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15 Traits of Gamma Male

gamma male

According to Vox Day’s Socio-Sexual Hierarchy, Gamma males are intellectual, highly romantic and ideologically driven men who hold a lower-status position in the social dominance hierarchy.

Vox Day’s socio-sexual hierarchy divides men into status groups based on their behavior and where they stand in relation to other men within the social dominance hierarchies.

Gamma is the fourth rank in the socio-sexual hierarchy, beneath alphas, betas, and deltas.

Descriptions of Gamma Males

Gamma men are described as intelligent, romantic, and empathetic, but they’re also considered the most intriguing and troublesome personality type.

They’re deeply unsatisfied with their lower ranking in the perceived male social hierarchy, so they tend to position themselves as being higher in status than they actually are. A gamma male understands that he’s not perfect, but he also recognizes his good qualities.

15 Traits of Gamma Male

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1. He is a hopeless romantic

Even though a gamma male is considered the most romantic personality type, he tends to have a hard time finding the right partner. He loves to put women on a pedestal, shower them with affection, and make grand gestures early on. And while this seems to be the definition of “boyfriend material,” his behavior can be overwhelming for some prospective partners.

2. They’re Empathetic

Since gamma males aren’t a dominant personality type, they’ve had experience being undervalued and underappreciated. They know how it feels to be kicked and typically extend kindness and empathy to people navigating challenging periods.

3. A gamma male avoids risks

Whether it’s in his personal or professional life, a gamma male doesn’t like to take risks because he has a huge fear of failure. He doesn’t believe taking chances is worth the potential fallout, and he’s content with being responsible and practical.

Most gamma males don’t reap large rewards in life because they play it safe. They are usually hesitant to pursue their dreams, approach someone “out of their league,” or say what’s really on their mind.

4. They Crave Recognition

Gamma males want to be recognized for their achievements and efforts, but they’re unwilling to lie, steal, or cheat to gain the spotlight.

5. They’re Focused

Gammas are often disciplined, especially regarding things they’re passionate about. They like what they like and make no apologies for it. Plus, they throw themselves into their hobbies and work—sometimes to the point of obsession.

6. They Struggle to Succeed in the Dating Marketplace

Gamma males struggle in the sexual marketplace for a few different reasons. They lack the status and power of the alpha. They lack the’mystery’ of the sigma.

They’re intelligent, which is appealing to some women. But women are usually quite put off by the entitled attitude of the gamma. The gamma sees himself as being of higher value than he actually is, and believes that he’s entitled to more than his lot in life simply because he’s intelligent.

7. They avoid conflicts

One of the most fundamental differences between an alpha male and a gamma male is the fact that gammas are conflict avoidant.

Conflict makes them uncomfortable, so they usually resort to using passive aggression and ‘jabs’ to strike back when they feel that they’ve been slighted or wronged.

8. They Lie to Themselves

Gamma males aren’t content with their place in the hierarchy. So they lie to themselves about the reality of their position to feel better about it, instead of trying to fix it.

Gammas may lie to themselves about being a true alpha, a true sigma, that all women who reject them are ‘sluts’ or ‘prudes’ and not worth their time, etc. Whatever they need to tell themselves to mask the shame they feel at not being more successful.

9. He loves adventures

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A gamma male is known for being fun-loving and adventurous. He believes his purpose in life is to have rich, fulfilling experiences, so you’ll probably catch him in a foreign country over the holidays.

Even if a gamma male isn’t able to travel out of the country, he will find opportunities to instill some excitement in his life. He might try out a new hiking trail in his city or plan a last-minute trip nearby. He loves trying new foods and activities, and he’s always down to explore something new.

10. He can be delusional

Gammas don’t like to think about how other people may view them and instead choose to reject how things are in favor of how they want things to be. This is sometimes known as the “Secret King Complex” or “Gamma Delusion Bubble,”

They believe that they are the true alphas of the social hierarchy, especially because they are often intelligent. This way of thinking helps them cope with low social status, but it can come off as arrogant in some cases.

11. They are great fathers

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They value spending time with their kids and partners and will go above and beyond to ensure their family is happy, healthy, and financially comfortable.

When his partner is not feeling well, he knows the ideal things to say and the right things to do. He makes it his responsibility to ensure that his partner gets better from whatever they face.

They’re very responsible and kind, making them excellent fathers.  In addition, gammas aren’t cheaters and typically won’t do anything to jeopardize their family units.

12. They are usually not leaders

Though competent and intelligent, Gammas are usually followers, not leaders. Awkwardness and people-pleasing often keep them from reaching the top spots, along with their fear of risk.

You’ll often find gammas in “middle management” positions, and many are perfectly fine with that so long as their superiors value them.

13. Gamma males offer emotional support

Many people believe that gamma males possess healthy “feminine” traits because they are kind, caring, and helpful to others.

Since they know what it’s like to be overlooked and underappreciated, they can relate to people who are outcasts by the rest of society. They are excellent listeners and problem-solvers who try to relate to others.

14. They’re often resentful

A gamma male believes that they are the alphas and should be entitled to such. This kind of behavior often leaves them feeling confused when their potential mate overlooks them for an alpha or a sigma male.

This delusion, combined with their ego, can make them feel resentful towards their potential partner and the man they pick over them.

15. You are self-aware

What helps you stand out is the ability to be self-aware. You’re often aware of your actions and their effects on others. This gamma male trait might be the key to getting far in your life.

It is said that males with alpha traits can become gamma men when they develop self-awareness and self-consciousness. Being self-aware is what makes you likeable and independent.

Pros and Cons of being a Gamma Male

Being a gamma male has its merits and demerits. Here are the pros and cons of being a gamma male.


  • People love him for his kindness

When a gamma male observes something is wrong with you, he tries to go out of his way for a solution. He might not relax until he helps you solve that problem. Being around a gamma male can be soothing and peaceful because of his empathetic and kind side.

  • He is self-aware

A gamma male is in touch with his feelings and emotions, so when he behaves in a certain way, he knows the reason for that. He takes his time before airing his mind or voicing his opinions.

  • He is an expert in his field

One of the gamma male traits, which also doubles as an advantage, is that he’s an expert in his field. Compared to other males in the hierarchy, he might stand out regarding his knowledge of his industry.


  • His jealousy of other men prevents him from focusing on himself

One of the known cons of the gamma male is that he is not a fan of the men in the other types of male personalities. Since he focuses so much on them, he is less likely to become the best version of himself.

  • He doesn’t like confrontations

Seeing the gamma male rage might be a rare sight because he doesn’t like confrontations and conflicts. So, whenever he is in aggressive situations, he prefers to find a way out without any problems. However, he would surely pay the person back in their coin with passive aggression.

  • His expertise is in a few fields

Even though the gamma male might be regarded as an expert,. He is only intelligent in a few areas. However, not everyone understands this because they expect more from him. He might be good in one field, but people around him think he should do well in other areas.

Final Words

Being a gamma male comes with its merits and demerits. Some of their good sides make them appealing to people, while their not-too-good sides might not sit well with other people.

With the explanations given in this piece, we hope you now have a solid idea of who a gamma male is, their personality strengths and weaknesses, and how you can manage them.

If you don’t like being a gamma male, you can change by changing your behaviors. Stop avoiding change, start taking calculated risks, and change what you believe is holding you back from reaching your dream life.







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