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Important Details About Harley Davidson Mechanic School

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If you want to work with Harley-Davidson, you should take a Harley-Davidson Mechanic School training course. Harley hires trained motorcycle mechanics from a variety of trade school programs, not simply those particular to Harley.

Still, proper Harley-Davidson training helps you be hired as a Harley-Davidson mechanic—it’s a regular line item in the “preferred” portion of job advertisements.

Harley Davidson Mechanic School Admissions Process

Most motorcycle repair schools demand a high school certificate or GED for entry but other programs require extra qualifications, such as a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license.

You must complete an admissions application and be accepted into the school of your choice. An admissions advisor will speak with you about the process and programs. As part of the admissions process, we will assist you with financial aid applications.

Harley Davidson Mechanic School Program and Class Details

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Harley collaborates with many schools to provide training for its early and late model motorcycles, as well as performance option instruction.

The Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI), which has campuses in Phoenix, AZ and Orlando, FL, is one of the most popular Harley-Davidson-focused colleges. It provides a Harley-Davidson elective that can be taken to supplement your basic motorcycle curriculum, resulting in a combined training time of as little as 11 months.

Throughout the Harley-Davidson training program, students learn:

  • How to inspect a Harley engine
  • How to disassemble and reassemble a Harley engine
  • Engine troubleshooting and diagnosis
  • Electrical design and operation
  • Performance testing methods
  • Precision measuring
  • Suspension systems operation and design
  • Advanced electrical testing and training
  • Service department operations

Career Prospects After Graduation

Most Harley-Davidson jobs require technicians to have a high school diploma and trade school mechanic training (particular Harley-Davidson training is preferable) but the exact hands-on experience and other criteria vary per company.

Two careers available after graduating from a Harley-Davidson program are Harley service and repair technician and Master Harley service technician.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income for motorcycle mechanics in 2022 was $44,740 (bls.gov).

How to Become a Harley Mechanic

Many young people aspire to be Harley Davidson mechanics. This month, we covered some general standards for becoming a motorcycle technician that are not specific to any one organization.

While this is a great place to start, deciding to become a Harley technician is a little more specific. If you grew up dreaming of being a Harley Davidson technician or want to advance your already successful career, read on.

Becoming a Harley-Davidson Mechanic

From technical training to physical certification, obtaining Harley Davison employment requires time, money and a significant personal investment.

Although a high school diploma is all that is required to get started, Harley Davidson has a well-deserved reputation for quality and expertise. As a result, being a Harley mechanic requires more effort. Let’s look at the specific needs.

Training Program Overviews for a Harley-Davidson Mechanic

A Harley mechanic must first complete their training at a respected site. From technical to vocational school, acquiring Harley-specific instruction is a critical component of the journey. To get started, consider looking into local vocational schools.

These institutions frequently offer motorcycle mechanic job certification as well as many degree programs tailored to working as a Harley mechanic.

Assume you actually want to get your hands dirty. Getting more in-depth training from a more specialized school will only benefit you. By looking at universities in and near your area, you will most likely find both 2- and 4-year degree programs with courses targeted specifically toward Harley Davidson motors.

Certification Requirements for a Harley Davidson Mechanic

A licensed Harley Davison mechanic must obtain unique certification so that you may be easily identified as a qualified applicant with the necessary expertise.

This can include, but is not usually limited to, state certification as well as appropriate licensure. A licensed Harley Davison mechanic should demonstrate your skill to fix small engines. Ultimately, one must be able to demonstrate their technical understanding and expertise with Harley Davidson Motors.

Harley-Davidson Technician Levels Explained

Being a Harley Davidson technician entails many things. Finally, a Harley mechanic is an expert in small engine mechanics, responsible for a wide range of Harley engine maintenance and repair. This covers engines, ignition systems, minor body damage, brakes, transmissions and much more. Among the multitude of Harley technicians, however, is a separation into various specialties. Let’s have a look.

Harley-Davidson Technician Salary and Responsibilities

This Harley Davidson technician job, which typically starts at $19.28 per hour, is reserved for people who specialize in the repair and maintenance of the distinctively engineered, large, high-torque twin engines found only on Harley Davidson motorbikes.

This position, also known as a mechanic, is at the bottom of the industry’s technical ladder and requires all of the necessary fundamental engine knowledge and expertise.

A Harley Davidson service technician earns roughly $63,676, making them one of the highest-paid employees among Harley Davidson motorcycle mechanics.

Their primary focus is on delivering a variety of services related to their field of expertise. For example, many people prioritize routine engine maintenance. To keep bikes running smoothly, components such as brakes must be repaired on a regular basis. Similarly, one performs routine maintenance and repairs.

Harley-Davidson Maintenance Mechanic Salary and Responsibilities

The Harley Davidson maintenance technician earns roughly $30.39 per hour and is frequently a more specialized career. The motorcycle maintenance technician is ultimately responsible for the care, repair and maintenance of small-engine vehicles.

This comprises both two- and three-wheeled vehicles, such as motorcycles, dirt bikes, mopeds and all-terrain vehicles. They often have more technical understanding and can determine why something isn’t working.

While the position of Harley Davidson maintenance mechanic is similar to that of maintenance technician, there are some slight variations.

This worker, who earns roughly $39.26 per hour, is more concerned with how to make something function than why it doesn’t. They specialize in repairing and maintaining subassemblies such as forks, transmissions, and drive chains.

Getting Started: Become a Harley Mechanic in the Near Future

To become a Harley mechanic, one must first get the necessary training and experience. For starters, a high school graduation is required, as well as an apprenticeship and the appropriate training.

College or occupational training may also be required, depending on your desired destination. While it may appear to be a daunting task, you may begin your journey to become a Harley technician in only a few steps. Contact your local training facilities immediately to determine your initial step.



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