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15 Health Benefits of Ogbono Soup

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Ogbono soup is known to be a traditional Nigerian-made dish. It is also known to come from ogbono seeds and while preparing it, it is combined with fish, meat and vegetables.

Some people prefer to call it ‘draw soup’ because of its slimy nature. Ogbono soup makes eating fufu interesting. When it comes to Ogbono Soup, some people prefer it with vegetables or without vegetables.

Ogbono soup is quite easy yet it can sometimes be tricky when it comes to its preparation. Ogbono Soup is not just about the name it bears, it has health benefits attached to it that many people enjoying it do not know about.

That is why we will be looking into the health benefits of Ogbono Soup in this article.

What is Ogbono?

Ogbono is a thick and slimy soup made with Ogbono seed. It is called bush mango seed in the second language. When ogbono is not well stored or preserved, it is likely to lose its taste and slimy nature. It would lack the energy to draw the way you want it. That is why you need to preserve it at all costs so you can get the taste and nature you want from it.

How you can preserve Ogbono seeds to get a desired test after cooking

  • Take the Ogbono seed away from water and moisture.
  • You can store it in a container where air will not have access to it or store it inside a refrigerator. This is after you must have grinded it.
  • You can sun-dry the seed and store it in a bottle.

How To Prepare Ogbono Soup

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Preparation of Ogbono soup is not too hard if you know the ingredients for it. Most people know the ingredients but do not know how to place them inside their pots. Here are the ingredients you can use for the preparation of the soup:

  • Ogbono seed
  • Stockfish or any fish of your choice.
  • Meat of your choice.
  • Crayfish
  • Palm oil
  • Pumpkin leaves(Ugu)
  • Pepper
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Onion (if you want)
  • Water.

Note: It is already taken that you’ve grinded your ogbono seed into a smooth powder and you can also soak your stockfish in hot water or boil the meat and fish you want to make use of. You should also slice your vegetables.

Cooking Instructions:

  • Place your pot on your gas, water, meat and fish inside the pot. You can add onions, your seasoning and salt. Allow it to boil for 5–7 minutes. This is to ensure the seasoning matches the meat.
  • Remove the meat and add extra water to start the cooking.
  • Stir your palm oil for 10–20 seconds. Then add your Ogbono (make sure your gas light is low at this point). Stir again for 1 minutes and 20 seconds.(You can use another pot to do this.)
  • Add water into your pot; if you want it thick, add just a very little water; if you do not want, add water however you like it.
  • Once the Ogbono gives you what you want, you can add the already-prepared ingredients inside the pot.
  • Mix it all and now you can add your sliced vegetables. Leave to simmer for 2 minutes or less, then put off your cylinder.
  • You have a delicious meal.

Health Benefits of Ogbono Soup

Ogbono Soup has many potential health benefits you are not aware of. Read on to find out.

1. Protein Source

When preparing Ogbono Soup with meat or fish, it provides sources of protein for the body, which is important for growth and tissue repair.

2. Variety Of Ingredients

The Ogbono soup preparation process comes with a mix of vegetables and other proteins that promote dietary diversity.

3. Heart Health

The monounsaturated fats from red oil, otherwise known as palm oil in Ogbono Soup, can contribute to heart health when taken in moderation or caution.

4. Immune Support

50% of the ingredients in Ogbono Soup, like leafy greens, provide antioxidants that can support the immune system.

5. Rich in Nutrients

Ogbono seeds are vital essential nutrients that include dietary fiber, healthy fats, minerals and vitamins.

6. Blood Pressure Regulation

Ogbono supplements are associated with a reduction in blood pressure, which can lead to a low risk of stroke, clotting disorder and heart failure.

7. Regulation of Blood Sugar

Ogbono is effective when it comes to reducing the risk of diabetes. Reductions in blood glucose levels have strong stabilizing effects on mood, increase exercise performance and can reduce fatigue.

8. Ogbono Soup plays a role in weight loss

Ogbono soup has the ability to promote fat burns and weight loss. It has been proven that ogbono can cause an increase in adiponectin, a molecule that is released by fat cells and helps promote general wellbeing and observe body composition, which leads to weight loss.

9. Reduces level of cholesterol

Ogbono soup plays a huge role in reducing levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

10. Medicinal Tablet Production

Ogbono has in it sticky wax useful for making medicinal tablets, and it serves as a binding agent in the process of tablet manufacturing.

11. Calcium

Ogbono seeds contain calcium in them. Calcium is a mineral that helps in the improvement and maintenance of strong bones. Calcium enhances the optimal performance of other nutrients.

12. Improves Eye Health

Ogbono soup has vitamin A, a vital nutrient for maintaining healthy sight and vision. Regular consumption of Ogbono Soup can help to make your eyes healthy and prevent eye conditions which are related to Vitamin A deficiency.

13. Improves Skin Health

The antioxidants and vitamins in Ogbono soup are capable of contributing to the maintenance of healthier skin. Antioxidants can slow down skin aging and cancer.

14. It improves healthy bones

Ogbono soup is rich in both phosphorus and calcium, which are essential and relevant for maintaining healthy and strong bones. Regular consumption of this soup can prevent conditions such as osteoporosis, which is related to bone health.

15. Antidiabetic Properties

Diabetes is one of the most challenging health conditions, tying many people down and, to some, leading them to their grave. Ogbono has been proven to be capable of reducing fasting blood glucose levels in obese individuals. Ngodi et al. (2005)

Benefits Of Ogbono Soup During Pregnancy

  • Ogbono soup is vital for pregnant women because it contains essential nutrients that are good for the growth of their unborn babies.
  • It does not cause any birth defects during pregnancy.
  • Ogbono will never make your baby drool. 40% of women believe that eating Ogbono soup will cause their unborn babies to drool when they are born.

Other Benefits Of Ogbono Soup

  • Ogbono can boost the libido in men and increase blood flow to his genitals.
  • To the women, Ogbono soup helps boost their ovulation, their libido and their chances of getting pregnant.
  • Ogbono soup  improves one’s fertility.
  • Ogbono soup helps in the stimulation of milk production.
  • It also boosts blood production.
  • Cultural Heritage: Eating Ogbono soup can make one connect with another from another cultural background or from their own cultural roots and culinary background too.
  • Satisfaction: The combination of protein, fats, and fiber inside the pot and the plate of Ogbono soup can make you feel satisfied and exuberant.
  • Flavorful: From the aroma of Ogbono soup, you do not need to be told that the soup is super, tasteful and worth eating. With the variety of ingredients used in the preparation, you do not need any further convincing.
  • Social Bonds: Friends and families who love Ogbono soup bond so well in and outside their homes. It also fosters a sense of togetherness, love and social embracement among friends who love eating this soup.

Know that Ogbono Soup does not have any side effects of any kind; it is a healthy soup. But it can cause vomiting in some people, maybe as a result of not having enough pepper or not liking the soup itself.

Types of Ogbono Soup

Different people cook different types of Ogbono soup. Everyone has their choices. Although the recipe for Ogbono soup is always constant, it rarely changes. What makes it different is the vegetables you use or the type of protein you choose to suit your recipe.

Here are different types of Ogbono soup that different types of people love and cook.

  • Ogbono soup with uziza leaves.
  • Ogbono soup with ugu leaves and uziza.
  • Ogbono soup made with okra and pumpkin leaves.
  • Ogbono soup with no oil.
  • Ogbono soup with egusi.
  • Normal or plain Ogbono soup with no vegetables.
  • Ogbono soup made with mushrooms and no meat.

In summary, Ogbono soup serves multiple purposes in our lives. It is not just there for us to satisfy our cravings; it is there to also help us stay healthy and jiggy.

It is true that 35% of individuals may not love this soup or find it worth eating, but it goes beyond just passing it down the throat. It provides healthy benefits to both men and women, including pregnant women.

The nutritional benefits of Ogbono Soup mostly lie in the methods and process of its preparation and the ingredients used in the preparation.

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