivery paperwork and track work-related expenses.

Why Work in Idaho?

1. Entry into beautiful national parks

Yellowstone National Park is part of a state park system that includes over 30 others. The 25-mile Greenbelt encircling Boise offers beautiful city views while you stroll, jog, or ride your bike.

2. Lower cost of living

Idaho’s cost of living is lower than the national average, with an average house sale price of $176,010 less. The low cost of living allows you to save more for items you want rather than necessities.

3. Cheap Medical Care

Medical care in Boise’s top two hospitals is more affordable than in other places. The state also has minimal medical expenditures.

4. Senior Tax Benefits

Idaho imposes a low 6 percent sales tax. Neither prescription drugs nor Social Security income are subject to taxation.

5: Subsidized Crime Rate

Idaho has one of the nation’s lowest crime rates, at 204.7 incidences per 100,000 people. This is significantly lower than the national average of 367.9 crimes per 100,000 people.

6. A beautiful mountain scene

It may surprise you to learn that Idaho, known for its agriculture, also has gorgeous mountains and scenery. If you do not like mountains, the state also has lakes and prairies. This creates a diverse landscape that everyone may admire.

7. It has the weather for all seasons

Idaho residents enjoy all four seasons, as the state has a temperate environment throughout the year. Winters provide just the proper amount of snow. Enough to hit the slopes, but not so much that it becomes burdensome. Spring ushers in a magnificent display of wildflowers.

Best Locations to Live in Idaho

1. Boise

Boise is the finest city to live in Idaho for a variety of reasons, earning an A+ overall grade. The schools are unquestionably great, and the cost of living is fair. A young family will certainly enjoy this!

With a population of 214,000, the area provides a diverse range of career opportunities. Boise, or the inner city, resembles a little town rather than the state capital. Locals consider Boise to be full of hidden gems, and we agree.

2. Moscow

The small town of Moscow is Idaho’s second-best place to live, a close but worthy second. This quaint little town of 24,000 is gaining popularity among millennials.

Moscow is anticipated to grow slightly more during the next ten years. Just like wherever millennials choose to live. Although owning a property in Moscow is more expensive than in Boise, the median rent may explain why so many millennials are relocating there.

3. Sun Valley

Who would have thought that Sun Valley, a little rural community, would be the third-best place to live in Idaho? Unfortunately, it is. If the words “small” and “country” don’t appeal to you, how about “quaint” and “cozy”?

Sun Valley is home to only 1,500 permanent residents. If they don’t recognize each other by name, they do by appearance!

Sun Valley is the most idyllic of our top three, but it is also one of the most costly places to buy real estate.

4. Sugar City

Although Sugar City has 1,300 residents, it is a trendy area with fewer people than Sun Valley. Sugar City is a lovely place to live, yet it narrowly missed making the top three communities in Idaho to call home.

In addition to being of high quality and value, real estate in this location is also reasonably priced. The median home value is $168,300, lower than the national average. Sugar City is a good spot to raise a family due to its low crime rate and diverse educational opportunities.

5. Meridian

Meridian, which is conveniently positioned east of Boise, is very popular among residents. The Meridian area contains 47 schools. Almost all of them have above-average exam outcomes and a constant stream of successful alumni.

6. Ketchum

The town closest to Sun Valley is Ketchum. If living in the wealthy Sun Valley feels too secluded, consider increasing the population and introducing suburbia. This is the opposite of a rural atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which non-degree position pays the most?

The highest-paying jobs without a college degree are:

  • Sales Representative
  • Flight Attendant
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Truck Driver
  • Fitness Manager
  • HVAC supervisor

What is the top-paying career in Idaho?

Directors and all health-care professionals.

How does someone without a college degree earn $100,000 per year?

Become a business owner. Small businesses serve as the lifeblood of the American economy.

How much does living in Idaho cost?

Idaho has an average annual cost of living of $35,459. Idaho has the 25th-lowest cost of living in the United States. They are highly ranked in the center of all fifty states and the District of Columbia.


Without a degree, you can still earn a good salary. Any of these jobs can be completed by anyone. All you need to do is perfect the skill required for it.

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